Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Reading Dead, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Former Mackinaw owner Skewwi could not calm down. He'd been justly ganked by Minx Mattel while "reading a thriller novel". Days after the gank, Skewwi was still sending angry EVEmails to the righteous Agent. With no obvious alternative, Minx Mattel chose to invite the miner to the MinerBumping channel.

MinerBumping is known for having the most intelligent, thoughtful group of people of any chat channel in EVE. Skewwi spat in their faces rather than listening to their wisdom.

It became apparent that Skewwi hadn't joined the channel in order to surround himself with good influences. Rather, he joined because he'd assumed that the Saviour of Highsec himself would be present.

Upon review of the channel's current members, Skewwi discovered that the Saviour was busy being awesome somewhere else. Now what?

Rebels are good at alienating people--even other miners. Skewwi busily put a torch to every bridge he could find.

Skewwi lashed out at everyone in the channel. Days earlier, he'd claimed that he didn't mind losing the Mackinaw. Yet he was getting surlier by the minute.

Now the miner became what he feared most: A spectacle, a joke to entertain the gankers he so despised.

If Skewwi had hoped he could persuade anyone to his way of thinking(?), that was looking pretty unlikely. Public opinion in MinerBumping was clearly against the unruly miner.

Skewwi was frothing with rage. He hated being corrected.

The miner returned to linking GIFs of middle fingers and toilet paper. He gave up.

Like so many other rebels, Skewwi's bio reflected his decision to base his entire identity around his opposition to the Code.

The next day, Skewwi was still furious--especially since he hadn't heard from the Saviour.

It was the second time Skewwi compared me to "Negan". For those who don't understand the reference, Negan is a character on the hit TV series "The Walking Dead". I admit that I haven't seen every episode, but as far as I can tell, Negan is the show's hero. A tragic figure--too forgiving for his own good--Negan attempts to restore some semblance of order to a post-apocalyptic world, only to be opposed by a harebrained rebel named Rick who gets a lot of people killed unnecessarily.

Agent Galaxy Pig once made some artwork that seems particularly relevant here, so that will close out this post:


  1. "its the 21st century ill spell thing however the fuck I like."

    Whilst I suppose we are meant to regard him as edgy and rebellious, for some reason 'illiterate pleb' was the first description that came to mind.

    1. You'd think he'd have a point if he's that edgy.

    2. Yeah that got me too Alt 00. He seems to be suggesting that a disregard for proper spelling is progressive. What an odd attitude for one who claims to enjoy reading books.

  2. That was a truly beautiful and heartwarming display of everything The New Order stands for. And against.

  3. PT.2

    In Local one day, before I blocked him.
    [ 2018.04.11 01:08:52 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > Thomas en Chasteaux why are you avoiding me
    [ 2018.04.11 01:09:01 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > YOU STOLE THE DONATIONS I DONATED
    [ 2018.04.11 01:09:09 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > AND BANNED ME BLOCKED ME ON MY MAIN
    [ 2018.04.11 01:09:30 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > YOU ARE EMBEZZLING ALL OF THE DONATIONS
    [ 2018.04.11 01:09:52 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > BANNING/BLOCKING ANYONE THAT QUESTIONS IT
    [ 2018.04.11 01:11:13 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > Thomas en Chasteaux why dont you answer?
    [ 2018.04.11 01:11:21 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > and explain what you did with 100bil of donations?

    Since Jan 2014, the HSM has received 140+ B in ISK donations from 76 donors, over a span of 114 separate donations.
    The largest single donation was 25 Billion. ( and not from Loyal XD )
    I haven't kept track of ship donation amounts.

    The "2 Bil for Jita" Loyal's Alt incorrectly references above is probably the 15 Guardians that he caught wind of that I mentioned in a mail here, and maybe, maybe mentioned in AG, that I had hoped to hand out.

    Those were from a much earlier "I'm quitting EVE, Take my Stuff" donation, not specifically for Burn Jita.
    I would love to give 15 Guardians away to pilots during Burn Jita. and see them on grid

    But I need 15 Guardian pilots! :)
    Train Up!

    Assuming I don't start SRPing Nestors, I think we're funded for a year or two. :)


    1. Notice thomas still doesnt explain what the
      Isk gets spent on??

    2. Guardians were awesome, in fact all logi is awesome.

  4. Re: Failed gank on my toon
    From: Thomas en Chasteaux
    Sent: 2018.04.19 02:55
    To: High Sec Militia,

    Indeed, That is a new "meme" and propaganda screed loyalanon has been using lately.

    This is the toon that was banned from the channels. ThomasStealsAG's Donations

    In Gank-Intel:
    [ 2018.04.10 23:44:29 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > antiganking spotted failing in uedama AND niarja

    In Anti-Ganking:
    [ 2018.04.10 23:44:38 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > hey guys thomas steals AG's donations
    [ 2018.04.10 23:44:39 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > just fyi
    [ 2018.04.10 23:44:45 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > asking him about it gets you banned from here
    [ 2018.04.10 23:44:55 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > 100bil in donations - 2 bil for burn jita for ships
    [ 2018.04.10 23:44:58 ] ThomasStealsAG's Donations > XD

    1. Well I am sure it's true he bans anyone who asks about the donations but you can't be surprised he banned you with a name like that now can you.

  5. *munches popcorn*

    Why, hello there, Skewwi.


  6. The first question I have is - Why is he actually logging in to Eve. What does he get out of it.

    If he wants to read a book and chill out, go to a bar - some will even bring your order to you, or even let you sit in peace for an hour or so.

    Are you guys looking forward to Dual Universe. Should be a hoot.


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