Friday, February 24, 2017

A Multitude of Methods

There are so many ways people fight for a better highsec. Today we'll look at three completely different methods. Let's begin with Agent Sasha Nemtsov.

Sasha has created a YouTube video based on a section of the Why They Hate the Code series. Though Sasha is best known for his audio recordings of MinerBumping content, this video goes several steps beyond, successfully blending information and humor in an entirely unique way.

Studying the Code and educating people about highsec: That's method #1 for today.

Next up, Minx Mattel gives us an example of the kind of craftsmanship that only a ganker can produce:

Needless to say, you won't find any carebears making something like this. Creation requires creativity--something the highsec miner sorely lacks.

Now for our third example, an example from the classical style:

Yes, it's the latest episode of Agent Kalorned's highly acclaimed Self-Defense in Gamis series. Each video contains indisputable evidence of our Agent's elite PvP abilities and victories.

The special guest star for this video was Simonic72, whose PvP battle with Kalorned was preceded by a hours of tears and threats.

The carebear was in luck, because Kalorned eventually felt like taking him up on his offer of 1v1 PvP. Kalorned couldn't resist--the New Order is EVE's primary source of 1v1 specialists.

Protip: Don't challenge an Agent of the New Order to PvP unless you want to lose your ship.

And in case you missed it, check out Self-Defense in Gamis #11, too.

As always, links to New Order artwork can be found on our Links page.


  1. that guy just has to hit those buttons. That is amazing. Though I would put lock before scramble (left to right) so I can smack them in order.

    1. Yes, you are right. I discovered it was much better that way. The box makes playing much easier. I think I will build another one with more buttons, so I wouldn't need to use the sidebar so much.

    2. keep adding buttons and soon you will just have another keyboard.

      remember when EvE was hard?

  2. And I just realized it doesn't matter since it will scram the first thing you lock anyway.

  3. Death to all miners not following the law of High Sec.


  4. You pay for a permit to operate a vehicle in real life.

    You pay for a permit to harvest resources in real life.

    You pay for your right to live within your respective countries (i.e. Taxes).

    Therefore, why oh why is it any shock to anyone to have to pay a corporation for a permit to freely mine in EVE Online in space that they have claimed? High Sec. Low Sec. Null Sec. No matter. It is all the same.

    Become CODE Compliant today!

    1. i would pay for a brain transplant for you. must be horrible living without one ;)

    2. Oh no! Another empty threat/insult from someone who hides behind the cloak of Anonymous! *feigned shock* Whatever will I do? *fake gasp*

      Please... if you want to troll like a pro, go to Literotica.Com. At least they say something that's worth listening to and sometimes its even constructive.

    3. Zander is already triggering highsec shitters

    4. calm down wanna be ganker, sorry i triggered you. and as you asked so nicely i throw in a pair of cohones for you. yours are clearly too small ;)

    5. Well, there's the inevitable balls/penis size jab. Can we invoke Godwin's Law while we're at it, just to be thorough? Come on, put some thought into your insults if you're gonna do it. Or does that require more than a 5th grade education these days?

      Buddy, I work as an accountant/auditor for a living and write smut in my spare time. I've been yelled at, insulted, trolled, and threatened by far better than you will ever be. Your pointless anonymous insults do nothing to me.

    6. That's kinky. You should come gank like a real man/boy.

    7. Anon1000 sounds a lot like pejedus. Can't win an argument so he defaults to projecting about his lack of balls. He trys to taunt others about a lack of balls while he shitposts anonymously.

      Haha! That makes him a chicken shitter!

      Get a permit or get rekt impotent miner scum.

    8. I love how the Anon Hater tries to call me out and yet hides behind the cloak of anonymity. :D

  5. A few Bad Ass quotes from my eve who page. this is what you idiots are up against!! Words of wisdome bitches. better learn to play my game!

    "Try harder lol, your material is getting older then lady Ati pussy ;) only dead baby's and dust coming out
    Bam lol"

    "Considering most have given me props and have tossed in money and ships I think I'm doing pretty good.... lol ignorant not really. But your fake name is cute, (your email address is different form the other Lexing) maybe you should try harder XD"

    "lol I never cry but I do laugh these guys try to hard, sure it's a game but a game that suppose to have 2-5 million players is down to a average 30k? at tops? Makes you wonder is the ganking worth it if the game dies out?

    Wow is coming to its end so they made it free to play in hopes to save it. Same thing with eve. Even L2. All of them let trolls in, sad but true.

    To all those angry trolls hiding their names, lol it's sad you don't have the balls to stand up for yourself. But hide it's ok. ;)

    Gank all day, hasn't brothered me at all,"

    "lol can't shit on something that assholes already covered, but the game does use mathematical skills. Which is fun to do after rocking titainfall2 or siege out. Fun gaming in pro leagues ... oh wait you wouldn't know what that is....

    Yet another TNT member using a fake name... sooooo sad lol"

    "lol I'm never mad, I had to finish with the cartoon design for you :)
    Since you are form cali then you can meet up with me, (you might need your parents permission,) I don't want you to go outside alone;)
    Fist fight I know you couldn't win. If you can't win a fight with words and get mad about it, (since your still ashamed of using your own name and only using code) how are you going to handle a fist fight?

    "Ehh for me being 5'11 and at 171p. 11.9% body fat :) I think I'm doing good but I wish you trolls were doing as good as me :) try harder... I heard better insults form kids on Xbox then you guys... :) maybe try 4chan :)

    Keep trying :)"

    "Negative. I Enjoy highlighting the sections that can make it to a twitch stream. Which its easy to throw togather a little artwork of say troll doll talking like a idoit (aka Zen) or a fat black chick voiced by Samantha to represent Lady. :) Its Good To always see what trolls think and see where their education got them so far. :D
    Enjoy and as always.
    Try harder TNT troll :D"


    "Name: Thomas Olesen
    Location: Odense, Denmark
    TNT Member

    Its almost as if its too easy. :D
    Thank you for the TS info for TNT btw :D

    As Always try harder.
    (makes you wonder who else I got) :D


    More to come tomorrow or later maybe if that TNT asshole starts some shit!

    Flay safe and message me in game for a link to my stream and helpfull information on how to troll gankers!!

    Codex Biovector


    2. Hey Biohazard... er... Biovector. Do your listeners on your so-called podcast know that you're a racist? That's pretty disturbing to me for someone who claims to 'love and care for all new players'.

    3. Don't forget sexist. The miners of Hageken would rather be ganked than put up with Cutex's antics.

  6. Wow antiganking failing to stop the ganks in jita 😂😂😂 so funny watching them try and fail

    1. It's too bad CCP didn't think to warn about Burn Jita with their launcher crap (the stupid links on the right of the launcher). I think more carebears would have purchased a Burn Jita pass if they did. I had one guy purchase a 1 bil. ISK lifetime Burn Jita pass last night. I hope he stays Code-compliant!

  7. I will never buy permit you disgusting code scums!



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