Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kills of the Week

Let me ask you something. Would you like to see a highsec that rewards creativity and content, discourages bot-aspirancy, and is wholesome for our children--yet intellectually engaging for adults? The Code can get us there. It can. Let's look at some of the steps toward paradise we took during the week of June 12th @ 00:00 EVEtime through June 18th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

We've heard it over and over from the rebels and skeptics: "CODE. only shoots ships that can't shoot back." Tom Bechtolsheim, being a carebear, has probably said or thought it himself. They couldn't be more wrong. Agent Cassandra Dickinson destroyed Tom's heavily armed battleship...

...using nothing but a Skiff. Even mining ships can be deadly. Battleship versus exhumer? The CODE always wins. Always. (Cassandra did the same thing to a 500 million isk Legion.)

Ever Sheppard was autopiloting a fail-fit cruiser through highsec when she was stopped for a routine inspection by Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri. Salah used antimatter to carefully inspect the ship and remove its contents.

For some reason, the Blackbird contained 79 blueprint copies. As you can tell, zKillboard grossly undervalued the cargo, and was unable to provide an estimate for the 30 faction cruiser BPCs. Salah did some checking and found them to be worth around 2.5 billion isk in total. Then Ever Sheppard returned to her keyboard and invited Salah to a private convo. But that's a story for another day.

Orcas are sometimes used for hauling, but they also continue to pose a threat to highsec's asteroid belts and ice anomalies. MiniLuv and the New Order teamed up once again to take them down.

Drewish Riddick, a member of one of the worst corporations in the game, lost an Orca worth 3 billion isk when his anti-tanked monstrosity was discovered next door to Halaima. Agents Schizz Popinov, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Althanear, Bob Painter, Fabulous Andy, tenshot Kanjus, Ricki Lake Show, James Poddington, The O'Reilly Factor, Jason Kusion, Lawrence Lawton, Dea Tacita Larunda, Jake Kusion, Knackered Old Goat, Joel Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Logical Fallacy, Turkey Baster, Jayden Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Justin Kusion, Code Assistant, Git Guud Nurd, Prixm Wind, Seedy Mustachio, Bakerman, Hayley, Raging Bones, and Liberal Ideology swarmed the fiend.

As BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip's report confirms, the whole operation was a complete success.

Conspiracy theorists have long sought evidence to prove a direct link between CODE. and Goonswarm Federation. Actually, the Code appeals to players from all different alliances and coalitions. The week before Goons burned Orcas, players from SniggWaffe and Pandemic Legion participated in an event they called "Code 4 Good". Moogool's 2.2 billion isk marauder was just one of the bling boats roasted by their Thrasher fleets. Agents Ithica Ramlix, Raven Seer, The Aggressor, Reza Najafi, obestinaye, Freebird VII, Vlad Vladimir Vladinovsky, Your Saviorr, Xeno Szenn, Velia Yaken, eXile KZ1, Defialed, Tyrion Hekki, Calrik Aakiwa, Gohin Mangeiri, Morpion aka DarkFlyy, creone, and Sheppey Omaristos allowed the Vargur to soak up damage from NPCs, then gave him a gentle push into oblivion.

Ostog Rocks discovered a clever way to lose his 2.1 billion isk Raven Navy Issue while running missions. His provocative actions attracted the attention of Agents Breakfast, Thomas Vanek, Broken Flames, Saronsen Illat, Cody Pollard, cookie cluster, Timoxa Zero, V-ktor Dolus, Reyni Allas-Rui, and C-ta Vilosa, who came together from a wide variety of different alliances and combined firepower from different types of ships. Agent V-ktor Dolus reported the event the united them:
"Among other things, the carebear slowboated his faction battleship between empty cans (pre-looted by our friend), looking for the items required for the mission. Unsurprisingly, he failed to respond to communication requests and had no Mining Permit in his bio."
Definitely a bot. A bot-aspirant at best.

scully Severasse wasn't fooling anyone with her rookie ship. She was an autopiloter, and that meant she had to be taught a lesson. scully received a surprise visit from Agent ST0NER SMURF, who knows a thing or two about popping autopiloters and their pods.

You know it's a bad week for carebears when a 4.2 billion isk pod wasn't the most expensive one. scully had 4.8 billion isk worth of implants. It's almost as if this pod was some kind of elaborate (and expensive) practical joke: A Harvest set? A Michi's Excavation Augmentor? Get outta here with that. C'mon.


  1. Another week full of CODE. victories!

    Even though: "Dracvlad wrote:
    CODE is definately going downhill fast..."


    Praise James!

  2. amazing that Lawrence even makes it to join ganks. reading his mail you´d think he would never make it out living so far up James´s backside ;P

    1. Anon 9:22, I totally agree. It is difficult sometimes following in the Savior's footsteps (I believe that is what you meant by "James' Backside").

      Often times we have to wade through so many tear mails that it is hard to do the great work of James 315 ﷺ‎.

      While I've got you on the line, can I interest you in a New Order Mining Permit™?

    2. freighters need a "mining permit" too?? as with seemingly all your beliefs you´re wrong. fail-logic, just shove that "permit" where Lawrence lives. if you can find room of course as James´s backside (read: arse) seems to be the storage for tear mails and who knows what else (catalysts, sad arguments, perma banned gankers) too.

    3. Anon 4:24AM: You should look for some of my posts back a couple of years where I was detailing the properties of the ass of James...eerr...Hitler 315. So, members of the CODEdot Order of Nazism, rejoice in the glowing anus of your false prophet, James 315.

      The fuel for his glowing ass are the corpses of the characters that his agents defeat. They feed them to him to keep his ass fueled. Here's a post where a NO member admitted to it.

      However, if they don't feed him corpses, then his ass turns into a black hole and starts sucking everything around into it. You know those permabanned gankers that we don't hear from any more? They are currently residing in his ass in a state of permanent stink.

    4. BM has quite a fascination with butts, as do you, anonbear.

      Where did Agent Lawrence touch you? Does it still hurt?

    5. @Nitetime

      It makes sense BM is always talking crap

    6. Butthurt Miner, whose shitposts resemble Bowel Movements, has already admitted to being a trollolol. That means he doesn't speak sincerely and can be disregarded.

    7. And yet you still respond, Lawrence. It seems that everyone here knows that I am a troll, except for you. At least my shit posting makes the blog smell better.


  3. Inb4 antigankers/carebears complain about CODE making eve great again

  4. Code always wi... Whoops. You forgot to add these fail mails.. Or... with that first guy.

    Your welcome.

    1. Players participating in PVP and playing the game as it was made to be played is the Code Winning. So whether we win in the PVP match or lose, we win.
      Hence, The Code always wins! Always!

      P.S., how is that blog coming along? Says something for your audience that you have to come to our blog to whine in the comments and post killmails that aren't even yours. Kind of hard for you to get into some real PVP like those guys when all you can do is shoot at ships that are going to die anyways to CONCORD or Facpo.

    2. So now I understand how logic fails... Just like those Skiffs. Thanks for explaining.

      No whining here, just alittle fact checking... And this site needs like a full staff to do it justice.

      Insert standard bot copy and paste comeback comments below.

    3. i agree Kip, that´s why i have to go afk (in-game browser related) whilst mining, "permit" free of course, to balance this propaganda site via comments.

    4. "Kip".. your standard bot replied (see above). Unfortunately it is making claims to a few violations of the Code but has decided to post anonymous out of fear of retribution.

      Perhaps you should write about this on your fail blog that no one reads.

    5. How were those Skiffs "failing" again, please, Kip?

      Is it not your definition of PVP to take fights with the odds stacked against you, sometimes losing, often winning them?

      Do you not agree that the Skiff was fighting against superior fire power all the time? Did you know the Barghest fight also involved a Navy Raven shooting the Skiff as well?
      And the Legion was supported by a (failing) Armageddon, too.

      Now tell me that is not "punching above one's weight class"...

      Geez, bears. Next time they will say that PVP is only when you solo an Avatar in a rookie ship.

    6. I'm not saying they did not win some... I don't deal in absolutes, unlike others. But the "always".... Is factually not true. Maybe call it "code... Sometimes". :)

      Please show me on the KM about those other ships you mentioned.

      The other KM has a Vindi and a proteus... So yet another fact check needed.

      I'm not saying baiting a big ship is bad. Which I assume happened. (Was not there And no concord kills... Maybe war dec). Just sometimes the prey is too big. Hence the losses.

    7. An interesting wall of text that I didn't read. Just like your blog.

    8. Ohhhh. Pushed into a corner with facts and then does not read a few lines... That I even spaced out nicely for those that might have reading issues... Found one! But I can't help them all... Carry on.

    9. Calm down, please.

      The KMs of Skiff losses were unrelated to the fights mentioned in the blog. As stated above: Sometimes Cassandra lost against superior odds, and more often Cassandra won even though the cards were stacked against her.
      Elite PVP, right? Fighting against all odds, and coming out victorious most of the time?

  5. In B4 The CODE lies more. :)
    CODE are flat out assholes who play EVE only for the easy tears and their posting is made in a similar manner: to annoy people.

    1. CODE can be a bit of liars/shitters.

    2. Miner, please try to calm down.

  6. It's been an excellent week for highsec, friends. You can tell by all the gnashing of teeth above and below this comment. Gank on!

    The Lawton of Highsec

  7. But where oh where is Ming?


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