Friday, August 16, 2013

Total Domination, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... TDD Dominaters announced that he would attack anyone who tried to gank miners. Agent Lenda Shinhwa had his alt's CEO declare war against TDD's one-man corp. When TDD tried to get in some quick mining time before the war began, he was ganked. TDD vowed revenge against all responsible.

Now TDD was eager for the wardec to begin, so he could exact vengeance. Was he a better PvP'er than he appeared?

...No, not really. Lenda's alt, Malcolm Shinhwa, chased TDD all around highsec once the wardec went active. TDD found himself trapped in a dead-end system and was killed in battle. His dual 100mm Reinforced Steel Plates were not enough to protect him. After dying, he logged off.

Later, when he logged back into the game, he found that Malcolm was still online. If this continued, TDD might never be able to mine again.

TDD was interested in surrendering, but he balked at the 100 million isk price tag.

Now TDD was pleading total innocence, claiming that he never had anything against the New Order. So much for the whole "watch your backs!" angle.

Eventually, TDD realized that he could get out of the wardec by folding his one-man corp. Would he also realize that he could instantly re-form the same corp?

...No. Instead, TDD rejoined Bluntman420 Roughnecks, the corp that he belonged to prior to creating his own one-man corp. But this simply put the Bluntman420 corp in the crosshairs. It had more than 60 members, so it couldn't dissolve. Malcolm decided to let Sean Hamann Hamann, the CEO of Bluntman420 Roughnecks, know what they had gotten themselves into.

TDD Dominaters > what do u want?
Malcolm Shinhwa > You've dropped corp and brought a war to Roughnecks door. I thought they might want to know.
Sean Hamann Hamann > s let me get s sraight u are going o war deck me because of some bs that is no nvolved with my corp
Malcolm Shinhwa > I am going to wardec you because TDD Dominaters has joined your corp to avoid it. It involves your corp now.

Sean wasn't happy to hear the news. Clearly, he thought the Roughnecks shouldn't suffer due to TDD's mistakes. But Malcolm wanted to know how much Sean knew about TDD's mischief.

Malcolm Shinhwa > Surely he explained that to you before he asked to join?
TDD Dominaters > awww no u dint
Sean Hamann Hamann > no e t because he was e only one on his corp and he wanted to r o mae one him self t see if he could it was more like a learning experienece for him
Sean Hamann Hamann > ok but what did he do so i can understand whats going on
Malcolm Shinhwa > TDD Dominaters if you feel you need a space lawyer you are free to find one. But at this point I'm a little angry, and Slutvana is ready to dec Roughnecks.

The diplomatic situation was tense. But Malcolm could tell that Sean wasn't keen on standing up for his fellow Roughneck.

As expected, Sean decided not to continue the fight on TDD's behalf. He disavowed TDD's actions and offered to pay Malcolm 100 million isk to make up for TDD's crimes against the New Order.

Both parties agreed that TDD had a lot to learn and needed proper supervision.

However, Malcolm and Sean also shared a hope that with enough training, TDD could become a productive member of highsec after all.

v xx, the corp moneyman, entered the chat and delivered the 100 million isk payment to Malcolm, who gave them his best wishes. There would be no war with the Roughnecks.

Nevertheless, other good citizens of highsec, unrelated to Agent Malcolm Shinhwa, heard about TDD and launched a devastating attack against the Roughnecks during one of their mining ops. You know the old saying: "Lie down with carebears, wake up with lossmails."


  1. Harboring fugitives from justice is never a good idea.

  2. I think the lesson is that miners should never give the new order money, because the order will just murder them anyway. "oh, they were unrelated citizens of high sec" "Oh, a permit doesn't protect you from accidental missile collision and/or fire" "Oh, agents aren't bound to the code, and therefore it doesn't matter whether you paid." "Oh... we suspected you might possibly be considering potentially bot-aspirant behaviour.".. etc... etc. It's like a protection racket where the shop owner gives the mob money, and then gets robbed anyway. It's all very hilarious, and I enjoy reading it, but anyone who gives the order money is an idiot.

    1. Before accusing others of being idiots, check your facts. The New Order Permit is like a driving license. It allows you to drive, but it doesn't protect your car from damages if you drive recklessly.

    2. You know what, maybe there's something to that driver's license simile, especially since having a driver's license doesn't protect you from other things like cops who practice racial profiling or who are otherwise power hungry douche-bags.

    3. Replace "racial profiling" and "power hungry douche-bags" with "enforcing the law of the sandbox" and "EVE players who get what the game's about", and you got it.

  3. Well, personally I wouldn't be without my mining permit, they do a fantastic clearing the belts of AFKers & bot-miners!


    1. That is what miners don't understand about the New Order. They never lie. When they say they're your friends, they mean it. Follow the Code and buy a Permit. When you see non-compliant competition mining in your belt, call an Agent and they will clear the belt for you. You will be happier, have more fun, and make more money. It's easy, but only the best miners get it.

    2. Its so true, for a single simple payment you get year long gank squad support to get rid of pretty much any non-compliant competition in your chosen area. In my eyes thats not a choice, thats a gift.

      I may not mine myself, Im more of a lowsec PvP kinda guy, but if I did I'd buy a permit in a heartbeat.

  4. What would you do if you met one in real life?

  5. Maybe you already have met one in real life. You never know who they could be......

  6. Well, here's something not seen often on the blog, an outcome where cooler heads prevailed. Although the epilogue put a bit of a hitch into it, at least for me.

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  7. If you met one in real life you should ask him for guidance.

  8. Gotta love it when internets tough guys (Anon 1:32) spew forth tough talk ANONYMOUSLY - I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you play a highsec miner in EVE.

    Is this where I can insert QED?

    - Guybertini

  9. "little pussies harrassing people in high sec because they cannot hack low-null sec."

    Confirming that no New Order agents live in sovereign nullsec. Also confirming that Santa Claus is real.



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