Monday, May 30, 2016

Who Are Your Real Friends?

You gotta love those ganker character names.

Agent Fate and Destiny destroyed Katt Trygon's Retriever. Fate offered her a gf, but she replied with a gfys, which is not the same thing.

Agent Fate was then subjected to the anti-male bias that men sadly experience all too often in EVE.

Though Fate gave Katt some advice on how to avoid being ganked, it was clear that the miner wasn't interested in the whole "learning" thing. After all, she'd been ganked by Fate less than two weeks earlier while mining in the exact same asteroid belt.

Fate didn't message Katt again. Instead, Fate ganked her Retriever one day later--again in the exact same asteroid belt.

Though every New Order victory is an impressive one, some attract more attention than others. Fate and Destiny managed to take down a Hulk, a ship that was once the predominant mining vessel of highsec, but which is now teetering on the brink of extinction.

You Blew Up was so affected by witnessing the destruction of the Hulk that she wrote to the pilot two days later.

Harvester Mining Drones are arguably the best evidence of illegal decadence among miners. A full set costs around a billion isk. Being drones, they naturally have very few hitpoints. In addition, when deployed, they automatically have a 100% chance of being "dropped" for the ganker.

A proxy conflict brewed between You Blew Up and Dagda Rha. You Blew Up's friend was accused of stealing Dagda's roommate's drones.

Strangely, Dagda's first loyalty was to his roommate, as opposed to the person who offered him a chance at learning to play EVE properly.

You Blew Up's friend was a ganker, it's true. But she identified with him not out of friendship, but because of their shared values. Objectively speaking, You Blew Up's friend was in the right.

Dagda's irrational advocacy for his bot-aspirant roommate makes one wonder: Were they engaged in account sharing? Had they found a means by which they could double their AFK/hr ratio?

You Blew Up spoke reason to the former Hulk owner. If she succeeded in getting Dagda to embrace the Code, maybe that would have a positive effect on Dagda's roommate, as well.

Alas, it seems that the two roommates' bot-aspirancies mutually reinforced each another.

Dagda gave You Blew Up an "official notice" not to contact him again. Like Katt Trygon, Dagda Rha had no interest in speaking with someone who questioned his dangerous carebear lifestyle. You'd think the loss of multiple sets of Harvester drones would serve as ample warning. But some miners need to lose everything before they're willing to open themselves to the Code. Only then do they realize that their gankers--not their roommates--are their true friends.


  1. You know, after so long reading the explanations of carebears, I'm reluctantly forced to concede that they do, in fact, constantly lie.

    They lie over and over again, and their lies are the sort that 5-year-olds concoct; desperate, and fantastical.

    "It was my room-mate/girlfriend/baby/diabetes/..."

    But the light of the Code illumines the dark corners of their falsehood, so that the Truth stands out before, stark and bare.

  2. Replies
    1. Looks like a story for the Grandkids!

  3. Looks familiar. Is this Agent Snigie Audanie's alts?

  4. Replies
    1. aren't you james 315's alt whos an alt of the mittani whos an alt of ccp falcon whos my alt whos an alt of chribba?

    2. The grandchildren have a right to know! They want to hear the story!

    3. I'll be honest, I am goon funded and every single CODE agent is just me. I am the mittani. I rule you all. We left sovereignty space to focus more on highsec. This is all a secret I'd like you not to share.

  5. Whos grandchildren are always on these god damn boards!

  6. This is a story I will pass on to the children and grandchildren!!

  7. Friends are part of our life.Having a lot of good friends is a great thing.I am so lucky to having lot of good friends.I liked your post very much,Its look like a story.Thank you for sharing this post

  8. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. Poor Ming anon. His only reason for existing stopped posting on this blog. Now he is struggling to feel relevant and begging for his hero to return.

      There, there, miner. Get a permit. It will make you feel good again.

  9. Thank you for this post!

  10. Way more interesting than the mending services I had to wait for this morning.


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