Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Waiting for Eternity

Whatever you want to call it--persistence, endurance, perseverance--it's a powerful thing. Our Agents have it. The people who cry about wanting to quit EVE when they lose their first ship--those people don't have it.

Every unlicensed miner represents an opportunity for our Agents to make another permit sale. But you can never know for certain how long it will take to persuade the miner to part with his money.

Agent Milkmypigeon stomped an unlicensed, AFK Retriever owned by Doowop Aflopbop. The miner's initial reaction was hostility. This probably wasn't going to be one of those quick, easy sales.

But then Milkmypigeon detected some mixed signals. Was Doowop angry about his loss, or did he appreciate the adrenaline rush?

Agent Dom Arkaral joined the convo and agreed with Milkmypigeon's assessment: The miner was enigmatic.

An "interrogation" consisting of a single question was enough to elicit a series of red-flag statements from the miner: His primary motivation was isk, he was willing to throw his roommate under the bus, and he lacked respect for the Agent who had bested him in elite solo PvP.

Doowop crossed the line. He condemned the New Order and refused to buy a mining permit, ever. It was a disappointing development. The signs had been there from the beginning, though. According to our Agents' intel, Doowop's corp was a wardec shelter for one of the local carebear alliances.

Eternity is a long time--long enough to test even an Agent of the New Order. But if you think Milkmypigeon was going to give up, you obviously don't know Milkmypigeon.

The very next day, Doowop invited Milkmypigeon to a convo. His lack of a mining permit had obviously been weighing on him.

There's no obstacle big enough to stop the Code. Eternity is but a minor speed-bump on our road to victory.

Alas, cruel fate! Within a few days, Doowop abandoned his own mining permit and left his corporation. For some reason, Doowop was cutting ties with everyone around him. He was a bot-aspirant.

At the same time that Doowop was throwing away his chance at happiness, a spy emerged in the local carebear alliance. When one door closes, another opens. The Code will always get through.


  1. Wait, no "To be continued"?

    We are going to hear about the spy's daring, James-Bond-style exploits, are we not?

    Don't let us down, James!

  2. Another miner saved by the code!!! This story alone is one pilot more then ag have saved ever!!!1

  3. meh. We want hear about the 500 bil loss! Praise Kusion! \o/

  4. "Elite solo pvp" lol

  5. "Code" Codex BiovectorFebruary 21, 2017 at 8:51 PM

    First, "Code" is a nick name I use for myself and many others use it to refer to me. I am not changing shit!

    Second, Im curious why CODE is teaming up with TNT to harass and use hate speach trying to troll me. You cant make me mad, but its cute you trying to hard lol! Maybe thats why every one in high sec hates you so much. You could have offered the miners real protection like I do, but you are doing it wrong.

    I never cry over a game and I never bow down to a girl in a video game. I think its cute that CODE had to help TNT hire a noob to sneak attack me. And it took him over 5 minutes lol to kill a scanning pve ship!
    Sonny Chavez, Red Forskin, Pithum Ascriber, Zevntse, Leeroooy, tzr006, karma balancer, obgyn kanobie, Jagd Wilde, Lanaya Takayama, Zed Timat, Andrea Ellecon, Dragails Miraxim, Kathryn Naari, and many more alts are all THE SAME person trying to troll me but I never get mad! LOL! So cute lol. You will never see me cry over a game or idiots that have no life outside the game, I dont get mad I just return the favor 10x.

    We have over 54 resistince fighters in ts ready to drop on bullys all day. Beware gankers and all TNT alts, we will erase you from our systems.

    Antigankers message me in game on Codex Biovector for advise on killing gankers and links to my stream where we crack jokes all day about gankers crying hard!

    Have a nice Tuesday. O7

    "Code" Codex Biovector

    1. Goodness! That's an awfully long-winded way of saying you're unaffected by the New Order and the attention you're currently receiving...

    2. Well said, Rob! As another writer put it regarding Codex, perhaps paraphrasing Rob, "the lady doth protest too much, methinks."


    3. Its cute that you people cant see that one of your own is making you all look bad. If the CODE alliance was smart they would not be associating with trolls like "shootyou longtyme" and "Sonny Chavez" and "Jagd Wilde" and "Lady Ati" and "Killer Captain". CODE can be better than those idiots. Remember that people you call friends determine how you look to others.

      Any one that wants to watch me crack bad ass jokes about TNT gankers on my stream just message me in game on Codex Biovector. Just remember that "bio" means life, that means my hope was to be a "vector" for bringing new life into eve. But now I don't think this dieing game would interest my proleague friends. Why would any of my large group of gaming friends want to play eve after they see how you people treat new players and returning players like me.

      I know some dont believe me but my first toon in eve was in BOB alliance, and I know what it takes to make noobs stay in the game. And ganking is not it, all you gankers do is make excuses for killing new players. You can call it recuirting or whayever but its just an excuse to greif new players and bully them.

      This is not "tears", I am telling it like it is. Eve would be a great mmo for millions of players if people like "Zeventse" or "Jagd Wilde" were banned for harassment and hate speach!
      Dont worry gankers, I never get mad about a game, and I wont bow down to a girl in game just because she is a ganker. "Lady Ati" is CODE alliance worst associate and her band of greifers will bring nothing but hurt to CODE alliances reputation. And I think CODE needs less bad publicity like System High Guard. It seems that CODE would be hunting down Lady and her crew, they don't sell permits or push the CODE manifisto. That gank crew just ganks out of spite to hurt new players. If CODE really cared about high sec they would put Lady's crew out of business, but I guess CODE can't now since they got robbed again. Its sad that CODE cant see how bad TNT is for them.

      And before you link my stratios loss again, just know that it took OVER 5 minutes for that loser to kill me in my SCANNER FIT stratios. NOT a pvp ship at all lol! It dont hurt my feelings at all if someone can kill my PVE FIT ship! Its cute that some of you are so stupid that you think it would bother anyone. You are trying hard to troll me TNT too bad you fail! LOL!!

      Code Biovector

    4. Let's hold CODE's members to this standard and compare:


      Hmmmmm . . .

      Pretty much defines the majority of their upper cadre, "diplomats", and agents, no?

    5. Well, I guess if HuffPost says its true.....

      ag is so ignorant, looks like Kotex has found the perfect home.

    6. Silly anon miner 539,
      There is no "upper cadre". We are all equal in the eyes of the Saviour.

      Maybe that is why ag fails and is so toxic. They are all squabbling over who is in charge.

    7. No wonder AG is failing so hard if they're taking advice from a guy like yourself mr Biovector.

      For someone who once was a member of BOB Alliance, your killboard is a complete joke and your attitude to the game is laughable at best.

      I wouldn't be surprised if everything you just said was all a bunch of lies.

      Best regards
      Sir Molle

  6. The miner just wants to be left alone. He doesn't hurt anybody, so he doesn't deserve to get hurt. That sounds fair, right?

    Wrong. The sentiment belies an unfounded sense of entitlement on the miner's part and a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of Highsec. Highsec is James 315 Territory, and Highsec is supposed have risk.

    Left to his own devices, a miner is prone to believing that Highsec is theme park where actions do not have consequences. He becomes greedy and fits max-yield. He becomes lazy and goes AFK. He drops into an NPC corp to avoid wars. He becomes isolated from his community and is at risk of becoming a full-blown bot-aspirant, or even a bot.

    The cycle of bot-aspirancy can last for years. An affected capsuleer will mine to PLEX and PLEX to mine, pouring tens of millions of skill points into the dead-end resource processing tree. One day, he realizes that his entire career has been a long and pointless exercise in selfishness and futility, and he quits. He quits without ever having accomplished anything of note.

    The most effective intervention is the gank. When the flow of ISK is interrupted, the capsuleer awakens from his slumber and a teachable moment arises. The capsuleer becomes aware that he has been doing something wrong. He learns of The Code. The Code contains the structure, leadership, order, purpose, and dignity that he so desperately needs to become a success.

  7. But where oh where is Ming?


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