Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two Sides to Every Story

Typically, posts on MinerBumping will provide field reports from our heroic Agents. However, there are two sides to every story. On occasion, it's useful to see how things look from the perspective of the carebears. (This isn't usually possible, since most carebears are incapable of being coherent long enough to tell a story.)

After more than a year of leading the New Order, I have never been disappointed by our Agents. Not once have I ever been ashamed of anything they have done. They have a perfect record. That's why I'm never afraid to hear what a carebear reports about them. Highsec miner Phelan Wulf EVEmailed me to complain about Apollo von Sol and Mister Manners. Are they friends of mine? You can always know who my friends are, based on whether they keep the Code.

Phelan got bumped out of mining range and demanded to speak with the Agent's "supervisor". This escalated into a chat with multiple Agents, which is fine, but remember that every Agent of the New Order is fully authorized to act on my behalf. They are their own supervisors. If you're a highsec miner, they're also your supervisors, so treat them accordingly.

The New Order inspires a lot of analogies and metaphors, but it's not often that we're compared to the Catholic church. The crusades may have failed, but perhaps they would have eventually succeeded if they hadn't stopped launching new crusades. The New Order never makes the mistake of giving up prematurely.

It's common for real-world criminals to get busted due to confessing their own crimes. Miners are even more willing to admit their guilt, and Phelan is no exception. He admitted that he has only a very limited amount of time to play EVE and that he uses it to mine. Obviously this is an absurd situation that our Agents needed to deal with. One thing I really appreciate about Phelan's EVEmail, though, is how offended he is at being called a "bot-aspirant". He knows what a bad thing a bot-aspirant is.

Phelan concluded by inviting me to reply to him and find some kind of common ground. But there's already plenty of common ground in highsec. It's on, on the page marked "The Code". Every man, woman, and child in highsec shares a responsibility to follow the rules. This is what unites us, and always will.


  1. I can see that he wants respect...for all 3 of his non-bot-aspariant mining chars I suppose..... but all I respect is the Code and those who follow and those who enforce it.

  2. How can he ask for respect if he didn't respect the Code of high-sec in the first place?

  3. Because the new Halaima code of conduct is delusional FICTION at best...

    1. That's what naive miners think at first. After that they get bumped, ganked and awoxed, so they learn the hard way that the Code is as real as it gets.

    2. i'm sorry but hat you do in here has no difference than what does mafia :) James 315 if we meet in game expec suicide gak just for lulz.

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  5. OMG, I'm finally a celebrity! :D

    It took you almost a month to publicize my EVEmail, but what I find hilarious is that you don't even actually have the nerve to talk to me. :P

    You basically tell me "follow the code" and don't address a single point I make. *sigh* So typical of delusional cult leaders.

    FYI: Read up on your history of the Crusades. (Hint: They didn't fail because they didn't launch enough of them).


    Your faithfully unfaithful non-compliant HighSec miner.

    1. It seems to me James addressed everything you wrote. What he did not address was not worth addressing. Really, I don't want to be mean, but you have to say things worth discussing before you can pretend someone takes his time to argue with you.


    2. "You basically tell me "follow the code" and don't address a single point I make. *sigh* So typical of delusional cult leaders." make a habit of writing to people you consider to be delusional cult leaders; and said delusional cult leaders tell you to follow the code? Do you have any proof of these wildly unlikely events?

  6. Mein gott but that was beautiful to read.

  7. Phelan Wulf certainly addressing the issue in the correct way from someone with the wrong view, if you see what I mean. We can at least commend him for that... so far.

  8. Almost a week and still no meaningful posts?

    Anon 4:11, if you think James addressed any of my comments or concerns, than you are likely delusion or mentally stunted. Possibly a combination of the two.

    Fact Checker: I make a habit of trying to understand all people, including you crazy lot. Simply because Knowledge. Is. Power.

    1. You like to talk about facts and arguments but th only thing you have to answer points other make are "you are delusional or mentally stunted"... You have not the intelligence, ability and honesty to argue civilly and meaningfully with another person over the internet.

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    3. Anon 2:54 - That's coming from someone who is defending the "New Order", and their insistence that the entirety of highsec miners who disagree with their precious "Code" are a bunch of foaming-at-the-mouth idiots who can't effectively play the game and only know how to mine using bots.

      But I'll pick up your glove. Firstly, do you see how James couldn't sit there and insult me or imply I'm a bloody idiot in his article? Gee, maybe because I could actually formulate a legitimate and understandable message wherein I focus on various problems with the concepts and people involved with this process.
      Of course, he couldn't actually address them or reply to me, because that would give legitimacy to them. He's smart enough to know that would be a dumb move on his part. It's also why he doesn't reply to e-mails from people who are taking a jab at this digital phallic symbol he calls the "New Order."

      Now, feel free to take a look back at various other messages I've posted on here. Sure, I've told a few people that they're bloody idiots in a few choice words, but a very select few of my posts don't contain legitimate arguments.

      How about I file this argument for you and the rest of the "New Order" to wrap your self-righteous egos around:
      Eve Online, like any MMO, must cater to a wide variety of player types in order to be successful. That's why there's places like High, Low, and Null sec. That's why there's quite nearly every job you could reasonably think of.
      There are people who want to fly around kicking ass and taking names, there are people who want to build empires, there are people who want to be spies and miners and gankers and bounty hunters and fleet commanders and hell, there's probably people who want to be Space Jesters. This game aims to cater to as many people as it reasonably can, and that includes highsec miners.
      If the "New Order" has a problem with bots, they need to find a way to deal with bots. But instead they basically say "You're not blonde-haired and blue-eyed, so you're automatically a bot miner." (Yes, I went there. Deal with it).
      The fact of the matter is, the "New Order" wasn't built on ideology and altruism. It was built on greed, pure and simple. Sure, there are people who have jumped on board because they believe in the mission statement for this chicken shit outfit. But believing in that doesn't make it any more real than saying "Dinosaurs were pink with yellow polka dots."

      The "New Order" is successful on the same principle as any other corporation out there: There's always going to be some dumbass that buys what they're selling.


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