Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Vow of Poverty, Part 1

A significant breakthrough in the war against bot-aspirancy: Maverick Adtur's unlicensed Rookie ship was terminated while autopiloting.

Agent Myevil Gankalt was the architect and executor of the brilliant strategy that led to this elite solo PvP victory. Myevil is one of countless Agents who enforce the Code from outside the CODE. alliance. The Code violators never see it coming.
Maverick Adtur > really dude -_-
Myevil Gankalt > Yes, really.
Maverick Adtur > you had to kill me ugggghhh I'm so lazy why did you have to send me back
Myevil Gankalt >
Myevil Gankalt > Read the section on the Code of Halaima.
Maverick didn't yet understand why he had to die. Myevil wasted no time in providing him with answers.
Maverick Adtur > so what
Maverick Adtur > you target me for nothing?
Maverick Adtur > I just wanted to sell my stuff that was stored there
Myevil Gankalt > A mining permit is required for all activities in High Sec. It's the law of James 315.
Myevil Gankalt > You now owe me a "Good Fight" and 10 million isk for a mining permit.
Maverick Adtur > idc about your stupid law man my stuff my rights I get to sell it if I so choose
"For nothing?" In a few reckless words, Maverick completely dismissed the Code and thousands of supporting MinerBumping posts.
Maverick Adtur > I didn't come to mine I came to sell my stuff that I have in storage
Myevil Gankalt > As I stated, a mining permit is required for all HIgh Sec activity. That includes travel and selling your stuff in High Sec.
Myevil Gankalt > You were operating in High Sec. You need a mining permit.
Maverick Adtur > no I don't
Maverick Adtur > its not your solar system
Myevil Gankalt > It is the solar system of James 315.
What began as a routine elite solo PvP victory grew into a territorial dispute. For no apparent reason, Maverick denied the sovereign authority of highsec's Saviour.
Maverick Adtur > if I have to report you to Eve customer support I will
Maverick Adtur > no player owns a solar system
Myevil Gankalt > James 315 owns all of HIgh Sec.
Maverick Adtur > its not theirs to rule it belongs to everyone they can own a station but not the solar system
Maverick Adtur > my god your so dumb
Then the miner threatened to get CCP involved. Myevil refused to back down. Our Agents are never afraid of space lawyers and their scurrilous petitions.
Myevil Gankalt > Hmmm.... It appears as though you are not going to buy a mining permit.
Maverick Adtur > of course not
Maverick Adtur > every penny counts to me
Maverick Adtur > I'm barely running on 73k
Maverick Adtur > thats why I need to sell my stuff
Out of nowhere, Maverick claimed he didn't have 10 million isk to spend. Myevil found this very suspicious. If Maverick couldn't afford to buy a permit, why didn't he say something about it earlier--instead of making wild claims about "free" highsec and contacting customer support?
Myevil Gankalt > We hear the "I don't have any money excuse" all the time.
Maverick Adtur > dude I have 72,128 ISK in my wallet
Maverick Adtur > how do you expect me to pay 10 mil
Maverick Adtur > do I need to bring my Titan crew to kick you guys out
The situation only became more bizarre. Maverick maintained that he had access to less than one million isk, but at the same time, he had a bunch of titans at his disposal. Highsec titans, at that.
Maverick Adtur > Ragnarok be aware you will be facing ships like this in your thrasher
Myevil Gankalt > Oh, you have a "Titan crew" but no money for a mining permit? A likely story indeed.
Maverick Adtur > yea thats right I'm poor cause I choose to be
Myevil Gankalt > So you have powerful friends in Null Sec? That's a Miner Bumping bingo square.
Maverick Adtur > I'm a free willed person you can't choose to rule under a fake king
Myevil tried her best to get the miner to speak the truth. That's no simple task; a bot-aspirant's first instinct is always to lie.
Maverick Adtur > people like us are laughing at you guys
Myevil Gankalt > Serving the Code is a player's highest calling.
Maverick Adtur > no its not hahaha
Maverick Adtur > you choose to quit I know an easy way you can make billions
Maverick Adtur > and I can even teach you but I wont be looting with you
Maverick Adtur > cause I choose to be poor
Next came a Faustian bargain: If Myevil Gankalt left the New Order, Maverick would give her the secret to ultimate wealth in EVE. As for Maverick, he would not share in the profits. For some reason, Maverick was committed to remaining poor. Perhaps to avoid paying what he owed the New Order?
Myevil Gankalt > A dirt poor player is going to teach me to make billions? I don't think so.
Maverick Adtur > it worked for me but I chose to be poor
Maverick Adtur > I once found a relic sight with 12 mil worth of stuff in it
Maverick Adtur > then I gave it to one of my other friends who needed the money more than me
Myevil Gankalt > Ask him for 10 million back so you can buy a mining permit.
Our Agent was faced with a truly unusual problem: A titan-wielding miner whose vow of poverty prevented him from ever getting enough money to buy a permit. Now what?

To be continued...


  1. wow antigankers couldn't even save a rookie ship? they truly are failing the playerbase.

    1. Wow a code retard loses a 1 mil+ ship to destroy a ship worth less than 76k. code really is failing hard! bragging about a kill like this makes you look more pathetic than what you already appeared to be.

  2. "do I need to bring my Titan crew to kick you guys out", and "Ragnarok be aware you will be facing ships like this in your thrasher"

    Whilst it is an accepted fact that the EVE miner is intellectually incapacitated, this has to be a new low!

    1. Yup he sounds a lot like that Codex IPchecker guy.


  3. It is very noble to take the oath of poverty, I've met numerous individuals who have done so. The difference between those people and Maverick though is the reason for taking the oath.

    Maverick takes the oath of poverty to dodge paying his taxes whereas the individuals I know of who took the oath of poverty did so as a demonstration of their support for The New Halaima Code of Conduct.

    Mere actions mean nothing if they aren't paired with good intent.

    1. Kalorned supplying wisdom, as always.

  4. "Our Agents are never afraid of space lawyers and their scurrilous petitions"

    Like CODE.'s petition to nerf freighter wrecks? Then when they tanked the freighters with the ehp of the wrecks you all cried that it was a nerf against gankers.

    I wonder what else you guys will petition next? Every time AG adapts, and wins, you guys go crying to CCP. :.(

    1. its ag* because ag has no caps.

    2. Lol "every time ag adapts".

      Them some lulzy tears pedojedus.

      Tell us again how great it is being in ag, and why you need to cry on this site.

      "adapts, and wins" ahahahahah ag fails non stop daily always!

    3. That was someone with CSM connections who said, "Hey did you know..." and the bug/oversight got fixed. GET OVER IT AND ADAPT HAHA

    4. Lmao crazy ol'Dracvlad and his hair-brained conspiracy theories. Gotta love the guy...


  5. Myevil Gankalt > Ask him for 10 million back so you can buy a mining permit.
    -James 315 level turn of phrase right there. Flawless!

  6. The CODE is a piece of shit
    Want to affect change?
    Leave your fantasy and join us in the real world


  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. We don't need no stinking titans!February 9, 2017 at 2:44 PM

    *in my best Tony Montana*

    Dis mofo don't own no Titan!

    But that lazor ruppy made my day.

  9. This abomination seeks to defile the oath of poverty!?!?!??

  10. "he had a bunch of titans at his disposal. Highsec titans, at that" ROFL :D

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

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