Monday, July 15, 2013

Where Have All the Bronies Gone?

In the past, I have related the adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Militant Coalition, a group of bronies with an affinity for illegal mining operations in highsec. brony2893 and Botten Miromme vowed to resist the New Order with every fiber of their being.

Though headquartered in the Ikao system, Botten decided to pay a visit to Kino, where Agent Bing Bangboom worked tirelessly to improve the lot of the miners.

Tommy Pickles Neckrow > I'm not proud, im pissed.
Tommy Pickles Neckrow > It's even to deface a website for having a ship destroy right?
Tommy Pickles Neckrow > MR BING BANGBOOM
Tommy Pickles Neckrow > I am coming for you all.
Tommy Pickles Neckrow > Weather it takes me a week. A month. And 20 friends. I lost my job yesterday and need soemthing to spend my energy on. And your EVE Mail was so nice and polite Bin Bangboom. How about I dont pay you anything. You dont extort money from me. And you put m
Drantan Rin > Tommy Pickles Neckrow just chill you're giving the attention that bing wants
Drantan Rin > just go out and shoot him
Drantan Rin > not IRL but in eve
Botten Miromme > LOL
Botten Miromme > Needed clarification...classic xD

Having made the acquaintance of some fellow rebels, Botten attempted to convince Bing that the New Order had finally met its match:

Botten Miromme > Do you know what has happened to every person/group/orginization that has tried to impose their rediculous idea of control on people who don't want it?
Bing Bangboom > WHAT are you talking about.... the only group controlling this system is the New Order.
Bing Bangboom > We all know what happened to us.
Botten Miromme > They are A)Infiltraded (We've already done that) B)A resistance is formed (Done that too) C)That group gets crushed (Already there)
Botten Miromme > As much as you'd new order freaks would like to claim you got anything havn't lol

Finally, Botten challenged the New Order to engage in some "real" PvP:

Botten Miromme > And not one kill that anyone in your group (recently) is outside of a highsec gank.
Botten Miromme > What's that tell me?
Botten Miromme > That you lot are too afraid to do real pvp

A few days later, Botten himself got the chance to face a New Order Agent in battle.

Botten had arranged for a duel ending in structure, but there was a tragic accident:

Botten's pod was also popped by mistake. This is EVE combat, there are inherent risks. Everyone knows that. But Botten was never quite the same after his stinging loss. Senselessly, he came to MinerBumping and made scandalous accusations in the comments section of a Grab Bag post:

Unfortunately, things only got worse for Botten and his fellow rebel, brony2893. The awesome power of the New Order continued to make itself known in the Ikao system. Their fellow bronies began to see the rebels as a liability.

Not for the first time--or the last--the toxic nature of anti-Order resistance ended up getting some rebels kicked out of their own corp.

Newly homeless, brony2893 decided to create a 2-man corporation, Orange Star Coalition. At least he can't be expelled from this corp.

As for Botten, he managed to find another corp, Rules of Acquisition, that didn't know about his shady past. In the meantime, the Cutie Mark Crusaders Militant Coalition didn't seem to miss their former colleagues. Bronies may have a stigma attached to them, but there's nothing worse than being associated with the resistance.



  2. Your tears and death threats are precious to us.

    Please continue!

  3. Thanks for your kind wishes, we're glad you enjoy the blog!

  4. Please continue to rage. Minter Intimidaton found your ability to run fleeing from the battlefield great fun.

  5. At least the corp went down kicking.

    1. If you can call hiring a mercenary alliance and then hiding in dock for 2 weeks 'kicking'.

    2. Well when horses get angry they usually kick.

      I saw the war you guys had with them, and we've actually been at war with the mercs as well. We've already podded Botten and removed his Hyperion.

      Poor ponies.

    3. Lord Mandelor is really Ledrian Saisima be warned NO you still have a spy in your circle

    4. You can't spy the New Order because there's no information that's not public. Everything is here on this blog, just click on the upper bar.

    5. Yes I can spy! I am Ledrian Saisima the greatest spy the world has ever know. I know when you will poop before you do.

  6. Poor brony2893 ! Being forced out of his corp to embrace the life of a renegade... Makes you wanna cry, but I guess that made him stronger now:

    -Varvara M

  7. As my uncle sits in front of his Eve client and blog sites taking in all these tears about that that matter, he's battling cancer.

    The tears of those who don't know how to take a game allows him to smile and think at least he hasn't got your problem.

  8. This confirms my suspision that most of the "bronies" are autistic.

  9. I love the way some of these delusional carebears talk about out of game harassment. How about a name and/or some sort of proof?

  10. A Brony corp...that's just plain creepy. They should be perma war decced.

    Better watch out for that Tommy Pickles Neckrow and his ZERO PvP kills lol.

    1. You'd be surprised. I spent time in such a corp at one point and at the time they were expanding into Low sec piracy. I left a few days later as at the time, I wasn;t a fan of PVP (all changed now though) but the pilots they had were viciously effective at their job.

      Last I saw they were thinking of picking a fight with Ivy League.


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