Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top Supporters for July 2013

Each month, MinerBumping immortalizes its top isk contributors in a hall of fame post. The "Month's Top Supporters" sidebar will begin showing the current month's supporters in a few days. You can view the August 2012, September, October, November, December, January 2013, February, March, April, May, and June top 10 lists at the appropriate links.

Here are our top isk contributors for July 2013:

July 2013

#1. Temporary Amnesia
1,100,000,000 isk

#2. Cato XIII
1,060,000,000 isk

#3. Capt Lynch
1,000,000,000 isk

#4. Jocindus
555,000,000 isk

#5. Gen Laviski
300,000,000 isk

#6. Ashley Deeptower
201,000,000 isk

#7. Benny Ohu
100,000,000 isk

#7. Melany Melkan
100,000,000 isk

#7. Vengeance Six
100,000,000 isk

#10. Blue Absinthe
99,000,000 isk

Let's all take a moment to congratulate these brave individuals for doing what they know is right.


  1. Thank you New Order supporters!

  2. The Code makes her beautiful in my eyes... that and her substantial killboard and hawt -10 security.... whoa.. need a minute here... ... .. ok, all better.

    Huzzah! Thank you New Order supporters!

  3. She's one daft person in my mind. She could be far more productive mining afk at her keyboard and building the iskies up for her own wealth. Sod the other players needs.

    NEW ORDER supports embrace the AFK mining, its so rewarding.


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