Saturday, August 31, 2013

The True Test of a Man, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rabid carebear Ria'ac Aideron fulminated against the New Order when Agent Lenda Shinhwa destroyed his Retrievers. But after some time, Lenda talked him into buying a mining permit and spending 30 million isk to get off the Red Pen list. With a pledge of loyalty to me in his bio, Ria'ac was on his way to a great new EVE career.

Lenda mentioned the possibility of getting Ria'ac reimbursed for the mining ships he'd lost. After asking around, Ria'ac got in touch with Agent Ophidia Black. She was more than happy to help a new convert.

Since Ophidia wasn't there when the killings occurred, she asked for proof of loss. This gave Ria'ac a great opportunity to go down memory lane and think about his pre-Order days.

Death and rot. That is the only truth of the carebear existence. Without the Order and its Code, all miners are doomed.

But now that Ria'ac was on board with the New Order, all of that would change. He could make a clean break with his sordid past.

Ophidia offered to give Ria'ac back everything he had lost. But first she would need the same amount to be transferred into her wallet. If Ria'ac demonstrated total faith, she could double his isk, thereby reimbursing him.

This confused Ria'ac. He wasn't familiar with any other reimbursement plans that worked this way.

A speedbump was hit when Ria'ac revealed that his wallet was nearly empty. Ophidia was eager to help him anyway, and suggested another plan.

All Ria'ac needed to do was show total faith, and he would be reimbursed in a jiffy.

Things weren't off to a great start. Ria'ac was deeply skeptical and suspicious of Ophidia.

The good news was that Ophidia was being totally honest. She would give everything back and reimburse Ria'ac. Agents of the New Order are always true to their word. Would Ria'ac have the courage to take advantage of this opportunity?

Ria'ac had doubts. He knew from experience that he could trust the New Order, even though he had been on the Red Pen list only a few days before. Still, giving up all of his possessions was a lot to ask of a newly-reformed carebear.

Ophidia was taken aback by Ria'ac's lack of trust. Reimbursement was strictly optional. She was under no obligation to help him out.

Despite his doubts, Ria'ac wanted the reimbursement. Ophidia wasn't lying; she would do exactly as promised. Ophidia Black would not scam Ria'ac, that much was certain. Could the Red Penned carebear Ria'ac Aideron take the final step and turn over a new leaf?

To be continued...


  1. Ophidia Black is such a great person.

    I have a clutch of her hair which smells divine!

    I noticed her walking around the Jita station a while ago, browsing the various wares when an opportunity presented itself.

    Whilst she was preoccupied looking at the prices of Catalysts I strode past her, quickly removed a minuscule amount of hair and retreated to my ship.

    Ah yes, the scent of the truly righteous and just knights of the New Order is a glorious scent indeed!


    1. WTF?!?!!? I thought one side was looking shorter than the other recently! :P


  2. I went through the trusting test in Runescape when I was around eleven. Guy took my Mithril Mace. I was super pissed - I think I teared up. Just a little. I see now, of course, that it was my fault for not trusting him with my other stuff, too. I had failed the test.

    Something superficial was taken from me, but something far greater was given. I think I learned that day something special. That when another player, another person, tells me earnestly with nothing but honesty in their heart that I need to trust them, I must trust them with all my mind and body and soul and wallet.

    I didn't deserve that Mithril Mace.

    Benny Ohu

    1. That's a beautiful story Benny, the path to enlightenment can be emotionally challenging but ever so rewarding

  3. Tune into the next episode and be amazed!

    I read on a spoiler website, one which I'm legally not allowed to disclose and know what happens in the next episode and even the next season!

    You MAY (I say may so I don't break my non-disclosure agreement) be surprised with how this story concludes!

  4. I can say with 100% certainty that Ophidia Black conducts herself with the utmost decorum and honesty during this entire episode. I've seen the logs, and no one could possibly find fault in her behavior.

    Also, I'll pay 100 quatloos for a lock of her hair.

  5. Ophidia Black is one of those agents other agents strive to emulate, always going the extra mile and putting in 110%. Ria'ac Aideron is in good hands.

  6. Give him time, his carebear spirit is slowly changing to accept the new order.

    See, the new order changes the carebears into a better person, but their carebear spirits are holding them back, that's why we need to crush their spirit, so they can change into a better person.

    Long live james 315!

  7. The Spirit of New EveSeptember 1, 2013 at 6:46 AM

    I'm actually starting to respect the NO and am considering (only considering ATM lol) joining them! * makes note to see shrink!
    I hope this story turns out to be the happy ending promised and that the NO can be trusted.

    1. come on in, the water's fine.

  8. Dude should have just walked away with the losses and lesson learned. He has a mining permit now and 11m ISK left he could just use his venture and mine his way back, if he wants to continue to be a miner. The New Order endorses scam artists like Erotica 1 so it would not be wise to all your stuff to NO personnel.


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