Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Hundred Thirteen Billion in Shares Sold

You'll all remember, from your history, the famous riddle of the Sphinx:

Q. What's better than 112 billion in New Order shares sold?
A. 113 billion in New Order shares sold!

That riddle and its answer have new meaning today, as we have passed the 113,000 share mark. Temporary Amnesia earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ by sending us over the line with an additional 500 share purchase. Incredible--over 113 billion in New Order shares sold, just like in the riddle!


  1. And yet the treasury continues trickling down.

    They cannot keep this up forever.

    Even funds from people who like -10's in highsec dries up eventually.

    1. @ Anonymous -

      I bet there are more people like me out there who are willing to give a billion or two, but want to wait until the treasury trickles down a bit lower to make sure that it is appreciated.

  2. I have faith that the good people of New Eden will keep suicide ganking alive. No one said reforming Highsec would be a smooth ride. Shrug.

    -Galaxy Pig


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