Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Search for Anti-Ganking, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 conducted an exhaustive search for competent, potentially Gallant Anti-Gankers. Though she found a few combat ships loitering in the asteroid belts, Alt 00 didn't encounter any Anti-Gankers capable of stopping her from ganking. But our Agent's curiosity was piqued when a Loki pilot killed her scout alt.

A fellow by the name of Lahnius destroyed the Buzzard while it was still flagged from looting a Mackinaw wreck. It didn't stop Alt 00 from continuing her ganks, but it was the most exciting thing to be produced by anti-Code activity in months.

Miscreants in Hek chatted in local while they waited for CODE. personnel to leave the system. Would Lahnius join them?

Lahnius advised the miners to trade in their yield-fit "gank me" boats for a properly tanked vessel. Alt 00 was intrigued.

Alt 00 could tell right away that there was something different about Lahnius. He didn't sound like a typical Anti-Ganker. He even suggested the miners buy a permit--a recommendation that requires more honesty than most rebels can muster.

Was it possible that Lahnius could've become a Gallant, had he chosen a different path?

If you've ever wondered why so many people support the Code, visit Hek someday and watch the Goofuses.

As our Agent reflected upon what had happened, she realized it was time to step out of Hek and drop by Nakugard again...

...and she arrived just in time to see a miner make a real-life death threat in local. It was business as usual with the rebel carebears.

When Agents are in a bad mood, they play EVE and it cheers them up. When carebears are in a bad mood, they play EVE and only get angrier.

Earlier, Alt 00 noticed that a Tornado piloted by Telegram Sam was stalking her. When she went to Nakugard, Telegram followed her. The Anti-Ganker had blown his cover.

Telegram tried to take credit for ganking our Agent's Buzzard alt. It's an all-too-common practice of Anti-Gankers to steal credit for others' achievements, because they have none of their own. But unfortunately for Telegram, he was immediately called out on his lie by a Nakugard resident.

In fairness to Telegram, he once got on a CONCORD killmail of Alt 00's shuttle, which she undocked during her criminal timer to draw away CONCORD. Telegram's Tornado had scored zero damage on the shuttle; it was the closest he'd ever come to a victory. But he justified reporting fake news because the goal of stopping CODE. was so important.

Alt 00's scout returned to Nakugard in a fresh Buzzard, which was sighted by Telegram Sam's Tornado. Time to find out what the Anti-Ganker was made of.

To be continued...


  1. "The Anti-Ganker had blown his cover."


  2. Previously, on MinerBumping... Antiganking failed..... AGAIN!!!!!1

    Praise James!!!!1

  3. I don't want to interrupt the meme insult avalanche. Just wanted to pop in and say I've finally added another episode into my on-going thread over in the Forum.

    You may return to your anonymousing.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up Bing, popping over shortly.

  4. Praise Zopiclone. \o/

    1. Does ag still love Zopi? Or did they fail again when they went all zopiphile?
      So all that sperg about morals, and they back the the ganker just because he seemed (to them) to be anti CODE.

      Now I don't remember, when did "never negotiate with terrorists" go out the window?

      That's desperation for ya I guess. The stench of it fills all ag chats.

      Why should we consider the lament of the weak? Don't they just hold the rest of us back?

    2. No not really. She did far more damage than she ever did good. She may have stolen billions from you, but how much damage did she damage did she ever help cause? Did the ends justify the means?

      Especially at the cost of her own soul. Her thirst for revenge caused her to slip over to the darkside. After successfully awoxing CODE. she couldn't stop killing miners. I know I offered her a chance to switch sides and she turned it down. Now her journey to dark side is complete... she has rejoined CODE.

      A moral lesson for all would be CODE. awoxers. Don't do it. You spend that much time around shitters, you will start to smell. If you do do it, make sure you know yourself first and have a strong moral compass.

      We did love the fact that she got you guys all bent out of shape. That hitler video was awesome! XD

      And yes I said do do, praise Zopiclone! \o/

    3. Zopiclone is a loyal alt anyway. We all new it. We just don't have enough evidence to take it to CCP. He awoxed his own corp.

      Why is he in NOL? Extra training I guess?

  5. Thank you, BBB; love your serials!

    And speaking of a well-written serial, this one has me on the edge of my seat! Will Alt 00 find an anti-ganker? Will he/she/it be a Gallant? Is this the end of the New Order?


  6. Considering how bad ag is at this game, I am gonna predict this ends with sammy boi dead in a shitfit whoring Tornado, crying like a bitch.
    No friends to mourn his loss, because all his charges were afk botminers.

    And now you know where ag was, pants down, cover blown, caught in the headlights of realization that he chose the wrong side and he's gonna be blapped again by people that ?can't? shoot ships that shoot back.....

    That must be some raw self loathing when it finally dawns on him how stupid he looks now.

    No wonder ag is always so mad. Holy shit how do you live like that? I think I would just undock and hit self destruct.

    In game of course. XD


    My goodness.

  8. But where oh where is Ming?


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