Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fraud in the Reimbursement, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned ganked BARANDYWINE SHAWN-NEE, a five-year veteran of EVE who chose to spend her days mining in 0.9 security systems without a permit. Incensed by the gank, BARANDYWINE verbally abused Kalorned and then sent a convo request to Agent Svara Eir, the Reimbursement Officer assigned to the case.

For many EVE players, a sight like this can be a little intimidating; you never know what's going to happen when you accept the invitation. But Agents of the New Order are absolutely fearless. Besides, they like to give people the benefit of the doubt. They assume the conversation will be a friendly one. A convo like this is an opportunity to meet a new player and connect with them on a personal level.

...But bot-aspirants only care about material things.

Unfortunately, BARANDYWINE's addiction to all-caps carried over from her earlier conversation with Kalorned.

The miner was only willing to put the bare minimum of effort into the conversation. She wanted her Retriever loss reimbursed. She wasn't interested in getting PvP advice.

Agent Svara was in a particularly generous mood. She tentatively planned to reimburse BARANDYWINE's Retriever without digging too much into the details of the gank. Of course, she'd need a lossmail to substantiate the loss.

Red flags began flapping in the wind. Instead of linking her Retriever loss, BARANDYWINE linked the name of her own character and Agent Krominal, one of the gankers.

Despite having played EVE since 2011, BARANDYWINE had no idea how to find her killmails and lossmails. The ever-helpful Svara taught her how to locate them. She wanted so much to help the miner get reimbursed.

After a few minutes, BARANDYWINE finally discovered the lossmail. But there was a bit of a hiccup.

Agent Kalorned's friends had ganked BARANDYWINE's ship, but it was a Mackinaw, not a Retriever. So why was BARANDYWINE trying to get a Retriever reimbursed? Retrievers, of course, are worth much less than Mackinaws. Something was fishy here. The most likely explanation was that for some reason, BARANDYWINE repeatedly misspoke--that she hadn't intended to mislead the Reimbursement Officer.


Then BARANDYWINE linked a Retriever lossmail. The whole situation started to look shady. Svara Eir became visibly uncomfortable.

The miner linked a Retriever loss, but it was an odd one. The Retriever was destroyed all the way back in October 2011. And it was killed by NPCs.

Thus far, Svara had been almost unbelievably accommodating to BARANDYWINE. Now she was on her guard.

One way or another, Svara was going to get to the bottom of this.

To be continued...


  1. Typical hisec miner. Always trying to scam to make ISK. Just make ISK the honest way and get a Permit and become an Agent of the New Order

  2. Strange as it may seem, I'm not much of a one for convos. All my interactions with the rebels seem to follow the same pattern; lock shoot. It's all I really have to say to them now that the Code has been around for so long.

    Of course, they have plenty to say to me, but their outpourings hardly form the basis of any kind of conversation, as such...

    Perhaps I should try harder; conversion and conversation seem to be linked in some mysterious way.

    1. Thanks, Anon. I guess there are as many different ways of enforcing the Code as there are Agents.

      Your endorsement is appreciated!

  3. Confirming antiganking got laughed out of jita XD XD !!!!1

    1. Yes, in fact going by AG's own numbers, their "Burn Goons" event had a statistically insignificant effect on Burn Jita. That means that they would have accomplished the same thing even if they had not logged in.


    2. Your portrayal of anti-ganking’s efforts over the weekend is devastatingly accurate, Lawrence.

      It is perhaps unfortunate that they did not undertake a less complicated endeavour, such as ‘Fisher Price ‘Save the Aliens’’ online, or ‘My Little Pony Equestria Girl Games’ - where they may perhaps have experienced at least some modicum of success.

    3. Or as my wife would suggest, the game of Meow Meow Star Acres! It's super cute and there are no pesky player interactions so the stuff you build is safe. It includes a better mining simulator than EVE and is very relaxing!


    4. Jeezus, right LL?

      Why do these antisocial carebears play a game like EvE where everyone is encouraged to interact with you, and destruction is the driving force?

  4. The suspense is killing me! Poor Svara, I'm so worried this intimidating miner with the full caps will scam a honest Agent.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. Other than Ming's stalker, where are the AG shitters? Too embarrassed by their epic failure during Burn Jita to show their faces, I guess


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