Saturday, February 25, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #126

The only thing more disturbing than a lying carebear is a carebear who tells the truth. On that note, welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Usually they say they were AFK "making dinner".

I wonder how many actual attorneys have been hired to look into the New Order. Apparently they all determined the Code is on solid legal footing.

Bot-aspirants are literally anti-happiness.

Being a CODE. diplomat may seem glamorous--and it is--but it's also a lot of hard work.

It's interesting that there aren't any civil rights leaders who started out as highsec miners. By contrast, it's likely that many of the current generation's brightest lights enforce the Code in their spare time.

"Newbies" say they're too new to be aware of the Code, but it sure doesn't take them long to learn the anti-Code talking points. Interesting.

Some carebears compose long-winded EVEmails, while others prefer to write short, rapid-fire messages without waiting for a reply.

At what point do miner tears cross the line into poetry?

I suppose if you're threatening Agents' families, it's still in the "tears" category.

This reminds me of the old proverb: Better to remain AFK and be thought a Goofus than to type something in local and remove all doubt.

Ekal Drows thought our Agent was a dog for some reason. Naturally, this led to him wanting to engage in PvP.

Every dog has his day, but an Agent of the New Order owns every day.

...Just something for you rebels to think about, the next time you dare to challenge the rulers of highsec.


  1. It amazes me to no end how people who get killed in PVP (and this is universal across all MMORPGs, not just EVE) have to resort to RL threats in order to make themselves feel better. The contacting a RL lawyer is new but I suppose if they really did contact a lawyer outside of the game the lawyer would probably just laugh at them and then charge the. A hefty sum of RL money after pointing out they the EULA and TOS is in favor of the CODE.

    Is it really THAT difficult for people to grasp this concept? The CODE has all of Hi Sec and the Agents enforce the CODE. Simple as that. Case closed. The prosecution rests.

  2. "It amazes me to no end how people who get killed in PVP (and this is universal across all MMORPGs, not just EVE) have to resort to RL threats in order to make themselves feel better."

    Yes, we call these 'people' fucktards. Also, targets. Also also, permabanned. and if you think their tears over getting blown up are wonderful, watching them have a full-blown meltdown on Reddit because CCP kicked them from the game forever is simply beautiful to watch.

  3. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a bot-aspirant in possession of a good ship, must be in want of a ganking." --Jane 315 Austen

  4. Ah Ravenoth, he wants highsec gankers to suicide RL, but if you have a better ice mining fleet he will forget all about those "morals" and ask those same gankers to kill you.

    Codex Biovector is a close associate of his, and helped get Ravenoth banned by reporting Jagd Wilde for "hate speach and harassment".

    Apparently Codex managed to anti-gank his buddy, as Ravenoth seems to have went perma afk.

    If this were a game show Codex would be "The Biggest Shitter". XD

    Codex for HSM Leader 2017!!

  5. Anyone else noticing antiganking failing hard right now?


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