Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The True Test of a Man, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec miner Ria'ac Aideron became enraged after Agent Lenda Shinhwa ganked two of his Retrievers and pods. After having a nice chat with Ria'ac, Lenda was no closer to getting Ria'ac to accept the Code. Instead, Ria'ac doubled-down by producing more hostility and invective.

Lenda had no choice but to put Ria'ac on the Red Pen list. Concerned about the carebear's future, Lenda checked up on him and was appalled to see that he'd hit rock bottom--mining without a permit in a Venture. This resulted in a convo request.
Ria'ac Aideron > oh hey there
Ria'ac Aideron > hey guess what im ready to pay
Ria'ac Aideron > you want 10 mil isk or not?
Lenda Shinhwa > I always do. Just have to make my wallet flash.
Still a little impish, Ria'ac sent a small amount of isk just to make Lenda's wallet flash.
Lenda Shinhwa > Yeah, that didn't quite do it. Try a few more zeros.
Ria'ac Aideron > you said you wanted me to make your wallet flash
Ria'ac Aideron > i did
Lenda Shinhwa > Play around all you like. You're the one down 3 mining ships, two pods, and 67mil +/- isk.
Ria'ac Aideron > i was just kidding
Ria'ac Aideron > and i dont really care about all those mining ships, i can just buy more money
Like so many other highsec miners, Ria'ac pretended not to care about money. Lenda wasn't fooled. By their very nature, carebears care. Ria'ac coughed up the money.

The 10 million isk was transferred to its rightful owner. This was a good start.
Lenda Shinhwa > Oh very nice. Now there is just the matter of the 30mil isk you owe me for the red pen violations.
Ria'ac Aideron > red pen?
Ria'ac Aideron > whats that again?
Lenda Shinhwa > profanity and insults directed at an agent of the New Order results in the offender being added to the list of severe violators.. its written in a red pen.. so red pen violation.
Ria'ac Aideron > lol you really charge money for that?
Ria'ac Aideron > i cant believe you guys
Ria'ac's ignorance got the better of him. He had no idea that he still owed an additional 30 million isk. He was in more debt to the New Order than he knew. And without paying the full debt, his mining permit was useless.
Lenda Shinhwa > Yes, we at the New Order uphold the highest principals.
Ria'ac Aideron > lol you guys take things way to seriously
Lenda Shinhwa > The hole you dig is getting fairly deep. Lets get the 30mil transfer over with so we can be friends instead.
Ria'ac Aideron > hmmm ill consider
Ria'ac Aideron > once i get the money
Ria'ac Aideron > ill need to be doing missions since obviously you wont stop
Lenda Shinhwa > I will stop. I would have stopped 2 days ago. I am a man of honor. Code compliant miners are some of my best friends, in Eve.
Ria'ac had a lot of learning to do. He didn't know whether or not he could trust Lenda to keep his word. Can you believe that?
Lenda Shinhwa > get off the red pen list, live by the Code, and neither I nor any other New Order agent will bother you. If you ask, and we can help, we might even do that too.
Ria'ac Aideron > get off the red pen list? how?
Lenda Shinhwa > You hate homework I know, but if you read the site, you'll even see where we've bought pimped out mackinaws for permit holders.
Lenda Shinhwa > 30mil isk is the fee.
Lenda Shinhwa > I would love to see this story come to a happy ending. When do you think you will have it?
Ria'ac Aideron > once i can buy some plex
Ria'ac Aideron > or once i do a few missions
Ria'ac was a sworn enemy of the New Order, but after being ganked so many times, he began to reconsider the road he was on.

Ria'ac still had a long way to go. Luckily, Agents love to help people.
Ria'ac Aideron > wait just to clarify
Ria'ac Aideron > you kill people that afk mine?
Lenda Shinhwa > i reprocess the mining equipment of miners who don't follow the Code.
Ria'ac Aideron > whats the code again?
Lenda Shinhwa >
Ria'ac Aideron > ok
Ria'ac Aideron > so thats the code
It has been my experience that miners learn more about proper EVE play in 10 minutes of reading the Code than they learn in all the weeks, months, or years preceding it.
Ria'ac Aideron > not to be mean or anything but why are you guys so sensitive about being insulted?
Ria'ac Aideron > 30 mil? for insulting?
Lenda Shinhwa > Don't you expect to be treated respectfully?
Ria'ac Aideron > well yeah but do you really want to charge people for insulting? theres always going to be pissed off players that insult you like me
Lenda Shinhwa > That is only because they have not decided to live by the Code. But really, we could charge for whatever we want. I think 10m for a permit and 30m to get off the red pen list are way to small amounts. But James 315 sets the fees.
Ria'ac Aideron > and how can players have freedom if you guys are charging this kind of money? isnt that what the code is about? having freedom?
Ria'ac was on the verge of converting to the Code, but he still had questions. Having questions is fine. Agents are here to answer them.
Lenda Shinhwa > Even freedom has limitations placed on it for the good of the community. New Eden is certainly a community.
Ria'ac Aideron > so to teach people you kill them and make them lose hard earned progess? yeah because that definately sounds like freedom to me
Lenda Shinhwa > is the most widely read eve blog. we are also widely mentioned on the eve forums. All the warning that need be given has for any pilot that actively participates.
Ria'ac Aideron > ive been telling my friends about you guys to make sure your legit
Lenda Shinhwa > Cool.
Ria'ac Aideron > and apparently you guys are pretty well known
Lenda mentored Ria'ac like a pro. Had the lessons sunk in? Later, Ria'ac opened up a new convo with Lenda.

At last, Ria'ac was willing to put his bot-aspirancy behind him and walk a new path.

Having willingly given up his money for the sake of a better highsec, Ria'ac was a new man.

Now everyone who came into contact with Ria'ac in the asteroid belts could learn from his example. From Red Pen to blue ribbon!

Like a proud father, Lenda patted the young lad on the back and reminded him to build his EVE career upon the solid foundation of the Code.

'Twas another extraordinary victory of the New Order, which wins hearts and minds as well as battles.

Ria'ac assured his mentor that he would play EVE the way it was meant to be played. The New Order way.

Later, Ria'ac went searching for an Agent of the New Order to see if he could get his dead Retrievers and pods reimbursed. He came across Agent Ophidia Black. No longer in the presence of the man who had ganked him three times, it was time to find out if the carebear's conversion to the New Order had been sincere. Ophidia decided to put Ria'ac to the ultimate test.

To be continued...


  1. Another soul saved from the horrors of bot-aspirancy by The Order! Who says The Order doesn't care about miners?!?

  2. Next episode Ria doesn't get SRP because the gank was before he was a permit holder. He then proceeds to call everyone faggots and gets back on the red pen list.

  3. "Extortion (also called shakedown, outwresting, and exaction) is a criminal offense of unlawfully obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion."

    from wikipedia.

    there is nothing illegal or criminal about what we do or ccp would ban all of us. please look up the definition of the words you are using before using them.

    agent selina

  4. Way to dodge the TRUTH there Tonto...but then there is a lot of truth dodging and spin going on with james 315 and the new order...

  5. Beating a guy up until he spit the cash is called extortion in my country. Mafia and cartel are quite good at doing it, from this day on shall I call you the the New Cartel of Highsec?

  6. "Making a threat of violence which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence is sufficient to commit the offense."

    Extortion from Wikipedia.

  7. you dont have to pay the money. it is your free will what you do.
    also we do not threaten anyone, we just use mechanics that the game gives us. also it is discutable if blowing spaceships up is even violence, or more likely a very important service to the eve economy.
    it would be extortion if we as a group would only get the benefits when enforcing the code, but we are doing a community service for all of highsec, show me one "mafia, thug" etc. who does this business to serve the greater good...correct there is none.

    so go back playing solo games if you cannot live with the decision of thousands of players, because you think your opinion is more worth than any others.

    agent selina

  8. There is that new order spin again...keep it up Tonto...The number of bots is still up, you are picking on people not bots, when the bots go down I will believe this is a service, till then this is a spin to justify ganking...NOT a service...

    1. You must actively play eve for you read blogs and forums, so you're not a human in a sweat shop, or a human that goes shopping when docking their exhumer at the nearest mining belt.

      Think about what all those bots mean to your bottom line.

      Oh.. I'm sorry you're not a miner - that's okay think about those minerals that come from botters and ask yourself is that fair?

      Support the New Order for they are trying to make empire bot free and full of human interaction.

      Read past the spin and understand it's about defeating apathy - apathy towards the nasty mining mechanics and the insane combat rules that exist in empire.

      If you've got a better plan of defeating bots by bringing previously afk players back in to the game please lay it out

    2. @Anonymous 8/29 12:33: Then perhaps you could establish the New Order Intelligence network, providing locations of suspected botting operations? Such information would be of great value to Knights of the New Order.

  9. It is pretty obviously extortion, and you do clearly threaten. Don't pay too much attention the notion of illegality. Random violence and murder are also illegal in (most of) the real world, and CCP doesn't ban for those things either.

    All that said, this is adorable, and while the brainwashed cultist theme is a bit much, I say: Keep fighting the good fight, guys.

    - Not the previous Anonymous

  10. This story had a very nice happy ending, and I hope Ria'ac passed the ultimate test!

  11. His ultimate test will be ganking along side CODE members.

    But will he be up for the task at hand? That remains to be seen.

    Now here's Tom with the weather


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