Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Introduction to Political Theory, Part 1

People think I'm joking when I refer to a mining ship as being "capacitor tanked", but...

Polladia Mors was willing to sacrifice yield and tank to ensure that his Mackinaw had enough cap to run its strip miners. That is, until our Agents pulled the plug on it.

Polladia let the gankers know he wasn't happy. Before long, Agent Minx Mattel received a convo invitation from one of Polladia's corpmates. He probably wasn't happy, either.

Liu Yifei made sure Minx knew that Polladia wasn't really a miner; he was just a cool dude who liked to mine asteroids sometimes. This made sense. Liu and Polladia had been playing EVE for nearly a decade each. They must've been really casual about mining if they were still so bad at it.

Minx's fellow ganker, Agent Lewak, was pulled into the convo. In keeping with EVE's Terms of Service, they made sure the miner knew they weren't claiming to be acting on behalf of CCP.

Liu was confused at first, but then he realized that he was finally encountering that whole "player-generated content" thing he'd heard about.

The miner struggled to understand how it all worked. It was time for a lesson in political theory.

Minx began to quote the Code. Maybe if Liu was educated about the politics of highsec, he would come to understand how much he benefited from New Order democracy. However, Minx was soon interrupted.

Liu tried to evade it, but a noose of logic was tightening around him. Granted, American democracy isn't perfect like highsec's is; they have laws and a constitution, but they do not have the Code. Still, analogies are useful.

Taking his cue from the Agents, Liu tried analogies of his own. They didn't fit.

Next, Liu tried to escape by changing the subject. Our Agents were ready for him.

Of course, everyone knows that the Code is not a cult. I've explicitly said so, and the word of the Saviour is law.

Liu came into the convo ready for an argument, and he got one. Although the miner may have been looking to blow off some steam and defend his corpmate, our Agents had other motives for participating. They were owed money for some mining permits, and they intended to collect. But to do that, they'd need to win the debate so convincingly that Liu would have no choice but to concede.

To be continued...


  1. A request for a Teamspeak meeting by Jamey's CHODE. slaves, and then more Bonus Room shenanigans coming in 3..2..1..

    They really never learn.

    1. Miner, without proof you are just spreading lies and ill will. YOU and your ilk are the problem with EVE.

    2. I LOVE getting people on teamspeak. its so good when you can hear the cracks in their voice when they realize they got owned/trolled and scammed.

      ITS SOOO GOOD. the best part is theres nothing these anonymous whiney shitposters can do about it except generate traffic on the minerbumping blog with their tears.

      Never forget shardani

    3. Anonabeta 0640, are you the weird little boy sitting on his own under the tree while the other kids play in the sandbox?

      Mummy can't save you in space.

      Stay cranky and mad and throw a rope over a branch and show us all how you can swing from it.

  2. If you have been playing the game for 10 years and fit a ship that poorly, you should reassess your life choices.

  3. Im still waiting for screenshots of the dog actually dying when you autopiloted.

    The miner knows who he is.

  4. "This made sense. Liu and Polladia had been playing EVE for nearly a decade each. They must've been really casual about mining if they were still so bad at it."

    You owe me a clean keyboard. I should also remember not to drink coffee while browsing this wonderful blog. Hats off to you, our magnificent Saviour.

    1. Maybe your keyboard would be a little cleaner if you put down the Dorito bag. The Saviour of Highsec owes you nothing.

  5. Gaknem system needs more enforcement,a hulk, retriever, and a bunch of macks

  6. I mut say this is really interesting


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