Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Know My Rules

Agent Bounty Bumper lives up to his name: He bumps non-compliant miners, and they put bounties on him.

Bounty lives up to something else, too: the Code. That angers some people--like Lynn Jarvinen1, who accused him of being a griefer just for doing his job.

When Lynn's Orca went sailing out of range of the asteroids he coveted, he revealed himself to be a space lawyer.

Ever since the earliest days of the Code, miners have accused our Agents of breaking it. Of course, Code-violating miners have little credibility on the subject.

Even if a miner did have some credibility, he'd quickly lose it. Carebears have a tendency to misread and misinterpret everything put in front of them. The Code is no exception; miners conjure all sorts of provisions that do not actually appear in the document itself.

Among the most common "phantom" provisions is that an Agent is required to stop and ask a miner if he's AFK before ganking him. Lynn tried out a few whoppers of his own, including a provision allowing all non-bot mining. Agent Bounty called him on this nonsense.

Miners don't like being challenged. (If they did, they might pick a more challenging career.) Instead of admitting that he'd lost the argument, Lynn got angry with Bounty.

The miner was spinning so fast he couldn't keep up with himself. Lynn wasn't sure whether the Code was a smart scam or not.

Lynn's outbursts made Bounty wonder if this miner had experienced negative interactions with Code enforcers before. Something was up with this guy. Maybe it was the fact that his Orca was being punted across the asteroid belt like a football.

The miner had no choice but to recognize his own powerlessness in the face of an elite Agent of the New Order. Still, Lynn refused to buy a permit.

It turned out that Lynn had been previously ganked by Agent Guybertini a few times. The incidents occurred in 2017, but Lynn was still bitter all these months later. So much for "I don't care about that ship. The loss has already been replaced."

Bounty determined that Lynn's confused state of mind rendered him impossible to help for the time being. The solution? More punishment, until his mind cleared up.

The miner continued to argue about the Code, which in some cases can be a first step toward complying with the Code. For now, Lynn's Orca wouldn't be getting much mining done. It would serve as a convenient target for bumping practice, though--a better use for an Orca.


  1. "The solution? More punishment"

    Yes please!


  2. Almost at 3 billion isk worth of ore mined for the month of April, all in various high security systems. Lots of good NBA basketball and NHL hockey on TV over the weekend, very relaxing to mine and watch sports.
    Not a CHODE. slave to be found. They truly are irrelevant to the vast majority of EO denizens.

    1. Lol liar, you have zero proof.

      Get rekt sperg, you may not be smart enough to play EVE. Oh that's right, you don't play, you hide in highsec and lie about your space worth. I bet you can still feel that rage when you think of the first time CODE. destroyed your shitfit retriever.

      Your kind doesn't belong here.


    2. Almost 2.5 trillion ISK in non-compliant miners killed this month. All in various high security aystems. Not a single gank was prevented by antiganking plebs.

      Oh.. and our claim is backed by proof and not hiding behind anonymity.

      Speaking of proof... What happened to the billions of ISK in donations that Thomas recieved for ag? He still hasn't told anyone why he stole it.

    3. Calm down gankers.

  3. Lames "the moron" 315 has really a hard time so write such shitty stories about the inglorious code-bastards. take ur pills, code doesnt really matter, its all in your "brain" ...

    1. So you need to learn English friend. Your tears have the distinct after taste of third-world. Or maybe you're just ignorant. Probably both.

      Get a permit or get rekt, comrade!


  4. I love it when highsec cowardly shitters post tears and lies about how the Code is so irrelevant that they feel compelled to visit this site and cry like retards. Please calm down miners, we wouldn't want you to go full shardani over the most "irrelevant" thing in highsec. Lol retard logic is the shit.

    Poor grammar, impotent rage, faulty logic and a low I.Q.,.. oh it must be just another day in the life of a carebear shitter. You miners do know that you don't belong here right? If you are crying about gankers in highsec then you are too stupid to play EVE correctly.

    I have seen a lot less miners in the highsec systems I pass through recently, and it suits me just fine. The economy is up, the sperg is down, killing cowards in higbsec can only be good for EVE. If you miners don't like living under the Code then do something about it or gtfo.

    If you refuse to fight for what you have in EvE then you don't deserve it.

    1. Calm down ganker.

      Complaining about somebody not playing a sandbox game 'correctly' is a logical fallacy. Something your Slave Lord Jamey constantly hides behind.

    2. A case in point above.......

      So toxic and angry these miners who split hairs in a post about them losing in a video game, they reply to somehow attempt to save the argument and just sound even more retarded.

      Wow talk about shardanism.

    3. You wouldn't know a logical fallacy if someone explained it to you, shitter305. You are a cowardly carebear, you don't belong here and you will never be able to change that. You are ignorant if you think "sandbox" means the right to play badly and then expect safety from others.

      Besides, CCP clearly stated that EVE Online is a PVP sandbox. If you don't PVP, you ARE playing incorrectly. Therefore ALL highsec miners that hide behind CONCORD for safety while expecting to mine afk, ARE playing incorrectly.

      The problem you have is you are not intelligent enough to ever realize how wrong you are. That's why you hide in highsec, you are too stupid to play correctly.

      EVE was first pitched as a "Sandbox PVP MMORPG". So, unless you are RP'ing as a highsec shitter, you don't belong in EVE and you are playing incorrectly.

      If you happen to notice that I am using a form of the "simple mind, repetitive task" approach to hammering it home for you.... that's because you don't belong here and you are playing incorrectly, simpleton.

      Get a permit or gtfo.


    4. AnonSlave @ 5:39

      Thank you. Mission Accomplished.

  5. wow just wow antigankers are just failing so hard


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