Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Rocket to Destroy the Whole World, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Bing Bangboom was able to stop an illegal mining operations dead in its tracks simply by entering local. Rfotq NoName and his alts fled the Erenten asteroid belts and docked up without seeing so much as a Catalyst. Having retreated from the field of battle, NoName plotted his counterattack: An angry, profanity-laden rant in local.
Rfotq NoName > Came up with his garbage and to believe in her other make - as well as fuck off of here
Rfotq NoName > Yes, I wanted to shit on what you think
Rfotq NoName > Think at home
Bing Bangboom > Do you know any English except the curse words?
Admittedly, English wasn't NoName's first language. On the other hand, even the miners who speak English fluently sound pretty much the same as this guy.
Rfotq NoName > helps me Google translator))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Rfotq NoName > You personally pinned the label - pinned answer for something that is pinned - or fuck off
Rfotq NoName > and you yourself fuck off from this system
Bing Bangboom > you have nothing to say about whether I leave or stay.
Bing Bangboom > Quite unlike me telling you you cannot mine, as I can enforce what I say
From the very beginning, Agents of the New Order have been able to bring the Code into reality through their actions. It was true from the moment the first miner got bumped out of an ice field and was unable to mine. Our law is real.
Rfotq NoName > so you just fly - you say something and no more, they refer to some documents, you come up with - and I am forced to follow them? fuck you
Bing Bangboom > yes, you have to follow the Code while in a New Order system... like this one.
Rfotq NoName > ant something to say against me personally? so I'm all destinations rastavil where to go - fuck you
Bing Bangboom > No no... nothing against you personally. It applies to all highsec miners.
Rfotq NoName > Bing Bangboom Will teach the great and mighty
Since NoName was unwilling to read the Code in any language, Bing had no choice but to converse with the miner as best he could. With any luck, NoName would appreciate the gesture and open his heart to the Code.
Bing Bangboom > If they want to mine in highsec I do.
Rfotq NoName > Bing Bangboom I took a note on - you either specialists or doctors go when obostrenie
Rfotq NoName > Ahuet
Bing Bangboom > I'm a Code enforcement specialist.
Rfotq NoName > death will be unexpected for you personally
Bing Bangboom > in game, of course.
So far, the miner remained hostile. And for all you Anti-Gankers and rebels who say that our Agents "provoke" this kind of behavior with our ganks, remember: NoName hadn't even been ganked. He docked up when Bing entered the system.
Rfotq NoName > You dalbaeb - just like a monkey to press the button continue
Rfotq NoName > translate does not translate
Bing Bangboom > You mean you want me to die in game.. not RL. That's what I asked.
Rfotq NoName > I want the British Isles to destroy - prevents Europe - Europe crease is not a problem - another problem arises LOUSE - US are unable to destroy us, so we zhivimi you get today
Bing sincerely hoped that NoName wanted to keep it in-game. Earlier, NoName threatened to show up at Bing's house. Now all of Europe was at risk, and possibly America. I think.
Rfotq NoName > Mosk fuck not yourself - and the one who listens - well you fucking savetnik Goebbels
Rfotq NoName > just who are you to tell me where I should be?
Bing Bangboom > Who do I have to be?
Rfotq NoName > Fuck you
Rfotq NoName > Fuck you I can? can fact
Rfotq NoName > You know the jokes you can make
Somehow the Nazi propaganda minister got name-dropped. As the scope of NoName's rage widened from Bing's house to Europe and the western world, it was clear that something was desperately needed to salvage the situation and prevent catastrophe. A mining permit, perhaps.
Rfotq NoName > A bunch of shit together - and what?
Rfotq NoName > fucked convening to battle
Rfotq NoName > What I owed to the almost all of you in the locale? nothing - so fuck you - my rocket to destroy the whole world - have you thought about that?
NoName played his trump card, threatening to deploy his super-weapon and murder everyone on earth. Since his only complaint was being unable to mine without paying 10 million isk, you might call that overkill. However, NoName is far from the first miner to contemplate such extremes. For example, one carebear was so pained by the loss of his mining barge that he wished for World War III to end humanity.
Rfotq Simpson > What the fuck is going on here? There is no independent
Rfotq Simpson > What the fuck is going on here? There is no independent
Bing Bangboom > Miner, calm down
Rfotq Simpson > Bing Bangboom Want obedit - and from which country?
Rfotq Simpson > I'm sitting at the station - and from the collection of all - Oh mother Mata not to say
Bing Bangboom > You are sitting IN the station...
Rfotq NoName switched over to Rfotq Simpson. When miners get really flustered--or feel threatened--they start chatting with a different alt. It's an instinct, like when a fish puffs up or a cat arches its back to appear bigger.
Rfotq Simpson > Friend - you want to tell me what I owed to the almost?
Bing Bangboom > You owe 10 million ISK per pilot to James 315 . I am authorized to collect it.
Bing Bangboom > Good for a whole year and covers all of highsec.
Rfotq Simpson > Buddy - the Russian will be able to conquer? And you fucked up stoned perceiving
Rfotq Simpson > Russian - not Russian - the Finns - the Finns are not
NoName continued to send mixed signals about his national origin. This was relevant to a conversation about mining permits, of course, because Russians have nukes while Finland, presumably, does not. Miner logic. Don't waste too much effort trying to make sense of it--the miners certainly don't.
Bing Bangboom > you're a Finn?
Bing Bangboom > Your corp description is in Russian.
Rfotq Simpson > Had a friend - talked - a lot - once he ended
Rfotq Simpson > dead friend said - no need to fight, but if I wsimsuit - we must fight - pity shit is dead - you're fucked))) be Afraid of a rookie
Bing Bangboom > and your bio says Soviet made
Bing Bangboom > which I doubt but still, implies Russian
Rfotq Simpson > You are a fool or you repeat again? FUCK YOU
For a brief moment, NoName opened up to Bing and shared a heartwarming story about the ghost of his friend wearing a swimsuit. Maybe the two men could find common ground after all?
Rfotq Simpson > There is no answer to the offer of the day - to punch the fuck up each other
Rfotq Simpson > not stuffed - swing
Rfotq Simpson > do you not understand that?
Bing Bangboom > I understand you are very impolite
NoName's story took a swerve in an unfortunate direction, and he concluded that they would have no choice but to fight. It would be war.
Rfotq Simpson > Finno-Ugric do not teach - and I try to imagine - who are you?
Bing Bangboom > And I've told you who I am. I'm the local Agent of the New Order... and therefore, your boss.
Rfotq Simpson > You tell me what was said, and threatened - I'm like now and then say fuck you
Bing Bangboom > What I said was you have to have a mining permit.
Rfotq Simpson > I postrow bastard - you're no one to call you or fuck you.Or when you're not fought with the Russians in battle - never knew than to look out the window - we took Berlin
Despite having his mining fleet chased away by the mere sight of an Agent of the New Order, NoName was confident that he would ultimately prevail. He and his mining alts had defeated Hitler's armies and taken Berlin, had they not?
Rfotq Simpson > if you do not know or doubt it - read - look - the documents are there for reading
Rfotq Simpson > Fuck yeah!! I did not know that this solar system occupied.
Rfotq Simpson > I either make friends or not friends - I will beat everyone equally
Rfotq Simpson > thank gogle
NoName vowed to fight the Code until the bitter end. For now, though, his mining fleet would go into hibernation in a station while Agent Bing freely enforced the Code across highsec. The New Order will proceed with its mission as always, but all Agents are advised to watch the skies for any sign of NoName's rockets.


  1. A story for the kids, grandkids and pet llamas for sure!

    1. Pet Code dogs, grand grand children, grand grand grand children, monkeys, donkeys and miners too! It's a story for everyone! For sure!

  2. Wait....the Finns took Berlin?! No wonder I failed History 'O' Level.

    Brave of Bing to hang in there...

    1. A pity we don't have a Soundcloud of that. Mind you, it would be more torturous for the listener.

    2. Yet we have recordings of CHODE. slaves like Erotica 1 and his cronies torturing an individual in the 'Bonus Room'.

    3. @534
      You dont know what torture means huh? Maybe you should google it friend.

    4. this carebear is screaming bloody murder!!!

      (must be an antiganker thing)

    5. Yelling bloody murder to their kids and grandkids while telling them the story.
      For sure!

  3. Good gawd. That has to be the Finnish/Russian twin of BM. Same flawed logic and false sense of importance.

    This guy and BM would make a cute couple

    I bet their kids would be really walleyed, like able to see both side mirrors on the car, at the same time.

    Real winners.

    1. You are wrong. I happen to know Butthurt Miner, in real life. He is the class clown, always has been. Heck, he trolls us, and we are his coworkers. I will say this about the guy. He is a freaking genius when it comes to systems software and encryption. He holds a masters in computer science. He is much smarter than he lets on. He is playing you people here for his own amusement.

      - David

    2. @david/bm anon
      Pluheese! So this is your "friend" huh? Quite the fantasy youz got going there.

      No one believes you BM.

      Masters lawl. Master of splerg, doctorate in copy/pasta from wikipedia.


    3. "He holds a masters in computer science."


      Is that supposed to impress us?

  4. Ima gonna guess the vodka happy hour started early for comrade Rfotq.

    1. Russian Standard vodka is one of my favs. Tito's Handmade from Texas is great too.

  5. Wow anti gankers are failing hard

    1. For sure! Forgot to say something here. .
      . What was it now . . . . Oh yeah I remember. Its a story for the grandkids for sure!

    2. Failing hard while telling their kids and grandkids all about it! For sure!

    3. You guys need new material.

    4. AG whines about material on our site while the New Order keeps ganking.

      Get good.

    5. Looks like the AG at WoW is no better than in Eve. Thanks for the news Wolf, keep doing Gods work!!

      ~ Asia Leigh

    6. Maybe Wolf makes Wow a game worthy of it's player base again!

      -Galaxy Pig

    7. did i get this right.. Wolf is playing wow? this is to funny :D

    8. I haven't been playing much lately, but like most of the people who gets banned he is probably still playing the game harvesting your tears on an alt account still in good standing.

      Sorry to break the news to you, carebears

      ~ Asia Leigh

  6. BBB is a gentleman, a scholar, and an exemplary Agent. Many are the bot-aspirants laid low by his gentle hand.

  7. woah. what if this guy is Putin???

  8. This is a story for the children and grandchildren!!

  9. But where oh Where is Ming?

    1. 1209 BM
      You really should consider your current focus. Looks like Ming has you doing just what he wants. How could you be so thick friend?

      Do you carebrars really not see whats happening here?

    2. "He is a freaking genius when it comes to systems software and encryption"

      BM why did you post this? We all have seen your past comments about child rape and incest.

      No one believes you are educated friend. A greasy truck driving gypsie maybe, but not an educated person. Or even very bright.

      Hey maybe tell us about your BS in BS! But wait, you didnt want that dignity anyway huh?

    3. @1101
      Yes they are, fag

    4. Hey!! I'll take offence at that anon 1:22 am!!

      -Galaxy Pig

  10. This guy is definitely not finnish, but some russian who crearly want's to be finnish(who wouldn't). I can easily distinguish this by his russian words the google translator doesn't translate and from his "))))))" -comment", also another fact that 100% of finns speak english quite fluently.

    @Anonymous 12:57,
    Calm your tits. Since when has being racist towards human trash been a bad thing?

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