Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Ugly Heron

Aaaarrrgg isn't just something carebears scream when they lose their pod.

Champion of justice Agent Aaaarrgg became righteously indignant when he beheld a gruesome spectacle autopiloting in territory owned and controlled by the New Order. The Heron's "pilot", Ozone Reo Anfallara, probably didn't care much about the frigate. But he was stung by the subsequent loss of his 745 million isk pod.

Aaaarrgg thought it would be fun to have a post-fight rap session with the carebear. But Ozone was still in battle mode.

Ozone was very upset by the loss of his pod. Or, as a miner would say, he was "perfectly calm".

When Ozone discovered the reason for his loss, he could scarcely believe it. If only he'd obeyed the Code, he could still be enjoying all those implants right now.

Though there was no way for Ozone to get his stuff back, he could at least avoid such losses in the future. However, the carebear was far more interested in getting back to autopiloting.

It was obvious the carebear didn't want to change his life; he wanted everything to return to the way it was before. This is the Code era, though. There's no going back.

He may have lost his implants, but Ozone still held on to his haughty attitude. He felt himself superior to the Agents of the New Order--even though one of those Agents had bested him in fair combat.

Even the use of the word "Agent" was enough to get under Ozone's skin.

In fact, New Order terminology proved to be a sticking point for the carebear. "Confiscated" was another problem word for Ozone. He probably would've preferred the rebels' (limited) vocabulary: Words like "harassment", "bullying", "extortion", etc.

Ozone apparently thought he was being original when he made the decision to defy the Code. Aaaarrgg didn't need to hear the carebear's spiel--he was already prepared for the next step in the process.

The carebear was even poorer now than he'd been in the moment immediately after the gank; he was in debt to the New Order to the tune of 30 million isk. He also owed the Saviour of Highsec a personal apology for his behavior. One might expect that the apology will never come. Maybe. But in modern highsec, it pays to have faith.


  1. ANOTHER failure for antiganking. do they even try anymore? It must be hard to continuously fail non-stop daily continuously ALL the time!!!!!!1 XDXDXD

  2. 'Ozone was very upset by the loss of his pod. Or, as a miner would say, he was "perfectly calm".'

    thanks James, for what you do. worth the read every time.

  3. "your ship would be con-fist-icated'

    I am pretty sure that was intentional


    Hageken local chat 12-19-2016.

    I edited out anyone that was not me or Zeventse. He is the one that is trying and failing to troll me on evewho LOLOLOL! Sorry dude but you are getting called out as the useless ganker you are LOLOL!

    this is just a part of the chat logs from those nights where I trolled TNT ganker alts and their scout. lol! I am just to smart for gankers logic.

    Gankers claim they are helping people but all they do is make excuses for their ganking. Idiots lol. I crushed his argument and he got mad! lol!
    I was cracking jokes on my stream all night about him lol!

    Thats why TNT is after me, I made them look bad in local chat and now they are trying hard to make me mad lol! I made them look like assholes!!
    they cant troll me! you all fail to make me mad! lol!
    I cant be made mad lol!

    I never get mad over winning in video games lol. and I never bow down to bullies and new player killers. its unnecessary and unprofessional and you gankers are killing eve. you wont be so smug when the rebels run you out of the high security systems! L O L !

    Zenventse is a TNT ganker scout if you dont already know! I posted his information on my evewho after he challenged me, stupid Danish people! LOL they are fail trolls lol! you cant troll me TNT! You will never make me mad because I dont care enough about you to give a shit! but its cute you try so hard LOL!
    You idiots dont think I wont do the same to you? It would be bad for you if something happened and a detective traced all this back to your cyber bullying! I am just saying that Zeventse might want to stop trying to bully people in game and on other forums, would be bad if someone looked up his information and paid him a visit LOL! I know he cant fist fight as he is fat and lazy from playinjg eve all day lol!!

    all the rest of you traitors in Hageken can go shove a mining laser up yourself. they are all just TNT alts anyway trying to spy on me LOL!

    1. You know, you really shouldn't end an obvious and lengthy rant with a term like 'laugh out loud'; it destroys any serious points you might have been trying to make and transports us magically back to the environment of the school playground.

      Unless of course that was your intention.

    2. ganked another miner in hagekan today ...where were you ?

    3. "New Order territory is a safe space for suicide gankers. Miners are required to put aside their prejudices and treat gankers with respect."

      Agent zeventse demonstrates the spirit of "no miner left behind" by trying to provide education, but it falls on deaf ears. This is not an uncommon occurance. The miner is too wrapped up in his youthful defiance to understand what is being said. Instead of being irreverent with the Agent, the miner should listen to what the Agent has to say and appreciate that it comes from a place of deep concern for the state of Highsec.

    4. Codex is stronk!!1!1February 2, 2017 at 1:47 PM

      @ KB

      The Codex player will not do anything, he is just too scared.
      You see I live in that area, and I have watched codex for a few weeks now. He logs in when he thinks the TNT gankers are offline. He then proceeds to huff and puff and blow his chest out while claiming to be better than anyone that don't agree with him, all the while hiding from those same people.

      Most of the hard working people in that area are just trying to have fun, make isk, and learn the game. But not Codex.
      He is the biggest blowhard around, and if you ganking there means that he spends less time there then by all means PLEASE continue to come kill miners until that idiot leaves.
      Gankers at this point are the "lesser of two evils".

      You can't reason with him, he is determined to show his ass at every opportunity.

      So as much as I might regret saying this later:
      I hope gankers spend much more time in our area, especially if it means less codex biovector. He brings this shit into our system then hides like a punk.

      And I dont understand his hatred for women gamers. He absolutely HATES the fact that a girl runs the gank crew that killed him. How sad is that? What a chauvinist pig.

      You can always tell his alts when they message you by his backpedaling the way he tries to explain the codex characters behavior in positive terms. Like we don't all know he is a lying little coward.

      If a group of hisec miners decided to start some gank alts and go after him, would an experienced ganker be willing to offer some training? I have messaged one ganker but no response yet.

      Kotex seems like the proper name for him....

    5. Dear Miner-
      First off, please calm down.

      Secondly, take the energy you spent on this wall of text and read

      Then carry out the enforcing of the Code.

      Agent Anonymous

    6. Now that is a scathing indictment.

      Since Alpha clones it has become popular for forward-thinking corporations to have a gank alt on each member. Make it Gallente. Then all you need is someone to fleet warp the lot of you onto your chosen target. If you buy a corporate site license permit from me I'm happy to provide coaching. Feel free to mail Lawrence Lawton.

    7. What's up with all these miners writing books in the comment sections? xD

  5. But where oh where is Ming?


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