Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kills of the Week

Highsec has come a long way over the past few years. We've got our enemies on the run. But the New Order isn't known for sitting around patting ourselves on the back. When we earn amazing elite PvP victories, such as these highlights from the week of February 5th @ 00:00 EVEtime through February 11th @ 23:59 EVEtime, it only motivates us to work even harder.

"Leave those poor newbies in Ventures alone," says the carebear. "You're making newbros quit the game," says the Anti-Ganker. Agent Yumla Cos tuned out the noise and tuned in the Code. He ganked Matt Advent's Venture. And what do you know...

New player? Yeah, right. Ventures are notorious for being used by bots and bot-aspirants. Shoot on sight.

Posidon Echelon of the curiously named Partial Safety corporation jumped into Uedama as if he were completely safe. His triple-anti-tanked freighter was packed with expensive loot. Never fear: The lions of Uedama were on the hunt. Agents Jake Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Justin Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayson Kusion, and Jason Kusion pounced on the freighter and earned 29.2 billion isk killmail.

People still spew false accusations at the Kusion family, but their name is synonymous with honour in highsec.

Nabile Bumsamich started to tank his hauler, but he couldn't resist putting a little anti-tank on it. Nor could he resist adding a few warp core stabilizers and going on autopilot. Like a Bond villain satisfied that everything would go to plan, he left the room. Nabile didn't count on the heroism of a merry band of Agents: Ralliana, Pod Destroyer Molly, Tax Collector Richard, Luna Nightblood, Tax Collector Emile, Taxman Daniel, and Tax Collector Discotime.


A classic faction battleship that has seen service in countless wars, the Machariel also holds a special place in the hearts of bumpers everywhere. But all was not right in Zefir2's heart. The telltale cargo expander gives it away. It screams, "A bot-aspirant carebear is at the helm!" Agents Jake Kusion, Justin Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jason Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, and Joseph Kusion were alerted by the screams and got to work. Ships like this enter Uedama, but they do not leave.

Liberty Khan, known to be an alt of the infamous rebel leader liberty, was autopiloting a fail-fit Astero through the Hek pipe. Agent Tisiphone Dira performed this gank in the name of Agent Bing Bangboom.

Twenty units of liberty's tears were collected.

Just when you think carebears are starting to learn! Viktor Koraka autopiloted a shuttle through the Niarja pipe. Luckily, Agent Aaaarrgg has countless spies on his payroll. The little birds tell him the moment a shuttle lands 15km from any stargate in highsec. Viktor was doomed as soon as he activated his autopilot.

Seven billion isk in implants were lost. This isn't the first Ascendancy set we've seen. But someday, after slaughtering who knows how many carebears, we'll see the last of 'em.


  1. oh wow. that kusion freighter. where was antiganking? oh they were watching ANOTHER freighter blow up on their face.

    ag failing non-stop daily continuously ALL the time!!!!1

    1. Maybe they were here:

      Or here:

      Or even here:

    2. Nitetime Video, they are straight-up youtube links. None of my virus checkers flagged them. So just what program/software indicated that they were a virus? Unless, that is, all you wanted to do was scare away readers from seeing actual CODE fails in action?

    3. That is exactly what the l33t h3x0r would want us to think.
      Why not just post them on the hisec militia blog that no one reads?
      Instead you have to resort to failposting in the comments section of ours :P

    4. Just like Nitetime, I don't follow links provided by anonymous rebels in the comments section. If you've a point to make, make it honestly, in a forthright manner, from an account with a history.

      All else is just noise.

    5. These links are HSM tested and Bastard approved.

      They are also excellent victories for the militia! A for shadowing of things to come.

      It was such a good fight too, and yet no gf was posted by our adversaries!?! (or adversary). Do I detect a hint of salt?

    6. @Faildo Raine

      The is no high sec militia. No active corp with that moniker. So it's all bullshit and you failbears have yet to "antigank" anything.

      Go back to wow pedojedus. No one likes you here, and Eve don't need your type giving it a bad rep.

      Haow many years are you failbears gonna huff and puff and get nothing done? Time to turn it over to the pros, son.

    7. @Anon Ganker 3:14

      First of all, thank you. Thank you for your tears. That's very kind of you to share your impotent rage like that.

      Secondly, the videos are solid proof that you guys could not stop us from stopping you ganking. Where were you? One more cat might have made the difference. But instead you let your team down and you failed hard. Keep failing, fail anon ganker.

      Lastly, where is this wow!? Is that like a system or something or like a meme or what? And who or what is a pedojedus? Are you not speaking English or is your rage affecting your typing? XD

      Your killing me smalls! XD

      ...oh, and we are the pros.

      If you feel we've made a significant impact on your day today please feel free to wardec us. Nothing makes us happier than knowing you guys hate us soooo baaaad, and still can't stop us. XD

    8. @faildo raine

      You can call them tears, but we all know you are the crying bitch in this relationship.
      I didnt read past that part, if you cant tell the difference, I am not wasting my time to educate a willfully ignorant adult. You are of age are you not?

      Keep trying hard. It's just a matter of time before you have another meltdown, pedojedus. We await your wails of incompetence.

      Seriously tho, there is no shame in going back to something simpler, like wow. You belong there with your kind.

    9. The only thing Faildo Raine is pro at is failing. And even then there are others who can fail better, so he's more like a semi-pro, or wannabe pro.
      Well fukit, lets just say he is not pro at anything.

      Unless you count his incompetence.

      Let's see, gankers kill billions of isk every month, "ag" saves thousands of isk each month (and that's being generous). So where do you get "professional", Faildo?

      Oh yea, pedojedus is one of your kind, everyone knows this, you denying it won't make it true. But you keep denying friend, you are fooling no one.

      Where was ag? Crying like bitches on the Minerbumping site.

    10. Hey Faildo, you never answered:

      When are you and ag going to make a difference? If you can't by now, maybe it's time to step down and let real pvpers do the job.

    11. All these ganker tears tho...lovin it!


    13. wat is pedojedus?

  2. Anon 11:43, you're bad and should feel bad. Sad!

    Nice videos btw, couldn't have recorded it worse if you tried, even with the failure PHag content you could at least record it on something that doesn't resemble a potato

    1. You cant blame them i guess, ag has potato for brain, now has potato for video. And, that was all staged, ag has never stopped a gank. If anything, gankers get their ransom and move on to other targets.
      ag has no proof otherwise. But lets look at CODEs proof:

      That's a whole shit load of ag fail. Good job Faildo, you really lived up you your name.

    2. damn, could just drink up these ganker tears all day!

  3. But where oh where is Ming?

  4. Where oh where is Faildo tonight?
    Why did he leave us here all alone?
    I searched the Eve over and thought I found pedojedus,
    But CODE dunked another and *poof* he was gone.

  5. ahahahaha

    Highsec failitia bragging about failing. That has got to be a mental condition. Shouldn't those libPHags be out protesting and crying over who won some election?

    Looks like gankers are building a wall of crybear wrecks, and making ag pay for it!
    Make EvE great again, kill all highsec carebears!

    That Faildo/pedojedus guy sounds like a real 'winner'.

    Actually he sounds like an impotent, entitled, ghetto shitter. You can tell he was raised on food stamps.
    I always laugh at how people raised on the dole think they are smart, but they dont realize that the public school system educated them differently, and by differently I mean inadequately.
    Those free lunches didnt have the same nutrition value, friend. The rest of us were given real food, the ghetto leeches got soylent green.

    Those of us that were raised properly by both parents understand your frustration, pedojedus, we just don't care. You will always be just a drain on the rest of us. Like in game where you spend all day petitioning for game nerfs and player bans, if CCP didn't have to spend all day making sure no leech was left behind, we could have a truly stunning and stable game to play. Your kind uses too many resources, and contributes nothing of value.

    At least in EvE we can shoot at you savages, and not be arrested. All CONCORD does is destroy the murder weapon for us so there's no evidence!

    RL would be much more fun if you could just cull the weak and simple, daily! Always!

    Hey Faildo, get a permit or get rekt, pedojedus.

  6. ag, Please read the following information on what "tears" are:

    Example: "WTF?! ASSHOLE! THAT WAS MY ONLY RETRIEVER AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO MINE IN !$!#$!#%#%#$ I QUIT GAME NOW FUCK YOU GET CANCER AND DIE" -(Actual miner tears, see any edition of Hisec Miner Grab Bag for reference)

    Example of not tears: LOL @hsm and faildo.. you guys can't stop ganks.

    This has been a quick information brief to clarify for those who do not seem to comprehend.
    Please post your thoughts below! Or make an entry about it on the hisec militia blog that no one reads

  7. Gankers tears not the same as miner tears. Far better. Much more salt content. Usually involves:

    1. Threats in local to petition.
    2. Inability to accept reality that AG does win. I mean you guys are playing Eve right? Maybe you're in your own personal cluster or something.
    2. Then after the second or third AG win, local gets suddenly and eerily quiet like all the air has been sucked out of a room.
    4. Usually followed by gankers (and alts) suddenly logging off. \o/
    5. Then they bitch and moan in the comments sections about awesome videos posted of said losses. :D

    1. Thems is some tasty tears!

    2. That second number 2 (lol), the air getting sucked out of the room. I've seen that in Eve, it's real.

      It's when the size of the ganker's ego is so huge it can't support itself under it's own weight plus the gravity of having failed a gank or two. It's the ego collapsing in on itself, so dense not even light can escape.


  8. What does it take to go to the top? How much do you have to put into it? Does is start with something like this? Check this out his new hip hop song now!
    Thanks fam


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