Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Bennington Blues

Some people know how to enjoy EVE.

...and then there are the Anti-Gankers.

DrysonBennington is famous as one of the Anti-Ganking movement's "leaders". It's his job to show his fellow rebels how to have fun in EVE.

Bennington gained notoriety in 2014 for his forum posts demanding that CCP make highsec safer. His posts were loony, even by AG standards. For example, Bennington once claimed that the EULA required CCP to buff freighters. In fact, CCP did buff freighters (on multiple occasions), but Bennington and his kind were still unable to prevent freighter ganks.

One look at his forum posts should give you a hint as to what it would be like to serve under Bennington's command. Fellow rebel Daunte Akachi was relieved not to be in the same space where ganking was projected to occur. This suggests one reason why Anti-Ganking constantly fails: Their members are happy to avoid locations where ganks take place.

Bennington often develops unorthodox plans for disrupting ganks. This is because he already knows he's bad at the orthodox methods.

One of the most common characteristics of the Anti-Gankers is that they talk themselves out of taking action. They prefer not to do anything, so they offer up ideas and then quickly shoot them down.

When it comes to resisting the Code, every carebear's motto is "someone else should stop them". Instead of wardeccing the mighty CODE. alliance themselves, Culdaris Kahn X proposed asking Pandemic Legion to do it.

Bennington was still interested in the wardec idea. Earlier, he readily agreed that the 120 million isk wardec fee was a small amount. Note, however, how he subtly asks for donations anyway. Greedy carebears only care about isk.

Though PL was unlikely to disengage from Providence to launch a crusade against highsec gankers, Bennington considered that maybe the nullsec Russians or Germans would be interested. Naive Raindeth went further: Surely the CODE. killboards are full of people who would help? Not a chance. Our enemies are selfish and lazy.

Next it was Visali Athonille's turn to propose a war plan--which he immediately talked himself out of.

Everyone having agreed that it was safest to do nothing, the AG strategy meeting adjourned for the day.

The Anti-Ganking channel is known for its toxic atmosphere. Now we understand another reason why: The rebels find pessimism necessary, to avoid actually undocking anything that they could lose.

At last! Bennington boosted AG morale by scoring a stunning victory against--never mind, go back to sleep.

Inspired, Bennington came up with new plans. Another day of inaction followed.


  1. Replies
    1. I remember that forum post. I cried, I was laughing so hard. Dryson really should not play a game that makes him so mad. He spends his Provi time crying about CODE. to the point most of the pilots here think he should just biomass. I mean with that rep and the way his "friends" make fun of him behind his back, a lot of folks feel he's probably better off starting over as someone else. Anyone else.

      Such a sad state of mind that has someone as rabid as dryson has been for YEARS. People laugh about him in his own 'group', he has zero credibility and even less respect from his peers.

      Give it a rest dyson, maybe even gank a freighter and let some of that impotent rage out before it gets to you, remember shardani. You don't wanna end up like that crazy bastard. Over a video game that you don't even belong in. Crazy, man, just crazy.

    2. They don't make forum posts like that any more.

  2. Wow that's a lot of ag fail. The reason they have such bad leadership is because they have a worthless cause.
    Apparently they believe that polluting our killboards with ag names will demoralize us? That just allows me to look back and reflect on how terrible they are.
    The Ark died and we got all the loot. The Code wins again.

  3. "Everyone having agreed that it was safest to do nothing, the AG strategy meeting adjourned for the day."

    - Comedy gold!!!

  4. "At last! Bennington boosted AG morale by scoring a stunning victory against--never mind, go back to sleep."

    ahahahahahhahaha concord whores!

  5. nrds mean you are a chicken shitter. Too scared to engage. Cowards don't belong in EVE... hi, low, or null. I know you are too ignorant to realize it, but I don't mind helping educate you. I have a special place in my heart for retards, but that doesn't change the fact that antigankers don't belong in EVE.

    antiganking is antiEVE. They don't belong because they actively harbor bots and RL criminals. antigankers are the worst TOS violators in the game. Proof? Been reported daily right here since 2012, AND personal experience; antigankers are literally criminals. Don't forget shardani, and every other sperg that wished RL death and destruction on PVP'ers in a PVP game.

    Seriously, you miners need to calm down. You silly shitters should stop tormenting yourselves and go play wow, or whatever shithole themepark you came from. EVE is not for you and you are playing incorrectly.

    Get a permit or gtfo.


    Don't forget to calm down, shitters.


  6. Gank a citadel? He's reaching levels of autism that shouldn't be possible. LOL Dryson...never stop shitting up EVE

    1. Don't encourage him to endanger his own mental health any more than it already is. You are only enabling him, and that's not good for him or EVE. Dryson should not be playing EVE, for his own good. If you cared about him or EVE you would help encourage him to quit EVE before he pulls a shardani.

      There's no shame in walking away Dryson.

  7. Scathing! and well stated Anon816.

  8. Keldain - same person who said he would crush code members windpipes out of game if he was to ever met them in real life.

    Dryson - Completely retarded.

    Thomas - stealing all the donations - 100 bil in donations - no money to help stop code - notice they don't have money to do anything?

    Astecus - failure of the highest order who is too scared to undock.

    sara flynt - openly supports antigankers making real life death threats on code members. (not surprising considering kalynn shardani.

    kalynn shardani - antiganking moderator who murdered his infant child before killing himself over a video game.

    Code - the bad guys.

    anything else?

  9. NB4 that chodeanonshitbag starts crying about how "irrelevant" CODE. is, and lying about how much ISK he makes in highsec while hiding like a coward. For someone so unaffected by gankers, that shitter sure cries a lot about them.

    Alexander Kaan once booted my character from the gank-intel hole. Now I see he is ganking for profit. Hypocrisy must be a bitch of a pill to swallow. Good thing he deep throated all that shardani cock for practice, too bad it was so small. XD

    All the old-guard antigankers have been proven to be hypocrites or idiots so far, or worse. Dryson being about as incompetent as they come.

    antigankers need to get their permits, or biomass. There's no room in modern EVE society for criminals. I can't understand how they get away with so much tos breaking sperg. I guess CCP just wants to punish them more by allowing then to be ganked repeatedly rather than just ban then for their own good. lol even CCP hates ag cowards.

    They are given an opportunity to completely reinvent themselves as whatever they want to be, and they choose to be themselves. Impotent, ragey, sperg filled shitters. Unimaginative being one of their worst crimes.

    That is not the correct way to RP in a sandbox PVP mmorpg, and they don't belong here. I am personally trying to recruit as many pvpers as I can to help EVE survive the carebear plague. EVE needs more killed-virus inoculations to help fight off the disease.

    I think that means kill more miners.

    tldr: ignorant shitters don't belong in EVE, and they are playing incorrectly. Plus hypocrites.


    1. Calm down, CHODE. slave.

      High sec miners were here long before Jamey and CHODE. and will be here long after. Face the reality.

    2. What in minerbumping comments section?

      Yeah we know, we put them here.

      Like you, all salty and whining and coming back daily.

      Hahahaha the joke is literally you.

      Never forget shardani.

    3. Lol that chodeanonshitbag just cant help himself, he is compelled to cry here.

      Guess what chodeanonshitbag139, highsec shitminers were looked down upon before CODE. and were hated so much that when James finally got around to writing The Code, everyone jumped at the chance to gank highsec carebears.

      You thinj they will be around (highsec) for a long time? The Code is here to stay friend, unlike all the highsec mining shitters that have rage quit or left for null after being ganked into oblivion. Name one highsec system that has more highsec carebears in it than 6 years ago. You can't? I have been keeping track, and highsec has been emptying out at a very noticeable rate. That's because gankers are very efficient at making most carebear shitters realize that they were playing EVE incorrectly. Some adapt, some biomass, either way EVE wins.

      Hell chideanon don't even play anymore, all he does is ship-spin while lying about how much ISK he's making. When all he can prove is that he cannot stop crying in these comments, it means he's scared of being PVP'd in a PVP game. Even in a sandbox, highsec carebear shitters still manage to play incorrectly.

      All you miners have to do to reclaim some credibility is to NOT act like chodeanon. If you get ganked in highsec it's ONLY because you failed to protect yourself in the safest place in game. Then when you yell and rage and act like a complete shitter, and let someone troll you it's because:

      YOU failed to own it.

      YOU failed to control yourself.

      YOU failed to understand the game you were playing.

      YOU failed to not act like a shitter.

      YOU failed use the game to it's fullest potential.

      i.e. YOU don't belong in our community. Get a permit, or gtfo shitters. Your kind don't belong here. You will never be a part of the EVE community, and it's only your fault for trying to afk-mine solo in a "sandbox PVP MMOrpg", which is what EVE has ALWAYS been. Prove me wrong, bring all your EVE friends and try to stop all my EVE friends from killing cowardly highsec shitters, always. I don't even need to know who you are, if you had any recourse in game I would notice instantly on zkill. Your efforts would be noticeable.

      But you won't do shit, because you are too afraid. In a game with consequences, your kind chooses to cry for nerfs rather than make sacrifices. That's just another in long list of reasons your kind don't deserve EVE.

      But in a way I guess you do deserve the punishment, hmmm. Don't matter, shitters gotta go.

      Delete CONCORD! Make the bitches fight for EVE.


    4. CHODEAnaon @ 4:218PM said: "Name one highsec system that has more highsec carebears in it than 6 years ago. You can't? I have been keeping track,"

      Wow, get a life.

      And again, based on your reply: Mission Acccomplished.

  10. AG failing hard right now, the best they can do to improve morale ever so slightly is by linking concord killmails they whore'd themself on.


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