Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kills of the Week

Honour. Courage. Integrity. These are the values of the New Order. But sadly, the rebel carebears of highsec wouldn't recognize these values if someone came and smacked them upside the head with 'em. Which, in a sense, I suppose our Agents do. Submitted for your approval, some righteous head-smackings from the week of May 8th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 14th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Indus Prosper semi-tanked his Retriever and mined in a 0.8 security system. He may have been doing this to make it less economical for gankers to kill him. If so, he misjudged the motives of our noble Agents. Also, he probably shouldn't have been carrying over 700 million isk of cargo. Agents Krominal, Keraina Talie-Kuo, and Kibbera formed the Gamis Voltron and took him down.

Most expensive Retrievers use ORE Strip Miners or other decadent nonsense modules. Indus was a mobile laboratory filled with blueprints. If only Indus had taken the time to become familiar with the Code--the ultimate blueprint for highsec.

peculiar one lived up to his name when he took a break from hosting a mining op with his 1.4 billion isk Orca and picked a fight with Agent Orions Lord's Typhoon Fleet Issue. After Orions Lord won the battle, he nuked peculiar's 800 million isk pod. You might wonder why peculiar had gotten involved in such a fight in the first place. That's not the question. Nor is the question why peculiar's alt's 212 million isk Skiff also tried to attack Orions' faction Typhoon, leading to the Skiff's destruction, along with its 648 million isk pod--a total loss of over 3 billion isk. The question is why anyone today would try to fight an Agent of the New Order, period. The CODE always wins. Always.

Zeophyte believed that anything over 1,800 hitpoints is excessive. Luckily, she had a quintuple-anti-tanked Iteron Mark V that she could use to transport her 2.2 billion isk worth of capital gear. Agent Semtext Attor had a different perspective on the matter, and he communicated it brilliantly to Zeophyte through the use of a practical demonstration. To be honest, Zeophyte wasn't ready to fly a capital ship anyway. She's still mastering the tech I industrials.

What could be safer than a post-EHP-buff freighter in Jita? Penture had a 9.4 billion isk freighter packed full of compressed ore. To his credit, he didn't carry so large a load that he needed cargo expanders to fit it all in. What should he use his CCP-given lowslots for, then? Inertia Stabs! Agents Logical Fallacy, Etrisa, Yvain Bluewater, Hayley, Prixm Wind, Logical Fatality, Nin Rin, Miner Compliance Officer, Krakisht, Unwarranted Assumption, Fabulous Andy, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Nullus Modus, Inspector Implant, Hold my pleb, Nice Freighter, Anthologee, Freighter Repo, Bob Painter, Krisi Kristo, Evil Master, The O'Reilly Factor, Ricki Lake Show, Edward Motsu, Why so Pleb, Shoulda paidthe Ransom, and Gea Stormbound proved that both of CCP's attempts to patch stupid failed. I guess this means CCP will need to try nerfing freighter ganking again.

Washburn had a lot of cargo that needed moving. He had a capacitor-tanked blockade runner, but to be safe, he'd need to use its covert ops cloak. On the other hand, to be bot-aspirant, he'd need to deactivate his cloak and AFK autopilot through the Uedama corridor. Agents Rick Therapist and Brutal Anna were waiting for him.

Humaak committed a similar folly, AFK autopiloting his cloaky Viator through the same system. Agent Carebears' Nightmare snatched up Humaak's pod, which was worth 2.3 billion isk.

Humaak's head was filled with gunnery and armor implants, neither of which were needed for his career as an AFK hauler. Our Agents are always willing to help carebears get rid of things they don't need.


  1. But where was AG to stop all these ganks!? >.>

    1. If I had to guess... AFK in a station? (failing of course)

    2. I am gonna go with:

      AFK while planning the murder-suicide of their families.
      Talk about a permaban. . .

  2. Retrievers really are like a box of chocolates!


  3. wow!!!!1 ANOTHER week of failure from antiganking!!!!!1

    this failing non-stop daily they really are committed to!

    1. And another week of Veers spewing his lies.

    2. CODE finds it hilarious that an AG mod murdered his son and them committed suicide...sick much?

    3. 'hilarious' don't mean what you think it means, fake veers.
      But it is 'funny' that someone from AG, the self professed "good guys" in EvE, would shit talk about how evil CODE agents must be IRL, then kill their kid.
      Almost as much hypocrisy as fake veers or BM, but we have come to expect that from retard carebears.

    4. Veers, first you and AG blame him that he was responsible for the murder-suicide. Just pathetic. Now you are saying CODE finds this hilarious? No one finds this funny, but you and AG keep spewing it like its the truth....sick much?

    5. BigGChelien: Well WTF are we supposed to think when the LEADER of your alliance sits there and uses a tragedy like this to spew code propaganda from his mouth like a diarrhea fountain?

      We don't see code internal messages or message logs, so how are we supposed to know that he pissed off a number of code agents? All we know is what your leader says, and I find it strange that almost nobody here that's a known code agent has jumped on his ass for least publicly. At least doing that would show that you all aren't scumbags.

      And to the anonymous shit poster that likes to follow me around on the blog here like a lost puppy: Why yes, I do have the nerve to code code agents sociopathic and psychopathic. I have the nerve for more too.


    6. "And to the anonymous shit poster that likes to follow me around on the blog here like a lost puppy"
      Oh the sweet sweet tears of infinite sadness!

    7. "...the LEADER of your alliance..."

      I'm gonna have to stop you there. Loyal was our head FC, he was the executor at some point, but by no means was he the leader of our alliance.

      The New Order movement, indeed all civilized Highsec, has but one leader, our Supreme Protector: James 315

      That's why the whole ~political coup~ thing that happened with the CODE. Alliance was laughable. I mean really, to think you can wrest power in an organization like ours, silly. The elephant in the room during all that was the fact that no one actually gives a crap what the executor has to say about anything.

      CODE. executor = glorified secretary.

      -Galaxy Pig

  4. Whatever could have prevented ag from stopping these ganks?

    Balls. Simply put, ag has no balls.
    ag hide in npc corps, or drop corp as soon as a dec lands.
    ag are incapable of leaving hisec.
    ag were all afk, hiding like Veers, in some backwater hisec shithole.
    ag wants everything given to them, CCP should have stopped the ganks for them.

  5. "Honour. Courage. Integrity. These are the values of the New Order." More like greed, thievery, and sociopathic tendencies. Remember folks, there is no honor among thieves.

    Oh, and Anon 221AM: When and where did I advocate someone murdering their child? Hmm? No answer? That's because I didn't, you slanderous psychopathic dumbass anal dwelling butt monkey lobster cum bubble faggot. Now say that five times fast. LOL.

    Anon 240: AG has no balls? [checks self] Seems my balls are quite intact.


    1. "Seems my balls are quite intact."

      Post pictures or GTFO

  6. But Where oh Where has Ming gone?

  7. Do Citadels require a permit to operate in Jamey's space?

    1. Of course they do.
      1) It's "James" or "My Lord Protector" to you.
      2) No hauling permit = no hauler may contain citadel or POS equipment of any kind. No exceptions.
      3) No planning permit = even thinking of placing a citadel, POS or any other static structure in highsec is permitted. No exceptions.
      4) No firearms permit = no fitting of citadel, POS or any other static structure. No exceptions.
      5) No friendship permit = CODE must be set to blue by your citadel, POS or any other static structure in highsec. No exceptions.
      6) No advertising permit = no naming of citadel, POS or any other static structure. No exceptions.

      All the above enumerated permits may be reconciled with a single mining permit, purchased at the standard rate, and declaration of loyalty in your bio.

      Failure to comply will of course mean a swarm of cheap catalysts descending on your sorry but expensive ass.

    2. Ref planning permit. Should read: "even thinking of placing a citadel, POS or any other static structure in highsec is not permitted". As if carebears think... pffft

    3. Oh my! Looks like I'm I violation of all 6 of these as I have a POS up and haven't sent .01 ISK to these code fucks. Oh and for #1 I call him "The Fucktard of Highscec" Kind of has a nice ring to it.

  8. This is something for the grandchildren!!


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