Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Extraordinary Compliance Program, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... In a few isolated incidents, Code violators managed to bring the wrath of a wardec upon their own corporation or alliance. But because the corp leaders were informed of the reason they had been targeted, violence was unnecessary. The offenders were simply removed from their corps, and peace was restored.

Sultina Uitoh's dismissive EVEmail to an Agent of the New Order had consequences she never imagined. By her own admission, Sultina had contributed billions of isk to Bartertowne Corporation in order to rapidly rise through its ranks. Now Sultina's CEO was negotiating her removal from the corp.

Sultina was expelled. As her CEO explained, there was a delay due to the 24 hour timer for removing member roles.

There are good reasons why wardecs aren't frequently used to target individual members in this way. It's a cumbersome and expensive process. The wardec interface is clunky, the timer for role removal gets in the way, and it's even a chore to end the war after demands are met. On top of that, it costs between 50 million and 500 million isk, depending on the size of the entity being wardecced.

Time to streamline the process.

The next time someone needed to be punished with a wardec, war was not declared. Instead, an EVEmail was sent warning of a future war. In the first half of the EVEmail, the target corp/alliance was given the facts about CODE. Rebels and skeptics will tell you that CODE. is irrelevant and powerless, and that it's full of people who can't PvP, and that it can safely be ignored. Easy for them to say from the comfort of their anonymous commenter accounts. But if you're a CEO who's trying to grow a corp from nothing, staring down the barrel of a war with CODE. doesn't sound like fun.

In the second half of the EVEmail, a solution is offered. The proposed solution doesn't require violent conflict. Incidentally, it doesn't require the use of the wardec interface or the payment of wardec fees, either. But would someone really allow the Code to dictate the membership of their own corp, just because an EVEmail was sent? Would the word of the Saviour of Highsec be enough?

Romonov Okaski's unnamed offenses resulted in the sending of an EVEmail to his CEO, his alliance leader, and their diplomats. One of the diplomats requested further information.

Helpfully, the miner's violations of the Code were on file. The New Order keeps extensive records.

Romonov's corp's diplomat was confident that an agreement could be reached.

The lizard king fell from his throne.

That same day, a fellow by the name of Morpheus Atari found himself at the center of a controversy. His CEO and corp diplomats were told that they faced a war with the mighty CODE. alliance. Much to Morpheus' consternation, he was told that it was all his fault. He protested his innocence.

A carebear is never as innocent as he says. It was nearly two months ago, but Morpheus had indeed expressed anti-CODE. sentiments.

The matter was forwarded to Morpheus' corp's diplomat, Aarrgggh (not to be confused with our own illustrious Agent Aaaarrgg). Under the circumstances, the diplomat felt a less severe approach might be the better option.

No, the Code demands total compliance and nothing less. In at least some cases, a simple EVEmail could accomplish more, and leave a more lasting impression, than a gank or series of ganks. And so the Extraordinary Compliance Program (ECP) was born. Unbound by the limitations of the wardec mechanic, it evolved and quietly extended its reach.

But how would the EVE community react once the ECP's existence was discovered?

To be continued...


  1. and that Ladies and Gentlemen is how a law gets made.....

    Awesome stuff, positive content creation at it's finest.

    The Code always wins, always!

  2. A bold new initiative in the push for a peaceful and compliant Highsec!

    I read the comments on the Reddit thread and was surprised how poorly understood is our beloved CODE. Alliance.

    I think this kind of reaching-out will help enormously in spreading the Good Word of the Code and encouraging conformity with its modest provisions.


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    2. That's an interesting wall of text that nobody read. You should post it on the hisec militia blog along with all of the other articles that no one ever reads.

  3. More threats and extortion from CODE. Nothing new here folks, move along.

    1. I can't believe the police threaten, extort fines from me, and/or arrest me when/if I break an established law /s

  4. James 315 is making eve great again!

    1. Love your forum posts loyalanon. So much time now to post here daily now that you are banned from eve. Go hard on these forums bro. Its all you have left. BRrrrOooooooo.

    2. Did my catalysts touch you somewhere months ago that you are still salty?

      Stay mad nub XD XD

    3. HAHA. Forum warrior. FIERCE posting nerd. Keep it up. I love it when you respond. It means you have nothing left to do but click refresh on your browser. hahehohahahohehehehoho
      Nerd. Proves it every time.

    4. Ok ganker. Not a good forum responder or communicator in general. Funny that someone is shitposting on the Shitters forums.

    5. Keep staying irrelevant wolf XD

  5. This is why i haven't been to hisec in years, it's full of miner thugs.
    Thank goodness CODE and independant Agents are cleaning things up, hisec needs some moderation. Those carebears are rabid!

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  6. But where oh where is Ming?


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