Saturday, April 28, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #156

Uh oh, you know what that means...

That's right, CCP Guard, it means it's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Earlier this week we read about DrysonBennington, who is always thinking up new ways to fail to stop the New Order. Even his fellow Anti-Gankers mock him for this.

And here's another MinerBumping follow-up: Skewwi of the "Reading Dead" series is still trying to space-lawyer his way to reimbursement.

MinerBumping publishes miner tears, which lead to more miner tears when the miners read MinerBumping. The New Order makes the most of every resource in highsec.

Adallia Ataria is a typical anti-Code intel chief: She warns people about gankers, and then gets ganked by them.

Some bot-aspirants try to hide behind a permit and a 10 million isk payment. These frauds then violate the Code and get ganked. How do we know they were bot-aspirants all along? Well, EVEmails like this one certainly aren't written by Gallant miners.

The mighty CODE. alliance must be the best alliance in the game--we have the most execrable enemies.

Candy Angel presented our Agent with an interesting dilemma: What should a miner do if her baby cries? Should she obey the Code, or should she go AFK to give the baby milk? Luckily, the Code is imbued with Solomonic wisdom. (And no, I don't mean to suggest splitting the crying baby in two).

The answer is simple: Either let the baby cry, or let the miner cry.

Ragnar Lothbrookes insisted that Agent Ralliana made a big mistake by ganking him. If so, the negative consequences were overshadowed by the loot Ralliana scooped. Presumably Ragnar meant that it was a long-term mistake of some sort.

Shaila Starflare is wrong. The Code doesn't say you can't shoot new players, so how is it not okay? Besides, I lost my first ship when I was a new player, and look how great I turned out.

Huey Mabata bemoans the fact that our Agents "run in packs" with their fellow Code enforcers. Gee, I wonder why Huey doesn't have a bunch of allies of his own?

Classic rule of highsec etiquette: Always ask a beggar what they plan to do with the money.

Two choices, carebears: Get with the Code or get wrecked.


  1. "Get with the Code or get wrecked"


    Most of you miners don't belong here anyway, and you play incorrectly.

  2. Highsec has been emptying out quite noticeably, while null seems to have more pilots, in the areas I frequent anyway. And the miners I see in highsec are playing it much safer, with permits and tanky procurers and skiffs becoming the norm.

    Good job agents! It would seem the "futility" that one shitter was crying about is all in his imagination. All those lies and tears, talk about no credibility. Don't fret, ag shitters, we are laughing with you...even when you are not. ;)

    Get your permits or get rekt, miners. Just be glad it was James who was elected Savior of highsec, others of us would not be so benevolent. You should be thankful he's there to control the mob of gankers that want nothing more than to delete all highsec carebears.

    You highsec carebear shitters don't deserve James, you should all be driven out.

    Always! ;)

  3. Wow just wow. Antigankers failing so hard right now.

  4. Никогда не забывайте Шардани
    Nikogda ne zabyvayte Shardani

  5. haha, great bag of tears, dryson exposed again.

  6. If carebears don't like dying in highsec they should leave. I can't think of one reason why anyone should stay in highsec unless they are bots or cowards, and there is no room for either of those in EVE.

    GTFO cowards, or get used to grubbing for a pittance in "permit-space". CCP will never make highsec safe because EVE is all about PVP and consequences. The consequences highsec carebears face are appropriate for cowards, if not a bit trivial.

    Yes, there should be some increased security in highsec for those who play the game correctly, and that's the role CONCORD plays.

    Anyone who dies to gankers while under the protections offered by highsec mechanics deserves to get ganked. It is entirely the fault of the gankee for trying to make greedy low-risk highs ISK.

    Prove me wrong.



  8. Why doesn't miniluv have a cool webpage with a slick writer who details all the adventures of the miniluv heroes?

    Oh, that's right.... no one cares about miniluv line members, least of all their "leadership"!

  9. Shaila Starflare is only playing the game for "4-5 Days" but yet thinks he knows better. Even going as far to tell the Savior of Highsec that "its not ok to Shoot down Newbees". Pathetic!

  10. You didn't mention that I've killed more of your gankers than I've died to them.
    I've only lost 1 ship and 0 pods to CODE while I've lost count of your pod kills.

    Thanks for the fame though


    1. Lol you think shooting flashy-red pods in highsec is anything but assisting the gankers in getting back to the station.

      You are truly retarded and don't belong in EVE.


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