Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 45

Previously, on MinerBumping... As aiva naali and his council put the pieces of their lives back together, aiva was contacted by Nameless Peasant, an anonymous information broker. aiva didn't have the money to pay Nameless his fee, but he was eager to know what secrets awaited him.

Even as aiva was in contact with the mysterious spy, he submitted himself to a series of trials designed to test the amount of faith he had in his council.

From the outsider's perspective, the tests were peculiar. But they were grounded, deeply, in tradition.

aiva's loyalty to the Imperium was resolute. Yet there were lines that even he wouldn't cross. Singing was one of them. aiva would do anything for the Imperium, but he wouldn't do that.

The story of aiva naali approached its conclusion. One had to wonder: Was Nameless Peasant able to sow seeds of doubt in aiva's mind? Or was there an irreconcilable breach between aiva and his council that had merely gone unseen until now?

aiva penned an EVEmail to the men he admired most.

...It would prove to be his last. Minutes later, aiva naali was biomassed. Like anaCheeya ANARKY before him.

Yet the name of aiva naali would live on.

The owner of the newly registered "aiva naali" sought to honour the original aiva, and he did so by ganking highsec miners.

...And by selling mining permits.

aiva the Code enforcer did his job well. I think the original aiva/anaCheeya would have been proud.

And there the story of aiva/anaCheeya ended.

At least, that's where it would have ended.

...Because you see, aiva didn't keep his conversation with the information broker a secret from his council. Nor would he trust the word of some anonymous spy over theirs. No, aiva had his council--his people--and he trusted them. More than that, he had faith in them.

He had faith enough to biomass aiva naali in order to throw the enemy off of his trail. He had faith enough to rise, like a phoenix, from the ashes. Faith enough to be reborn yet again with a new name, one chosen by his council. He had...

Full. Faith.

To be continued...


  1. haha, aiva learned to spell, started ganking, and got a boyfriend too!

  2. Lol that dammed tweeps has way too much fun with this game!

  3. I was already feeling such warm nostalgia as soon as Olga of Kiev was mentioned, and then it just got lovelier and lovelier. This is the most beautiful minerbumping post ever.

  4. When willie r greer from pearl river loseriana was arrested he had been trying to "entice a minor". That's NOT with and E!

    A 13 year old boy was the target, but the child's parents were suspicious and at the last minute had decided to check out what the kid was doing online. The authorities were notified, and a sting set up. Thank goodness the parents were vigilant that time

  5. we actually did get him to sing behind blue eyes, but he freaked out at barbie girl and we had to biomass him :(

  6. Skill in training? Mining Barge II

    Once a miner...

  7. I've been away too long when I see a "part 45" of an episode I didn't know had begun.


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