Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #38

The New Order has eyes and ears everywhere. But I don't need omnipresent Agents to tell me that a smile flashed across your face when you saw it was time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Nochi Wick, if you're reading this, it means I've decided not to take your advice. There's just too great a demand for more MinerBumping posts. Sorry, kid.

For some reason, people think I have hundreds of alts. Even people who know me well are amazed to learn that I only have one EVE account.

One of the things I'm most proud of is that over the years, I've always played a good, clean, honest game. I basically never lie, cheat, or steal unnecessarily, and I've hardly ever violated the EULA.

CCP may not give us a "community spotlight", but the New Order is 100% legal and proud of it!

The 2ndAleccia wrote me a heartfelt EVEmail about how MinerBumping made her feel. She didn't need to tell me she was new. Her allusion to people hoping for someone to "kill/overthrow" me gave it away. The older rebels have long since given up hope.

Here's the thing: If people think enjoying mining is just "the type of person they are", then yes, I do want to take that away from them. And I'm confident they'll thank me and retroactively give me permission. The New Order always acts with the consent of the people.

I often say that everyone in highsec is deemed to be aware of the Code. After all, even people who haven't started playing EVE yet have heard of it.

It's funny to think about, but when someone first joins EVE, they may not know whether they're working for the good guys or the bad guys. Protip: The New Order are the good guys.

The same principle holds true in real life. Are you friends with the good guys or the bad guys? Once again, look no further than the Code for your answer.

There's a misconception out there that I expect highsec miners to "worship" me. There's no basis for that in the Code. Should they respect and be loyal to me? Of course. But you don't even need a Code to know that. Common sense exists for a reason, people.

Remember that thing I said earlier about figuring out whether you're hanging with the good guys or the bad guys? People like Drake Vanteel make it easy.

...And another highsec resident grabs hold of the lifeline.

I'm always amused when rebels warn others to "ignore" me in the hopes that the New Order will simply go away. It's a little late for that; you may as well try to wish away the sun. Ignore it all you like, but it will continue to warm the earth with its gentle, life-giving rays.

Despite our reputation, there are still some people out there who don't feel comfortable joining the New Order. I'm a patient fellow. If you're a diehard skeptic, stick around. I promise you this: Give the New Order a few years and you won't even recognize highsec anymore.


  1. So, you are the STAR in Kamio...I just flew though Kamio, and not one character I check had a pledge to you delusional new order in their bio...way to subdue a system dude...

    1. This entire site is built around roleplaying. Of course he's going to pick and choose the screens that either:
      A. Provide tears of idiots who shouldn't be gaming online.
      B. Make him look like Eve Jesus.

  2. Or maybe the ones that will make people play EVE instead of carebear 23/7 AND that make an amusing blog.
    I wouldn't even have a mining alt if it wasn't for this site.
    I have a permit (ty galaxy pig)
    I almost never mine in high sec though.
    Dr Limbu.
    PS almost everyone in EVE carebears sometimes. But the people who are actually playing EVE carebear to buy new ships that they will lose in fun pvp ways.
    For some this is pirating, for some awoxing, for some sov warfare, for some small gang roams, for some suicide ganking. Even if you are some sort of anti-fun pervert then miner bumping is still for you. Pay the fee, join the channel and provide intel and warp-ins for agents. Soon your lovely ice belt will be free from competitors and all the ice belongs to you.
    If agents don't come make a gank alt and do it yourself. it only takes a few days training. why wouldn't you do that to protect your ice?

    1. How would I go about joining the channel? I would very much like to join.

    2. Contact some of the agents featured in blog posts and help out for a bit. When you demonstrate your commitment to the Code, the rest will follow.

  3. One thing I know for sure, from experience, until James shows up, local chat is a dull void absent any conversation for hours on end. James is a master content creator. Which to me, since Eve PvE sucks, is a blessing upon the whole New Eden galaxy.

    1. Exactly!

      A better experience leads to one feeling better.

    2. local is dead because we chat in corp? But no one in the new order can believe that, we should be waiting & staring at the local window until someone asks us if we have a mining permit. Which I might buy if I didn't know ppl that still got ganked with a permit clutched in their dead cold hand while still at the keyboard.. yes becoz I'm going to pay you to gank me, that makes so much sense!

      Your system has cracks, although from the blogs its known and it's just a scam to make money, just to have some fun against some miners that choose not to pvp but like to relax while chatting in corp!


  4. [quote]I basically never lie, cheat, or steal unnecessarily[/quote]

    not sure how this gels with "once ran a ponzi scheme".

    daily laughter supplied. yep smile on my face.

  5. its been over a year.. how much longer? The suspense is killing me.

  6. A matter of time until what? How many years will it take?

  7. This is brilliant.

    A grim reminder of how people lie to themselves, not to mention the constant story-telling, for example: "should I worship a person that sits on their ass for 12 hours straight". Do I have to describe what's wrong with this sentence?

    Out of anger, he's willing to create a fantasy epic the likes of Disney's motion pictures with words such as "Worship" and then stating how he *knows* what someone does for 12 hours a day.

    Also, with regards to "The 2ndAleccia". I deeply apologise on behalf of the human race for his/her pathetic and deep hurtful and poor words.

    Not all people that watch "anime" are a bunch of delusion cunts that dream constantly of having a disney-land fantasy lifestyle. "What happens when you do this, what happens when you do that! Think about it!"

    What the fuck? You make us all look like pricks that can't focus on the facts and the now, instead. You go about creating a fucking crudely thrown together fantasy Disney novel.

    I've had a friend that had a broad catalogue of shit they sold. Being close to this person I met loads of poor pathetic wastes of flesh, some were actually decent with good hearts. . . But the most despicable people I've met so far?

    The most despicable people I've met so far that make me fucking sick are the people on this fucking game that don't give respect to other people for no other reason than to create a fantasy-land where they can "Escape reality" by being a super-duper-mining genie or a super-duper-toxic-cunt.

    If you've read this and you're a self-proclaimed "Rebel". Please for the love of humanity, give YOURSELF some fucking respect. How the fuck can the New Order really make you this angry? I'll tell you, IT DOESN'T.

    You're using it as an excuse to not handle your own business and instead of improving your own situation in life, (improving your career prospects, getting an education, creating a business plan so you can become financially independent)you're wasting time and treating yourself like a cunt. . . Stop.

    Give yourself the credit you deserve and acknowledge the vast sandbox for what it is, a fucking sandbox where varying degrees of shits happen. If you can't handle someone coming along and stamping your sand castle into the ground, then maybe you should go and get some toys and keep yourself locked behind closed doors, the sandbox definitely is NOT for you until you learn some fucking respect, for yourself and your peers.

    Best regards


    If you can read this, I love you. Even if you do piss me off and take yourself for a cunt. I believe you can change. Long live the New Order!

    1. Dang, now that's some Real Talk right there.

    2. If you act like shit - expect to called a shit and HTFU. Don't expect people who don't want to play the game your way to be nice when you ruin their game.


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