Friday, February 10, 2017

A Tale of Two Orcas

The rebel carebear says, "You New Order people are hypocrites. You shouldn't even have the skills to board an Orca."

But we answer, "Miner, calm down. We will use every tool at our disposal to put a stop to your wicked ways."

Agent Aaaarrgg helped himself to a fail-fit Retriever, which was stored inside a fail-fit Orca.

I'm sure our Agent will think of much better uses for a ship like this. After removing the Orca's modules, he'll probably have it fumigated and give it a thorough scrubbing.

Miners, lock your Orcas. Agent Aaaarrgg is on the prowl.

Elsewhere, a fierce battle raged between Orca pilot Jonis Darkblade and a pair of Agents, Jimmy Kordin and Semtex Attor. The CODE always wins. Always.

Jonis asked "Where was Anti-Ganking?" after he asked, "Where am I?"

It's amazing how quickly one can ascend EVE's learning cliff--if one has help from the right people.

Jonis did the right thing and bought a New Order permit. How did it make him feel?

Trust me, there's no better way to get over the loss of a ship.


  1. Lol, first brave is farmed by PL tHan this. What a treat.

  2. So Code is conservatives and carebears are liberals? is that true??? I thought we were the good guys.

    1. From where did you deduce that, Anon?

      The New Order transcends all political ideologies, for it arose at the altruistic behest of a supremely benevolent and merciful being; The Saviour of Highsec. It doesn't matter what your politics are; the Code trumps the lot! Whoops...

    2. @925
      Carebears have never been the good guys, miner.
      But please remain calm, the Code can help you.

    3. stay calm gankers, the miners will farm for your new ships.

  3. This is just a miners way of supporting us without buying shares directly! Snigie


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