Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Everyone has opinions on the value of different art forms. Some say the paintbrush is superior to the video recorder. But Agent Lenda Shinhwa would have something to say about that. Today Lenda treats us to two different videos of glorious suicide ganking. Both of these are actual footage taken "in the wild", so to speak--there's nothing inauthentic about the New Order.

First up, a thrilling video of Agents Lenda Shinhwa and Ophidia Black killing and podding two Hulks at once:

Hulks and Pods, Hulks and Pods

Always looking to top himself, Lenda recorded a video of Agents Lenda Shinhwa, Selina Dyle, and Ann Chovie scoring a triple kill on Covetors:

Thou Shalt Not Covetor

If any of the miners ganked in these videos are reading this, please take a watch. Odds are you didn't get to see your ship explode, since you were AFK at the time!

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  1. Why does it appear as his scram is a high slot module? Can you move around those icons on your screen?

    1. Yeah, you can put them wherever you want. I put ones I plan on turning on/off a lot in the Fx keys.

    2. Dawwwwww... :Shobon:

      Anybody that says the New Order is anti-newbie doesn't know us very well.

  2. Heh I discovered that by accident. I put my on/off modules in the top row.


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