Thursday, February 23, 2017

Helping the Little Guy

Though the New Order has a reputation for being extremely elite, it's not an elitist organization. In fact, we do more to help train new players and new gankers than anyone else in EVE. Consider, for example, our Venture ganking contests, which allow new players to get really involved in the game.

Agent One Minus heard about one of our recent Venture ganking contests. Excited to take part in such an event, he was soon scouring the asteroid belts of highsec.

In Hek, One Minus discovered a pair of Ventures piloted by DigitalPhoenix3 and DigitalPhoenix4. Something inside our Agent told him that the Ventures could be botting, but One Minus decided to give the miner the benefit of the doubt. He ganked both Ventures and moved on without reporting them to CCP.

Then One Minus sent them an informative EVEmail. Even as he drafted the message, his suspicions about the DigitalPhoenix team grew.

One Minus hoped that if he sent the miner in the right direction, the positive influence of the New Order community would pull him from the edge of the abyss.

The next day, however, our Agent discovered the miner back in the same place, doing the same thing. A second pair of Ventures was destroyed. Combined with a reference in the characters' bios about using a tool called "Mouse Without Borders", it seemed botting was a real possibility here. Bot-aspirancy at a minimum.

One Minus made no secret of his disappointment. But surely being ganked four times would be enough to wrench the miner out of his routine.

Many hours later, the DigitalPhoenixes showed up in the MinerBumping channel. One Minus was thrilled and quickly answered his question about how to buy a mining permit.

Moments later, One Minus was shocked to receive a nasty EVEmail from the miner. DigitalPhoenix2 claimed no one had answered him in the channel, even though One Minus himself had done so. Our Agent was puzzled at first, but then he realized that this was one of those "Sixth Sense" type twists.

Before entering the MinerBumping channel, the miner had blocked One Minus. That's why he thought no one had answered him. With the help of another Agent, One Minus got everything straightened out and invited the miner to a private convo.

For someone who was satisfied earning so little isk per hour, DigitalPhoenix2 was in a big hurry.

Things looked good at first, but the rule against AFK mining turned out to be a deal breaker. Between that and the blocking incident, the DigitalPhoenixes were looking more and more like bots all the time.

The next day, something had changed. The DigitalPhoenixes were back in Hek, but now they were in combat ships. Unfortunately, some habits are hard to break: DigitalPhoenix2's Thrasher and DigitalPhoenix3's Talwar were both AFK. One Minus killed them.

Because he was blocked by all the miner's alts, One Minus had to enlist the aid of a random passerby in Hek. He wanted so badly to reach the miner.

A member of The Marmite Collective contacted DigitalPhoenix3 but was threatened with a block himself. It was as if the miner was closing himself off from EVE, all for the sake of some half-baked botting operation. However, despite all the blocks, One Minus was able to get through to the miner: He stopped losing Ventures in highsec. And for that, he has the New Order to thank.


  1. Another glorious victory to the cause! The fact that people so openly bot (which IS against the EULA and TOS) is disturbing. More so is the herd mentality that many miners seem to be in as I found much to my dismay last night when I moved to Halaima and established a 1-man Mining Corps in defiance of the NPC Mining Cartels and Sheep Mentalities that seem to be infesting Hi Sec. As a new follower to the Code I have dutifully submitted my permit fee and request to James 315 so that I can continue operations in order to feed my exploration habit on my other character. :D


    -Zander Moreau

  2. \0\ /0/ \0/

    antigankers failing non-stop daily continuously ALL the time

    1. True, Wolf. They don't help the little guy at all. Or the big guy. Or the big/little gal. In fact, remind me again who it is they do help...

    2. Their pride, maybe? I dunno. I'm trying to understand the psychology behind their actions and words. For people who claim to be "for the little guy", the anti gankers seem to be conspicuously missing.

  3. Where's that shitter Kotex?

    1. Don't worry none he always comes. This all started months ago when we ganked a fail fit retriever. Now he blames anyone who disagrees with him to be a tnt alt. All in as ll I find it kind of sad to be that caught up on something. I hope things get better for him and this unhealthy obsession passes.

      Lady Ati
      Systems High Guard CEO

    2. At the zander player.

      tNT is an alliance of greifers and fag that just want to harm new players and they use recuriting as an excuse to gank and harass new players. TNT dont care about eve and they pay GMs to let them kill new players illegally.

      But you already know this because you are just another TNT fag alt! LOL! Its cute you dropping bait and not getting any bites, TNT asshole alt.

      Dont believe that this guy is new, he is just another "zenventse" alt. Idiot. And remember these are never tears, I am just stating logic to you ganker fags, learn to see it.

    3. Aawwwwwww, will everyone look at Codex? He thinks that using big words and homophobic slurs that he's going to get me mad? :D Isn't he cute, folks?

      Now repeat after me, Codex: "It's only a game and it's a game that involves full PVP." Now Codex, I know that you're only a child but allow me to explain this to you and I'll even pretend that you're a grown up just for you. CCP had allowed the game mechanics to allow players, new or otherwise, to be engaged and killed at any time, in any place.

      That includes High Sec.

      Now repeat after me: "CONCORD is not there to protect me. CONCORD is there to enforce security status."

      Ergo: CONCORD will not do anything in High Sec except kill players who shoot first. Gaining is allowed. In only becomes harassment when you then follow said player around once they've moved on.

      You see Codex, you reveal your own ignorance when you spout out trivial stuff like your posts. The difference between us is that while you may have read the EULA and the TOS, I actually understand them.


  4. Its cute that Lady Ati and TNT had to hire "Pandemic Legion" to kill me this time, and those PL queers had to gang up on me and cant fight fair one on one.

    Only an idiot cant see the connections. Lady Ati and her gank crew were so mad after I cracked some bad ass jokes and made them look bad in public so they hired "Jagd Wilde" to kill me. Jagd is so stupid it took over 5 minutes for him to kill my SCANNER FIT PVE Stratios. Then when I made Jagd look like the asshole he realy is, he hired some of his friends in PL, HIS OLD CORP, to kill me because he was embarrassed after I made him look bad LOL YOU IDIOTS CANT SEE THE TRUTH. AND YOU CANT MAKE ME MAD LOL!!! one of your own is making you all look like basic retarted fags. FUCK THE CODE AND ALL SUICIDE GANKERS WHO ARE TRYING TO RUIN THIS BEAUTIFUL AND MASSIVE GAME! Idiots.

    You peice of shit gankers cant fight in real life with your fists so you try to gang up on innocent new players. You are ALL ASSHOLES AND TO STUPID TO PLAY EVE. YOU ARE DOIN IT WRONG!

    Again, I never cry about a game or idiots that have no logic and no life outside game. All gankers are just burger flipling loosers in real life and scared to fight IRL so they take it out on innocent players that just want to play eve the way they want. Gankers are bad for this dieing game! And ccp wont do anything because people like "shootyou longtyme" and "zeventse" are paying GMs to help them cheat. No wonder this game is shit all its "community" members are sad fail troll idiots. Its sad that the ganking "community" is just a bunch of fat fucks trying to get with Lady the farm girl! LOL! You idiots think you can get some farm animal if you gank innocent people. How stupid can you be?

    If any real eve players who mine and build and want to be left alone from ganking and bullying want to learn how to fight these assholes you can watch me cracking jokes about these dicks all day on my stream. Just Message Codex Biovector in game for a link to my stream and then you can laugh a long with the rest of eve at these faggot greifers.

    Fly safe and respect others right to play eve without being bullied and scared away. Fuck the code faggots, they cant make me mad and they cant make me change who I am in game. I am basically a good peoson trying to help other new and returning players by offering them all my knowledge on how hard eve really is but how great it is. If ccp really cared about the game and community they would protect players like me and my friends that only want to help others and bring more people into the game. But you IDIOT FAGS are trying to ruin eve every day. Thats why my game last name is "Biovector" it means that I was trying to bring life into eve. A "vector" for "Bio" or life. There is no reason to kill someone like me who was only trying to show others how great this game can be. All of you are basic idiots that cant understand simple minded logic.

    Remember good people of eve, if you are tired of bullies and faggot gankers ruining your game play you need to be reporting them ALL DAY LONG, NEVER LET THEM BREATH!! If we hard enough we can get ganking and bullying REMOVED FROM EVE!!

    Message me in game, REAL MINERS ONLY I will report all the rest of you fags for harassment and hate speech so be warned!!

    "Code" Codex Biovector.

    1. You know, Codex, for someone who claims to not care, you're here an awful lot. Is mommy and daddy not givin you enough attention at home? For someone who claims that you will report harassment and hate speech, you're using an awful lot of it.

      Now repeat after me: "EVE is a sandbox in which anyone can do anything." That includes CODE claiming High Sec for their Alliance and enforcing laws as they see fit. It is no different than some merc corp gatecamping in Low Sec to extract toll fees nor is it any different than a corporation putting down POSs in null to claim sovereignty there. CCP made the game what it was and if you can hack it here then go back to World of Warcraft.

      Actually, Azeroth shouldn't be punished like that. How about you go back to GTA online.... no, that'd be too hardcore for you... Minecraft might be a better suit for you. That way you can toil away making carebears to adore you.


    2. At the zander player you are just another big idiot ganker wannabe that cant hack it in low or null like a real player!

      We all know you are just another fail troll gank alt probably from TNt or PL of whoever is off sucking cock while hiding in some backwoods station! So dont try to play sute with the real miners and players. I will call you out in my daily strem every opprotunity and let everyone know what a gank alt you are. I am about to make you look like one stupid ganker LOL!

      And I will have you know that I am Proleague, and I am good enough that I dont have to slave awayike you burger flippers at a job because I get paid to play professional video games. You idiots would never make it in my case! Lol! Thats why you are so mad, you want to be like me so bad! Its cute that you want me sooooo bad!

      All miners and regular players should stay clear of "zander" the gank alt scout for GOONS! Idiot.

    3. *yawn*. Feel free to call me out all you want. Maybe it'll help me sell more books. I won't turn down free advertising.

      And I've lived for some time up in the Vale on my main, thank you very much. So if you wanna say hi, feel free to do so.

    4. Mr Biovector, you are a living example why the CODE is popular and needed. Please keep it up, and always share your thoughts on whatever forums you frequent. People must see that there is an alternative to the New Order, and you represent them.

      an onlooker

  5. Its sad that ganker idiots cant see simple minded logic. All it takes to ruin a great game ran by a great company is fore one or a few stupid idiot fag to decide to run every new player out of the game.

    Codex Biovector is only trying to help new players with mining boosts and information on how to avoid getting ganked while afk and offering ecm protection for free. He was so successfull with the ecm that he literally had CODE the alliance begging him to stop using ecm.

    Codex or "Code" as we know him is always willing to help a new miner that has recently been ganked. Thats how he lost a PVE FIT SCANNING stratios to that TNT/PL alt "Jagd Wilde". Codex was looting a miner wreck after a gank TO GET THE LOOT AWAY FROM THE GANKERS AND GIVE THE MINERS GEAR BACK TO HIM AND TO HELP PAY FOR THE NEW MINING BARGE CODEX MADE FOR THE POOR GANKED MINER FOR FREE! You idiots cant see how important peolle like Codex really are for eve! That miner got a new barge free from Codex anyway. When someone is " Suspect" flashing yellow, that faggot Jagd Wilde will sneak attack you from his cloaked stratios while hiding like a scared idiot. Thats the only way he managed to get Codex that one time. Codex is to smart to lose a well fit ship to stupid ganker alts LOL!

    I have seen powerful Jita traders give Codex billions of isk and hundreds of skill injectors just because they believe in him to help bring new life into eve. I was even given some of both because Codex told them how much I believe in what he is doing by trying to save eve and ccp from failing and closing down. Thats bad ass!

    Message me in game, I have permission from Codex to send out links to his daily stream. Join us there for laughs at the fag gankers and their crying alts!

    Fly safe and watch for scared gankers taking out their frustations on innocent helpless miners. Like picking on retarded kids.

    Sabrinna Law

    1. Well, Sabrina, I'm not going to lose sleep at night. Nobody in JITA gave me back my PLEX when I got ganked. Nobody offered to help me back up on my feet. In fact, everyone in Jita laughed at me when I lost the PLEX that I had bought with me RL money.

      But if you want to rectify that error, feel free to send me about 600 mil of ISK. No? Then you and your Codex Carebear can go back where y'all came from and leave us, permit carrying, law abiding, miners alone.


    2. Thanks for your support and good words Sabrinna, it has been a pleasure helping you with boosts and free isk. New players like you and other hard working miners need a space to be left alone in to build up stregnth before trying to go to low or null. I'm certain that if new players were protected better in "high security space" and not slaughtered at every opportunity then eve would be bigger than titanfall2 and wow! Most of my proleague gaming friends wont even bother with eve because of idiot fag gankers RUINING THEIR PLAY EXPERIENCE!!! why would ccp let a few shitstank gankers keep real professional players from joining eve? Players like my proleague friends would be better for eve than a million ganker greifer TNT alts. FUCK TNT FOR TRYING TO RUIN SUCH A WONDER FULL GAME!

      Well back to NOT crying and NOT GETTING MAD while I stream and crack jokes about these fail fag troll TNT IDIOTS! LOL!
      Keep trying hard bitches!

      "Code" Codex Biovector

    3. Anybody else notice that Sabrina and Cutex have the same style of writing?

      Cutex is to PvP as a virgin is to sex. He's got a lot of fantasies and theories of how it ought to be, but they're completely unrealistic.

      Remember Cutex, new players are *more likely* to remain subscribed to EVE if they have been ganked. Grinding PvE content in safety makes them more likely to quit. Stop trying to chase away new players!

  6. I am here to let you ganker asshats know that when you try to mess with basicly good people like "Codex Biovector" and "Sabrinna Law" that you idiots are killing eve too. Normal players like Codex and Sabrinna if left alone they would build a huge ammount of ships for other players to pvp in. But if they cant mine in peice and make ships without loosing all their hard work to a few idiot ganker assholes in a flash without CONCORD then there will soon be no ships to pvp in. That means you idiots are killing the goose that ate the golden egg. Idiots LOL!

    Learn to see basic simple minded logic you ganker fags before eve is shut down! They it will be you fags crying! And I never cry over a dieing game that needs to be put down like a rabbit dog!

    Fuck you ganker idiots, I supoort real players like Codex.

    Independant player and thinker Lori Strix

    1. The only people crying here are you carebears.

    2. CCP did research and that claim was refuted.

      "We have tried and tried to validate the myth that griefing has a pronounced affect on new players - we have failed. The strongest indicators for a new player staying with EVE are associated with social activity: joining corps, using market and contract systems, pvping, etc. Isolating players away from the actual sandbox seems very contrary to what we would like to accomplish." -- CCP Rise

    3. Sadly, the carebears don't let petty things like facts deter them.

    4. Highsec is not dependent on incompetent miners for its supply of PvP ships. There are plenty of Code-compliant miners and industrialists in highsec, and many sources of ore and minerals.

      Player interactions are not something you can turn off. Demanding to be granted immunity from PvP so you can inefficiently produce T1 ships is the height of self-importance.

  7. Jeezus! Has anyone managed to make any sense out of all those codex tears?

    He has got to be the biggerst bitch in EVE history! I hope he sticks around for a long time, it's gonna be fun awoxing him! XD

  8. we all know how ignorant and uneducated the CODEX miner is, it seems he has actually met somebody as equally uneducated and ignorant as he is to cry here with him......
    Fascinating stuff.

    1. At the Karma player, you are just another failt troll TNT alt and a idiot. You don't even know how stupid I make you and your Lady Atl hoe on my daily stream. LOL you idiots were given hints for over a month and the fail toll gankers never found my stream. What an idiot crew.

      I suggest you and your "Sir Molly" alt learn to research your lies better, I know how BOB was run because I was part of the industrial back bone of BOB. You Idiots dont even know who you are dealing with. I can call up a few old friends and the next thing you fags would see is us stomping you idiots flat.

      If anyone wants links to my stream or information on how to play eve safely and how to kick bullys ass just message Codex Biovector in game for links.

      Together we can make the antisocials and fail trolls suffer enough to quit eve!

      "Code" (Thats my nick name) Codex Biovector

    2. Hi Codex/Kotex/I.E. Carebear,

      The amount of logical fallacies in a single post are astounding. We go from Ad Hominem, to Strawman, back to Ad Hominem... twice, to Anecdotal, to Tu Quoque, to Appeal to Authority, and then to Bandwagon before resorting to the age old axiom of threats of violence. All in 6 sentences! Amazing! Instead of providing any kind of real evidence or reasoning, you just use personal attacks and insults. I've told some of my non-EVE Playing friends about you and even THEY are blown away by you carebears. Even THEY can see the logic in the Code.

      Fun fact about BoB, since you brought them up: CODE is doing nothing different then what BoB did back in the day when you couldn't claim sovereignty over a system. They declared themselves the rulers of a particular group of stars, people accepted it, and people followed their rules within their star systems. James 315 and the Agents of CODE are simply exercising the same game mechanic that BoB enjoyed in the early days of EVE.

      History: know it, love it, or get steamrolled by it.

      And by the way, how is BoB doing these days? OOoooohhh that's right... they got killed... by Goonswarm. >:D


      -Zander Moreau, now thinking about hanging up his mining pick to become a dedicated Agent.

  9. But where oh where is Ming?


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