Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Forum Freakout, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Fin Udan was given a second chance by the ISD. They'd decided not to ban him after he filled the Market Discussions subforum with spam--and profane attacks against the ISD members themselves. After a brief interlude, Fin launched a new assault, deploying tactical F-bombs in another round of abuse against the ISD.

Fin was greatly annoyed that his spam threads about "cult leaders" in the Market Discussions subforum were locked. Despite having escaped a mandatory permaban, he felt the moderators were biased against him.

Although the forum contained a number of fellow anti-Code posters, Fin was bitterly disappointed when he saw that no one else would rally to his anti-ISD crusade. If he didn't get banned for his behavior, he would biomass anyway.

Elizabeth Norn and others attempted to reach out to Fin. Assuming Fin didn't get banned for launching a second wave of personal attacks against the ISD, they hoped that they could reintegrate Fin into the Market Discussions community. But it was too late. Fin was cutting all ties, and he was no longer afraid to tell people what he really thought of them.

Finally, ISD Decoy responded to the ISD Decoy call-out thread. But instead of banning Fin from the forums, he merely removed the text of the post. For some reason, he didn't lock the thread.

ISD Decoy had his work cut out for him. He locked multiple Fin threads for rule violations. Meanwhile, Fin was busy posting more replies in the ISD call-out thread, which still wasn't locked.

At this point, some readers might be getting the impression that the moderation of the official EVE forums has grown lax. Not so. Seen above is the post that earned Agent Ima Wreckyou a 14-day forum ban for "trolling". The post was deleted, but Eve-Search archived it. Ironically, Ima discovered she'd been banned from the forums when she prepared to post a reply in defense of the ISD member Fin was attacking.

As his siege of the subforum continued, Fin suddenly realized how strange it was that he was still allowed to post. He knew the moderators weren't sleeping, since they were locking his threads and deleting some of his spam posts. Yet they took no action against his account. In addition, Fin revealed that he hadn't received so much as a warning for his previous use of profanity against ISD members. This only made Fin even more disgusted with the ISD.

Fin alienated those who might otherwise have been inclined to support his cause. He didn't care. He remained entirely focused on his mission: Removing the "cuckoo thread" from Market Discussions.

"I see you! Cuckoo!" Somehow Fin managed to find a creepy way to express his belief that the New Order thread didn't belong.

Earlier, Fin had prepared himself for the worst. He fully expected to be banned at any moment, so he let loose with attacks against anyone who opposed him. Over time, he became more relaxed, if not much less belligerent. He was settling into his new role as the unbannable tyrant of Market Discussions.

Impossibly, the call-out thread remained open for business. As the thread grew, so did Fin's confidence. He checked his mail again. Still no warnings. Fin Udan felt unstoppable. How would Fin make use of this unprecedented situation? Would he behave more generously, making amends with his fellow posters? Or would he be driven mad by his newfound power?

To be continued...


  1. Well you know what they say -

    Code kills miners, antigankers kill minors.

  2. You know when you've been banned for months and carebears still scream when they see your name that you've really upset some people!

  3. A story for the grand kids.

  4. The sharp contrast James points up here in demonstrating the attitude of CCP in its dealings with New Order folks versus others is worth emphasising.

    I have never accepted the view of those who claim that CCP's relationship with its player base is in some way remarkable and worthy of applause.

    Situations such as those described, above, only confirm me in my view that there is something wholly at variance with good community relations going on here.

    What has always puzzled me is the company's reluctance to deal in a consistent manner with the punishment of players. It's as if they were merely toying with us; that we represent to them something of a game within a game.

    I've never understood why, if the New Order is such a problem for them, they don't find a way to finish us off instead of playing the part of capricious deities. I'm sure they could find a way.

    No, it must be that, for them we represent just the content which fuels their administrative fantasies of power and domination. Weird.

    You realise that, even without knowing Fin's ultimate fate, nothing is likely to change in community management and relations.

    And that, I suppose, is our choice; like it, or lump it.

  5. LOL, I got a warning for trolling in fun fin's 2 last threads before he biomassed...

    The double standard is real

    ~ Asia Leigh

  6. the ISD's may be opinionated cucks, but CCP remembers the original vision of EvE. if CCP allows the carebear clowns to fuk it up, then i guess they are just like the rest of the weak carebears.

    so CCP can either ignore the problems and keep along the path that turns EvE into an afk mining simulator, or find their balls and make EvE hard again.

    oh thats right, CCP is run by a vag now. welp EvE r died, who wants my stuffz?

  7. So where's Ripard Teg? He could start a thread about how Fin Fun was "harassed and tortured" by the CODE and the ISD's. The comments section would be filled with bleeding-hearts whining and crying over the torture of someone who could have, at will, removed himself from the situation, but chose to stay and act like a moron.
    The mob mentality of the caresheep posters will infect CCP and soon everyone involved will be banned for "reasons".

    What reasons? Who the hell knows, and at this point, who the hell cares.

    CCP has decided to act like a spoiled child that proclaims his ownership of the baseball allows him choose how the rules of the game apply to each player, regardless of how the game should be played.

    So CCP, why don't you go play WoW and leave EvE to people smart enough to play it properly. Don't forget to take that Social Justice Warrior Riptard Teg with you.

    "Be the Villain" my ass. False advertising, a blatant lie.

    Maybe CCP can pitch EvE in the future with:
    "Be the afk mining bot social justice warrior crybaby bleeding heart pansy that never has to learn or adapt or be responsible for your own decisions and if we dont like you we will ban you without an explanation so others will not know what we expect from then concerning our suler secret rulez"
    Truth in advertising, yea that will sell subs.


  8. This is something for the grandchildren!!

  9. Ganker tears are the best tears. When it comes down to it, no matter what actions code takes, no matter how many freighters code ganks, CCP will always cater to the carebears because it is the carebears who fund the game. When it comes down to it, when given the choice of appeasing the gankers or coddling the carebears, CCP will choose coddling over appeasement. In the long run, regardless of what James 315 says or does, code has lost to the carebears. I suspect that within the next 5 years, ganking in highsec will no longer be allowed which will push code to lowsec and nullsec to continue their pursuit of role-playing.

    1. The term 'tears', as used here, is designed to trivialise the arguments either side of an important debate about non-consensual PvP.

      James is able both to mock the arguments of the carebears, with humour, and to put forward serious and well-formed opinions. Of course, he often does both at the same time.

      The anti-gankers are reduced to labelling as 'tears' any opinion or suggestion emanating from the ganking crowd, without the slightest attempt on their part to take a debate seriously enough for their own opinions to register.

      Is there evidence that the game is funded by carebears? I'd have thought that unless ships are being blown up, no one is buying at market. The aim of most bot-aspirant carebears seems to be to PLEX their accounts, from which activity CCP derives no financial benefit.

      If you're right in your prediction, then I'd be interested to know what you think is preventing CCP from outlawing non-consensual PvP in Highsec right now. Why wait 5 years?

    2. "Salty", "tears", "sperg" are terms used to not only trivialize the argument, but also the another person. Same goes for those "CODE. is failing" comments :D

      ~ Asia Leigh

    3. @Rob: Actually, CCP gets more money from PLEX than a sub. Plex is $20 while a monthly sub is $15, and the PLEX has to come from somewhere as CCP does not seed those in game.

      As to why 5 years is probably because CCP has been getting some internal push back from people like CCP Fozzie from making the change now. But, in the end, it is just a paycheck. I remember someone at CCP saying that they would rather watch EvE die a slow and horrible death than for it to become like a WoW theme park. Nice little statement, but when it comes down to convictions, will that individual choose their convictions or a paycheck? Regardless, they are all employees of CCP and only work there. If they don't follow orders from on high, then they will be working somewhere else. Ultimately, it is up to CCP management about what direction the game will take.

      Ultimately, what it comes down to is that code is a victim of its own success. By ganking 100+ freighters a week, a part of the community has been very vocal about CCP to do something about it. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not, but I do see the handwriting on the wall as I see highsec eventually becoming the WoW theme park that the gankers don't want.

    4. Thanks, Anon, for the correction; I'm by no means an expert on PLEX matters.

      I'm sure CCP would like to showcase both styles of play (except that mining doesn't make good footage, of course) and to keep them in the game, in balance.

      If PvP in Highsec is going to be eliminated, I hope I'm around to make it a glorious, fire-fuelled finale!

    5. You're welcome. I'm not an expert either, but I have bought plex and sold them for ISK. There are other things in the game besides PvP and mining. Granted, the game is centered on PvP, but there are other things that one can do that they can showcase. Exploration is one, planetary management is another. Then we have incursions, building things, missions, and mining. For the PvP, there are the big fleet battles in nullsec, small gang warfare, roams, wardecs, mercenary work, spying and subterfuge (my favorite), faction warfare, and ganking. We have highsec, lowsec, nullsec, and wormhole space. This game has a very broad spectrum of activities that CCP can showcase. It's not limited to just one.


  10. But where oh where is Ming?


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