Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Wise Man in Local, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Aaaarrgg brought the Bahromab system to life by destroying one of its unnecessary Retrievers. An intense discussion followed--led, naturally, by Aaaarrgg; our Agents are all natural leaders. A controversy developed when Alastra Starlaa accused Aaaarrgg of trying to scramble her ship.
Alastra Starlaa > and of course you are denying it because it was against code
Aaaarrgg > and shooting you is definately in the Code :)
Alastra Starlaa > no i'm not a bot or an afk miner
Aaaarrgg > but you are dismissing the Code a serious offence
Aaaarrgg > http://puu.sh/pepOK/956cfb4cb5.png
Aaaarrgg > and you can see i never scrammed you
In one fell swoop, Aaaarrgg corrected Alastra's misunderstandings about both the Code and what had happened.
Alastra Starlaa > there where two of you could have been your alt
Aaaarrgg > Kill: Sir Darkan (Retriever) only 1 shot
Alastra Starlaa > yeah but you had a second ship
Alastra Starlaa > where do i find my log?
Aaaarrgg > neocom menu top left
Aaaarrgg > accesories
Aaaarrgg > log and messages
The miner clung to the possibility that our Agent was a liar and that she hadn't made a mistake. But even she knew that Aaaarrgg was her best source of information about the game. Our Agent took time from his busy schedule to help the miner learn.
Alastra Starlaa > ty
Alastra Starlaa > ah my apologies, for some reason your warp scramble attempt on sir darkan flashed up on my screen so i thought it was an attempt on me
Alastra Starlaa > i didn't realise scramble attempts on other people would appear on my screen
Aaaarrgg > yeah it shows up for everyone , many a ship has panicked when they see that and shot "back" :)
The miner finally admitted her mistake, apologizing instead of ranting about Hitler. Maybe she really was new to mining after all.
Alastra Starlaa > well i'm sorry i accused you of doing something you didnt aaarrg
Aaaarrgg > np we learn something every day :)
Aaaarrgg > im always learning new things even after 9 years
Sparkle Sauce > psshh dont apologies to him, its not like he's adding valuable content to the game or of any worth
The heartwarming scene was interrupted by the grumblings of a local rebel.
Aaaarrgg > well "content" read local
Sparkle Sauce > i dont care if bots mine the ore or people mine the ore so long as the pvp engine keeps turning i'm happy
Aaaarrgg > if i wasnt here what would local look like
Sparkle Sauce > look much the same as it does right now m8
Aaaarrgg > usually dead
Sparkle Sauce > your not in low sec, your not putting a ship out there to be shot, you arent adding content
The representative of the anti-Code viewpoint expressed his approval of botting--a distressingly common sentiment these days.
Aaaarrgg > of course im not in low sec. this is Highsec, the Sovereign space of James315 :)
Aaaarrgg > and lots of folk shoot my ships
Sparkle Sauce > pshh
Sparkle Sauce > james doesnt log on or contribute to the game he can fuck off too
Aaaarrgg > "Without exaggeration, the Code has brought more content into EVE in the last few years than all of the CCP devs combined." James315
Sparkle Sauce > yeah so he says about himself
Sparkle Sauce > when someoene other than him says that it might mean something
Aaaarrgg > i think he has made more content than anyone else
The CODE always wins--always--even when rebels try to set the victory conditions. Sparkle challenged Aaaarrgg to find someone who agreed with me that the Code has generated more content than CCP for the past few years. Aaaarrgg easily found one: himself.
Sparkle Sauce > band of brothers generated thousands of times more content than him
Sparkle Sauce > you are just the same old suicide gankers that have always hid in high sec shooting stationary targets because you refuse to risk failing at something
Aaaarrgg > what like sitting on a gate in low sec and popping everything that comes through :)
Aaaarrgg > sounds boring and risk free
Apparently unaware that Band of Brothers hasn't existed for the past several years, Sparkle suggested that the discredited alliance of cheaters generated more content. Aaaarrgg smiled and easily disposed of Sparkle's nonsense about elite lowsec PvP.
Ferdiad Silver > i dont feel any kind of way about code, i mine in a skiff when i am going to mine
Aaaarrgg > Code. wins \o/ again
Ferdiad Silver > dont get me wrong i dont have any desire to be code compliant either
Ferdiad Silver > i've just been around long enough to know suicide gankers gonna gank so you mine in a skiff
Ferdiad Silver > infact code make spotting the gankers easier because you can just set the whole alliance to negative standing at once
Aaaarrgg > and if you set us red and dock when we appear you are clearly not afk \o/
Meanwhile, Aaaarrgg encouraged a miner by showing him how much he'd already been reshaped by the power of the Code. Our influence is so pervasive than often miners aren't even aware of how much we've caused them to change (that is, improve) their lifestyle.
Ferdiad Silver > how do you guys keep affording the ships you lose though
Sparkle Sauce > the alliance pays for them
Sparkle Sauce > they dont work for anything
Aaaarrgg > if you are poor James replaces them
Aaaarrgg > but loot drops pays for my ships
Sparkle Sauce > loot drops from miners there is no way that keeps you in ships
When miners start talking to an Agent of the New Order--really talking, not just ranting--it's hard for them to stop. They're shy about admitting it, but they're all possessed of an insatiable curiosity about the New Order. We're highsec's celebrities, after all.
Sparkle Sauce > i dont imagine you pop many t2 mining barges or mining barges with t2 rigs
Aaaarrgg > true , ive only killed 460 exhumers with Aaaarrgg :(
Aaaarrgg > https://zkillboard.com/character/819004125/kills/
Sparkle Sauce > can you doctor those zkillboards because that doesnt look real
The elite lowsec PvP'er unintentionally admitted the New Order's supremacy. He was so impressed by Aaaarrgg's killboard stats that he couldn't believe they were real.
Aaaarrgg > https://zkillboard.com/kill/54380374/ the last one
Sparkle Sauce > why would anyone fit a ship like that, its just silly
Aaaarrgg > i gave up trying to understand carebears and their fits years ago, often i try to help with their fits
Aaaarrgg > but they rarely listen
Ferdiad Silver > i have to agree with you there
When an Agent of the New Order speaks, people listen. If they listen long enough, they can't help but be persuaded.
Igua naught > haha why are we still talking about code, i thought that was last year
Aaaarrgg > Code or the Code was actually started 4 years ago and still going strong
Igua naught > well ciao i'm off to amar, enjoy getting sucked in by the suicide gankers, rember they crave attention, feed the space trolls at your own risk
Sparkle Sauce > dude i'm bored and i'll do what i like, fuck off
The Code inspires harmony, even among people who make their start in EVE from very different places. By contrast, anti-Code players tend to clash with each other, no matter how much they have in common.
Ferdiad Silver > this ones a real charmer
Ferdiad Silver > ok aargh i have another real question if you dont mind
Aaaarrgg > sure
Ferdiad Silver > dont you worry about the effect your ganking these ships has on new players that dont really understand, they just know that someone "bad" is in system blowing up other peoples ships and so stay in station and eventually stop subscribing, or maybe even
Ferdiad Silver > never get beyond their trial accounts?
Aaaarrgg settled comfortably into his seat at the top of the mountain and answered questions from the masses.
Aaaarrgg > most folk i kill are many years old
Ferdiad Silver > we all know it happens and yes there is the argument that this is eve, not for the faint at heart, but if we dont recruit aswell as retain players the game will die
Aaaarrgg > if you cant handle a ship loss you will quit sooner or later
Aaaarrgg > telling folk to stay docked rather than try to stay alive
Aaaarrgg > which is the fun part if you ask me
Ferdiad Silver > yeah
Ferdiad Silver > i agree there
As much as a miner may detest the Code, there's no denying its wisdom.
Ferdiad Silver > but i think code could if unchecked cause harm to the game
Ferdiad Silver > there needs to be a balance
Ferdiad Silver > and code needs to police itself
Aaaarrgg > well according to AG we have no affect on the game :)
Ferdiad Silver > sorry who is ag?
Aaaarrgg > Anti Ganking , and lol i will quote you there :)
Ferdiad Silver > i have never heard of them and i've been playing a while
If MinerBumping posts were accompanied by sound effects, some kind of *womp womp* would play here.
Aaaarrgg > join anti-ganking chat channel then lol
Ferdiad Silver > thats obsurd you cant stop ganking
Ferdiad Silver > its over and done in a flash, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it, thats why the pvp players look down on you guys
Aaaarrgg > so killing people isnt PVP
Aaaarrgg > would you rather i got 500 friends and went to null and blobbed something
Aaaarrgg > i dont see any difference from ganking and a null blob or camping a gate in low
Ferdiad Silver > i think thats a philosphical question
The last bastion of carebearism is the belief that killing a ship in 0.4 is elite PvP but doing the same thing in 0.5 is harassment. It's the belief that a miner or mission runner can't shoot back, but someone who jumps into a gatecamp gets a fair fight. Once the mind has been freed from the shackles of that mindset, all further philosophical resistance to the Code ceases.
Alastra Starlaa > oh good he's gone
Sparkle Sauce > probably not far but dont let him scare you from playing newbro, him attacking you will be way more exciting for you than it is for him
Alastra Starlaa > :( ok
Alastra Starlaa > but i cant afford to lose loads of ships its tough to make money early on
Ferdiad Silver > its alright the corp will look after you
Agent Aaaarrgg left the Bahromab system better than he'd found it. It continued to show some signs of life, the main evidence being further discussion about who else but Aaaarrgg. It's a familiar pattern. In highsec, there is no life or content but that which the Code provides.


  1. What a bunch of nonsense. Content has been provided on this forum section over a single comment Zopiclone made. Your CODE baddies lost their minds in part 1.

    1. continued:

      Place the drained pork knuckles, cooked vegetables, and about 2 cups of the cooking liquid into the pan.
      Bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven. During the last 10 minutes, sprinkle with beer in which a good amount of salt has been dissolved. Dust lightly with cumin to increase flavor. Serve with potato or white bread dumplings, or sauerkraut salad. In Bavaria, the cooking liquid and juices are strained, and served as an accompanying sauce.

    2. You are a national treasure Anon 6:19

    3. Anon 618 and 621, try harder. True Agents of the New Order don't talk like BM/Davey alts. The fake tears just show your desperation for attention and relevancy. You should write an article about it on the HSM blog that no one reads.

    4. Haha nitetime video talking about relevancy.

    5. 615 through 621 all sound like the same whiney miner.
      Thanks for the tears, carebear.

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  3. Zopiclone belongs to the class of medications called sedative-hypnotics. It is used for the short-term and symptomatic relief of sleep disturbances. Zopiclone can help with difficulty falling asleep, frequent wake-ups during the night, or early morning awakenings. Zopiclone should usually not be taken for more than 7 to 10 consecutive days. It should be used only by people for whom disturbed sleep results in problems functioning during the day.

  4. Made up story. 3/10. Reads scripted on so many levels. Weak sauce, expected better. The quotations gave it away. Same person talking to themselves.

  5. If loyalanon is still playing as Loyal anon. It begs the question as to why? Didn't he already win eve or did he have to come back to redeem himself after his personal failure to Zopiclone?

  6. https://zkillboard.com/character/93273234/ Maybe since it looks like he still tried ganking after ban? Better lie low like erotica did and come back later. Just my humble opinion.

    1. I bet he is still pissed that he lost all that training time and all those skill points when he got banned. What a hard fall from being #1 to now being a zero.

    2. @535
      What would you know about being #1?
      Other than that loyal was higest ranked, and he ganked your kind to get there.
      That makes him better than you, and his killboard will prolly always be better than yours. And he dont even gank anymore.

      There is so much ag fail in these comments.

    3. #1 but 15% snugly. He will never be 100% dangerous. Oh wait he's banned. 0% dangerous 100% snugly forum warrior. Winning 1 shitpost at a time.

  7. Calm down CODE. #REKT

  8. why do people get so worked up? why the swearing? what happened to friendly banter? this is a game after all and i´m not a code fanboy. but the game provides the mechanics so live (or die) with it.

    btw mechanics:

    Hull and chop the strawberries and put into a bowl and add the sugar and pomegranate juice and leave to macerate while you whip the cream.
    Whip the cream in a large bowl until thick but still soft. Roughly crumble in 4 of the meringues nests - you will need chunks for texture as well as a little fine dust.
    Take out about half a cupful of the chopped strawberries, and fold the meringue cream and rest of the fruit mixture together.
    Arrange on 4 serving plates or glasses or in a mound, and top each with some of the remaining macerated strawberries.

    Enjoy your "Eton Mess" ;)

  9. Love coming here and just reading the tears XD XD

    stay mad nubs

  10. 100% correct loyalanon. A LOT of CODE tears on these forums. Part 1 and Part 2. So like loyalanon said, "stay mad code nubs"

    1. For the record. This is just a misunderstanding. The code nubs that were complaining must have been from the New Order Logistics. Not Conference Elite. Just to clarify this little faux pas. Beatings will be handed out, people will be purged.

    2. Pretty sad when AG has to make up tears on forums to maintain relevance because no one reads their failblog.

    3. Oh shit. Nitetime is on putting out fires today
      so diligent addressing each possible post best he can. Keep up the good work of denying everything.

  11. Congratulations Aaaarrgg! You are a credit to the Order. You are a champion of debate as well as elite PvP.

    1. Master bater.

    2. Anon 1204, Nice one! Very edgy! I bet your friends at the LAN party all got a kick out of that one!

    3. Yes nitetime. Friendships are very important to a healthy lifestyle. Work on your health friend.

  12. More fake tears from desperate AG who are struggling to maintain relevancy. If only someone could be bothered to read their blog that no one reads.

  13. Desperate nitetime trying to keep order on his precious forum. Grasping at all straws to keep control.

  14. glory be to james 315 and the new order of highsec.

    so what has ag been doing lately, besides epic fail every second of every minute of every our of every day continuously nonstop for the past four years?

    so butthurt miner, where did you go? we havent seen you here for days now. or did you give up your so called trolling because i ratted you out?

    1. You didnt rat out shit BM/Davey. We still dont know who you or BM are.
      what can you do to prove who you are?
      And before you accuse me of being an anom, i am not the one making unsubstantiated claims.

    2. actually, i did. my word is good enough. the same can be said for you. and you are an anon because that is what all your posts say.

      glory be to james 315 and the new order of highsec.

  15. Loyal is still playing 630, and there is nothing you crybears can do about it, nothing but tear up.

  16. I actually applaud Zopiclone for his actions. He was pissed at CODE. and did something about it instead of bitching about it. Massive amounts of created content.

    And I say this as a full supporter and part-time Knight of the New Order.

    1. At least he didn't fail like AG does daily.

    2. All hail Zopiclone!

    3. All hail zopifag! King of the hisec shiltlers!
      How long until he AN HERO's himself and his kids? Find out next week on another exciting episode of 'All My Hisec Fagbears'!

  17. So much shitposting by pro code Anons to defend their Jesus. So salty on a weekday.

    1. anon 1135

      ganker wannabe, calm down!

  18. Why is he still playing? Retirement bingo not enough? He has beef with Zopiclone and needs to get his ISK or his pride back? Which one is it shitposter anon 545? Code fucked up. It lost on so many levels. But it's ok deny everything. Code is pro about denial.

  19. Someone lost their sanity I think. Too many hours in front of the computer/television perhaps? Get some fresh air, it'll help! The tears might help you in your mental recovery process as well. Please let us know how you really feel. This is a safe place Anons. Really glad I could take the time out of my busy day and check in.

  20. Anon 11:53, you got serious issues, seek immediate counselling please.
    btw, what´s "an hero" ? you use "an if a vowel follows, otherwise it´s just "a".

    take note of Amanda´s comment, that´s class, that´s style. Kudos to that.

  21. I'm with Amanda, I gotta hand it to anyone who pulls off a 40 bil heist. You lose a couple points for trying to fluff it up into 50 bil and tell a bunch of lies about why you did it, but still, nice bro. ;)

    -Galaxy Pig


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