Monday, April 9, 2018

The Medal of Honour, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... R.S.INDUSTRY corporation had a secret: It was filled with non-compliant miners. First-day recruit Levivity had a secret, too: She was an Agent of the New Order of Highsec. After she awoxed a freighter and two miners, Levivity's corpmates demanded an explanation.

It was just as Levivity had feared. The corporation was rotten to the core with bot-aspirancy. The Smitty openly defended the botters' "right" not to be ganked.

Levivity had explained the Code and why it compelled her to take action against the carebears in her midst. Now it was time for the rest of R.S.INDUSTRY to explain why they were rebels.

As usual, the miners defended themselves by appealing to CCP's finances. As if CCP would go bankrupt if everyone started following the Code.

Smit Tee insisted that CCP would ban anyone who engaged in emergent gameplay. Imagine how boring EVE would be if the EULA had been written by miners.

Another righteous gank, another frivolous petition filed. All in a day's work.

Levivity noticed that the atmosphere had become hostile ever since she revealed herself to be a Code enforcer. Maybe she should file a petition for discrimination?

Since the earliest days of the Code, there have been rebels who floated the idea of ganking permit-holders. Some miners insist that they won't buy a permit because they'll be ganked by these phantom "anti-Code" forces. But after all this time, the rebels have never once managed to organize such an effort.

It's quite a dilemma: The mighty CODE. alliance has inflicted over 60 trillion isk of damages; the mythical permit-ganking alliances have inflicted zero damage. No one ever accused the highsec miners of being good at math, though.

Levivity posed another problem for the corporation's "tough guy" carebears. Since she was an awoxer, she didn't need to remain docked after ganking. In fact, she simply remained in space, inviting retaliation from anyone in the corp who dared to face her in battle. This meant that the carebears had to come up with excuses for not seeking revenge.

Until someone logged on with the roles to kick Levivity from the corp, the Agent would remain a thorn in everyone's side--and a constant reminder of their powerlessness. R.S.INDUSTRY had dozens of members, but none who were willing to undock while Levivity was still around.

Some miners chose to embrace their impotence, comparing themselves to defenseless old ladies. No wonder CCP's marketing campaigns for EVE have targeted potential Agents rather than carebears: "Be a defenseless old lady" isn't a great sales pitch.

Alas, the corp's "heavy hitters" were all lost somewhere in wormhole space, far away. They couldn't protect their fellow corpmates. Mining would only resume once Levivity was kicked.

Our Agent would score one more victory before her time in R.S.INDUSTRY came to a close. The corporation awarded her the coveted "Corp Awoxer" medal. Now that's a medal of honour.


  1. Wow just wow antiganking is failing so hard right now.

    I wonder if thomas is ready to explain that he rips off the antiganking donations for himself 😂😂

    1. Hahahahaha Dryson crying again.

      Do we have a shardani medal in corp yet?

      If only medals could be given to out of corp characters.

      Kalyn shardani was a true monster rock spider.
      Never forget.

  2. Ahh, the whining of the carebears. I wonder what a person is like IRL who decides to be Space Cattle. The mooing, its annoying.

  3. OK, so both those shitters, Don and Hurrikahn, both need to biomass and take their offspring with them. The only way they could contribute to our species would be to remove themselves and their extra chromosomes from the gene pool.

    That kind of ignorance can't be fixed because it's just a lack of self control. I mean that one shitter was even talking about attackimg potential awoxers IRL, that kind of attitude has no place in modern civilization, gtfo shitters.

    What makes it all so pitiful is that we all know (even the shitter saying it) that the threats are empty and the coward would run away as soon as you bitch-slapped him once. Something his parents should have done when they were supposed to be raising him.

    The spawn of shitters and all...

    It's time hurrikhan was taught a lesson, Professor, or are you only in it for the tenure?


  4. With friendly fire turned on, the whole corp couldn't even manage the balls to try and stop the Agent. How pathetic. Also, why would a supposed WH corp have a mining operation in high sec? I call bullshit.

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  6. I did not expect that I would find a reply here. Thanks!


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