Saturday, May 21, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #106

Guess what time it is?

You have guessed correctly.

We've seen the evidence that CODE. is the most relevant alliance in EVE. The counterargument? Goons must have sacrificed their own mining barges and freighters, to make us seem more relevant. It was a high-risk, high-reward strategy for them.

Either that, or the Goons are going to destroy us. Take your pick.

Meanwhile, in the Mining channel:

...The carebear "community" remains as toxic as ever.

What's this? Nitshe Razvedka, an Anti-Ganker and author of the "Fin Udan did nothing wrong" thread in the Market Discussions subforum, has a secret source inside CODE. Who's the spy, and how much intel was stolen as a result of this breach?

Actually, Agent Snigie Audanie was merely showing off the openness and transparency of our fair organization.

Nitshe was not amused. But our schedules remain secure.

Nobody does courier contracts quite like Agent Ryan Ahashion. He's so good that he doesn't even need a hauling ship!

This time, Ryan lost 49 million in collateral to confiscate about 600 million worth of illegal mining equipment. Remember, carebears: Your courier contracts may be inspected by our Agents at any time.

AJ Kon's contact notification was ominous--sort of like getting a term paper returned with "see me after class" written on it. However, in this instance there was no need to have a discussion. "Neutral Standing"? Everyone knows there's no room for neutrality when it comes to the Code.

Another of the internal contradictions of the anti-Code carebear: They bristle at the thought of displaying a mining permit, yet these same rebels will still plaster my name all over their bio.

Speaking of internal contradictions: "He's a nobody, but everyone in EVE needs to band together to fight him."

After the New Order began to change highsec, Galrak Malinkorn bemoaned the loss of civility and kindness and gentleness that highsec once had. Why couldn't people behave with honour and decency, like Galrak--

Oh, right. That Galrak Malinkorn. I guess I do remember him.

What happened to mining, you ask? The Code, my friend. It's a much better system. Give it a chance!


  1. These miners really need to calm down. Eve is just a game.

  2. Thank goodness for such transparency in our organisation rather than the instant banning of any sign of dissent in the AG channel. We are blessed to have James in all our lives. Praise his name!

    1. James is a story for the grandkids. For sure.

    2. Jamen to that Snigie. Jamen.

  3. Tears given over a game about spaceships blowing up spaceships is best tears.

    1. Tears? After your recent comments?

      Could you guys please try not to upset The Colonel today!?

      When you correct him in public he gets upset and won't post for a few days, and lord knows we need his Sheldon Cooperish grasp of sarcasm posted all over this site.


    2. There were comments on my last post? Never even noticed. Hell... I don't even recall what my last comment was? Why don't I recall you ask? Because I don't care. Getting emotional about an internet spaceship game is ... well, very silly. Not to say I will not find entertainment in your idiocy. That's why this page is here after all.

    3. Thats one salty colonel bitch

    4. Anon8:26 ???
      Really? You get "salty" out of my last comment? OK. Personally I'd say your comprehension of the English language (written) is a bit weak, but if it helps you sleep at night thinking that you have "won" a mighty blow then it's all good. It's not like your effective else where.

  4. What is best in life? To gank your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the carebears!

    1. Outstanding!

    2. Conan screenwriters screwed it.
      Genghis said

      “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

      "The pleasure and joy of man lies in treading down the rebel and conquering the enemy, in tearing him up by the root, in taking from him all that he has."

      "I am the Flail of James 315. If you had not committed great sins, James 315 would not have sent a punishment like me upon You."

      Or something to that effect

      Hail James Khan!
      Hail James Caan?
      Hail Big Ed Deline!

      Now I'm confused

    3. I'll try again.

      The greatest happiness is to scatter the carebears, to drive them before you, to see their mining barges to wrecks, to see those who abhor pvp shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom their ISK and assets.

    4. mining barges reduced* to wrecks

  5. Nitshe is a disturbed and disturbing individual. To some extent I can inhabit the world of the outraged carebear, whose need for the consolations brought by the Code is an entirely human one.

    But there is a coldness, a certain otherworldliness about Nitshe Razvedka which tends to repel and to revolt. Even the 'fragrant' BM is someone with whom one can engage, on a certain level.

    I rarely pass personal remarks of this nature, least of all in print; but I have to say that in or out of game, I'd give this chap a remarkably wide berth.

    1. How is that piece of shit not banned on the EVE forums? All he does is call people names and troll.

    2. Hes not in Code or a ganker so of course ISD's wont ban him

    3. Nitsee is a third-rate shitposting forum alt of someone so scared of CODE, so enraged by his own impunity that he cannot, physically cannot, help but shitpost in every EvEO thread that is related to CODE or gankers.

      He is powerless against the CODE.

    4. @Rob

      " but I have to say that in or out of game, I'd give this chap a remarkably wide berth. "

      You would not need to go out of your way to avoid this guy irl, just stomp your foot or glare at him and he will scurry away like the frightened little bitch he is.

    5. ...And I agree with all of you! It's just that there are some people I instinctively avoid; not out of fear, but out of distaste.

  6. The Code - Making Eve great again!

    1. Zopiclone - Making CODE leader and his puppets complete idiots!

    2. Zopiclone is a cool person. Soft spoken eloquence.

  7. Ha!
    Just more examples why the eradication of carebears from EvE is the only option.

    A 'final solution' of sorts.

    HTFU or GTFO carebears. Or not, you gonna die anyway.

    Death to all miners!
    Kill all carebear scum!
    The only good AG.....

  8. This is something for the grandchildren!!

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