Friday, August 9, 2013

The Wrong Miner

Previously, on MinerBumping... I returned to Kamio, one of the first systems I ever took ownership of, and was amazed by the local hostility. The native miners were behaving in a restless and unsettling manner.

Despite the resistance, I was holding my own. My innate goodness rendered me impervious to the attacks of the foul carebears. I forgave them. They still owed me money, but I forgave them in the abstract sense.

People debate the best ways to win friends and influence people. I think it's simple--let your actions do the talking. Don't try to persuade people that you're worthy of their loyalty. Prove it.

I knew JackFrost Saissore had been plotting revenge against me ever since I bumped him out of the ice anomaly. Yet I could perceive there was still a small door open, hidden behind his curiosity.

If JackFrost became a new Agent, he could save himself a lot of trouble. I gave him several seconds to think it over, but he was more stubborn than I anticipated.

Highsec can be deadly dull when the New Order isn't around. When an Agent does appear, everyone starts to gather around. Sometimes these crowds can conceal rebel assassins, but I remain accessible regardless. I am confident that the people love me. Also I can't be killed.

I continued my vital work. After just one bump, Victor Day objected.

I was fascinated by Victor's claim that he could defend himself. Fascinated, but skeptical. Impressively, he already knew about the ol' "Ibis duel" trick.

Some learn best by reading, others by listening, and still others by doing things. When someone warns me of the consequences of bumping them again, I can't help myself.

As promised, Victor Day transformed himself. One moment he was a highsec ice miner in a Mackinaw. The next, he was an internet tough guy in a station.

...Then the other shoe dropped. Victor Day was no ordinary carebear. He had an entire PvP fleet at his command, and they were waiting just 10 minutes away. Oops!

Some miners will freely admit to being defenseless carebears. They'll beg to be left alone, or they'll threaten to file a petition. Other miners will claim to have powerful, secret identities. I'm often told that it's only a matter of time before I bump the wrong person. Was the end of the New Order at hand?

To be continued...


  1. Must say, local chat seems magnitudes more active than what I saw in highsec during my time there, even out into null, but then again, the non-local chats lit up like Christmas trees though.

    Also, can't get enough of the humor of the Savior, maybe he's a stand-up comic IRL.

    1. I've always had him pegged for a lawyer, myself. He has the charisma and the voluminousness down, certainly.

    2. Touché Anon 7:51

  2. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.... in the New Order.

    1. and I ran out of subscription... just in time to get busy with that thing called real life.

  3. I'll take "Impotent Tears of Rage" for 1000 Alex!

    1. The answer is: What the HELL are you doing?

    2. what in the HELL are you doing*

  4. I really can't wait to see what this "fleet" looks like.

  5. Eh as new player to Eve and first time visitor to this site. I've come to the conclusion that it's so full of shit even Jame's eyes are brown. Throughout the whole site all I see is people with pvp skills shooting at people with little to no gun skills then claiming drones are a viable weapon. While this may be true on a actually ship that uses drones for offense its not very true at all on ships that just use drones for minor defense. Lets see a post where you have a actual fight against somebody that would be a fair match or something. Seriously James puts more spin on half of this crap then a ambulance chasing lawyer in a major city.

    1. There are posts in which James describes where others have attempted(typically failing) to gank him. He used a light civvie blaster on that Stabber, which while not really doing any reasonable amount of damage allowed him to point out that he did stand his ground when attacked.

    2. Anon 10:16, a criminal with no guns is still a criminal.

    3. Please.
      Your post is so flawed your mindset is so out of sync with EVE, Its a wonder really.

      Firstly; Shooting at people with little to no gun skills
      And? 10m is not hard to come by. and its once a year.
      perhaps youre new, had you asked james to pay in installments? The New Order are not unreasonable folk.

      OF course. the "fee" is not what this is about, its about making people realise that EVE is a sandbox. they can do what they want inside of the EULA/TOS. James and his New Order agents have done nothing but remain true to the games core.
      Being a crybaby (see: carebear) wont change anything, in fact it damages your own reputation more than that of the New Order.

      Secondly; Drones are (not) a viable weapon.
      If you hadnt been keeping with the meta. youll find that drones and mass drone carriers are the new FOTM in PvP. In recent events several major null sec entities have moved to drone centric fleets. (oh and way to contradict yourself in the second sentence on this point, Any ship capable of using drones should use drones in addition to other weapons. not to mention the pilots who you refer to in failing to kill the Invincible Stabber(tm) have made sever other fitting and tactical errors long before the first shot was fired)

      And Lastly; Spin
      "Spinning like a tornado"-Mittens
      Your post, is exactly in tune with all the rage and hate agents of the new order see. if anything your post will convince more people that james is in fact, not, spinning posts hard.

      All in all;
      want to beat the new order? youre going to need to take 5 steps.
      1) form a community for miners who want to learn more of eve.
      2) grow the community, Learn how to fit your ships for anti-Gank and security.
      3) Recruit members that have a backbone, members that wont shut themselves in a station the moment they see a catalyst on overview.
      4) Read EVE meta and PvP guides.
      5) Be nice. be polite. and always salute those who give close fights.

    4. Kipcha, the problem with that plan is that those good players you describe will understand sonner or later that the New Order are the good guys and switch sides. A smart rebel stops being a rebel...


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