Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Vow of Poverty, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Myevil Gankalt was presented with an unprecedented dilemma: Maverick Adtur claimed that despite having access to secret sources of billions of isk, he was unable to buy a mining permit because of his vow of poverty.
Myevil Gankalt > I fiind it interesting a player that started about 2 weeks ago has already made billions. But then chose to be poor.
Maverick Adtur > I've got tears of laughter coming from my eyes hahaha
Maverick Adtur > I started more than 2 weeks ago bro
Maverick Adtur > hahaha
Maverick Adtur > get your facts right then come back to me
Maverick Adtur > hahahaha
Myevil was skeptical of Maverick's story. With a mining permit sale on the line, though, she had no choice but to fully investigate it.
Myevil Gankalt > Your toon has a start date of 11/28/2016. It is now 12/10/2016.
Maverick Adtur > wrong dude
Maverick Adtur > haha
Maverick Adtur > I started on the 26th of November as according to my receipt
Maverick Adtur > so yea
Myevil Gankalt > Open up your character by left clicking on your name in chat. Then go to employment history.
Myevil Gankalt > What do you see?
Maverick proved to be obstreperous. Myevil had the darnedest time even getting the miner to admit his character's age.
Maverick Adtur > this character was created second dude
Myevil Gankalt > Ok. So you have a toon that was created 11/26/2016. It is now 12/10/2016. This other toon made the billions then?
Maverick Adtur > you and your fake posy might wanna close down cause I hear the boys over in Eve Customer Support don't like your behavior and who ever your working for might be getting shut down soon
Myevil Gankalt > We have heard that one about a million times before.
The New Order always has the facts on its side--always. Myevil easily won the debate with Maverick about his age, so the miner deflected.
Maverick Adtur > you work for me every time you lose I'll replace your ship for you easy you don't have to spend a cent
Myevil Gankalt > I am working for James 315. I have stated that many times before.
Myevil Gankalt > You are space poor. You can't afford to replace my ships.
Maverick Adtur > all you have to do is get aquainted with our group and we'll look after you whilst we take him down
Maverick took another shot at tempting Myevil away from the New Order: He offered to bankroll her ganking activities while his organization took down the Saviour of Highsec.
Maverick Adtur > wanna bet hahaha
Maverick Adtur > in just under a few seconds I have called my friends for financial support I now have 451,376,125 ISK
Maverick Adtur > but I don't think I wanna buy your mining permit
Myevil Gankalt > No, why not?
Maverick Adtur > I think its a bit of a rip off because will I get special benifits or will I get written conscent?
As proof of his friends' power, he declared that he'd suddenly received a transfer of a random amount of isk. At least now his vow of poverty wouldn't get in the way. But even with this unexpected influx of cash, Maverick would not purchase a permit.
Maverick Adtur > you know what do I get an invisible mining permit and the risk of being killed again once you forget about me
Myevil Gankalt > You will get a permit you can proudly display in your bio as a new member of the New Order.
Maverick Adtur > no thanks
Myevil Gankalt > This is very sad. I am certain you would feel better with a mining permit.
Our Agents have an extraordinary amount of empathy. Much like the Betazoids of the Star Trek universe, they can listen to a miner and determine his mood. For example, when a miner starts typing out profane threats in all caps, our Agents say to themselves, "I sense this miner is angry. He needs to calm down." Myevil was confident that Maverick would be happier if he owned a permit.
Maverick Adtur > I have some top of the line ships if you'd like me to earn a mining permit through showing my loyalty
Myevil Gankalt > You wish to join the New Order? Is that what you are saying?
Maverick Adtur > I worked for the Navy for 9 years I can stay pretty loyal
Myevil Gankalt > You have not demonstrated Gallant behavior.
Maverick Adtur > of course not because I am Minmatar
A potential breakthrough: Maverick hinted that he was willing to join the New Order for some reason. Myevil was still skeptical.
Myevil Gankalt > Not Gallente behavior. It's Gallant as opposed to Goofus.
Maverick Adtur > hm? please explain
Myevil Gankalt > The Code explains everything. A "Gallant" follows the Code. A "Goofus" does not.
Maverick Adtur > well don't you think you are being a bit rude to new players I would understand if the New order was in mid to low sec but high sec dude your being cruel to the new players who have just started the game like my girlfriend who is starting in a few days
It turned out to be a false dawn. Maverick switched gears yet again, justifying his opposition to the Code based on his concern for new players. Ah, carebears. How many atrocities have they committed in the name of helping newbros?
Maverick Adtur > what are you going to kill her on her first day in highsec
Maverick Adtur > just cause of the "New Order"
Maverick Adtur > seems a bit selfish to me
Myevil Gankalt > She can follow the code, buy a mining permit and avoid that fate.
Maverick Adtur > but it will be her first day no player starts off with 10 mil
Myevil Gankalt > You just got over 400 million. Don't be so selfish with it.
...Another demonstration of why carebears are advised not to try debating our Agents.
Maverick Adtur > you see I find that your "New Order" is a branch of the Nazi party in Eve and all over the globe where small pockets of neo Nazis lay and wait to avenge Hitler
Maverick Adtur > your pretty much the same
Maverick Adtur > are you proud of being a Nazi?
In playing the Godwin card, Maverick conceded defeat. His prospects of becoming a Gallant grew dim.
Myevil Gankalt > It's a popular misconception that Adolf Hitler was authorized to sell mining permits. I assure you he was not.
Maverick Adtur > no but your groups behavior is a bit similar
Maverick Adtur > killing players on popular trafic route soon people are going to dodge your solar system and you'll have nothing to protect what are you going to do when that day comes
One obvious difference between the Nazis and the New Order is that the Nazis were defeated. The New Order doesn't lose.
Myevil Gankalt > Maverick Adtur that will be the day of total High Sec compliance. Every New Order Knight strives for that.
Maverick Adtur > hahaha its gonna take a lot more than a small group to take over Eve with tens of thousands of players willing to defend their solar systems
Maverick Adtur > I for one have chosen to spread the word and more and more players are gearing up for your eventual doom
Myevil Gankalt > Are you going to join Anti-Ganking? Where were they when you got blown up?
The former owner of a rookie ship announced his intention to organize a rebellion and destroy the New Order once and for all. But like the rest of his fellow resistance leaders--and unlike our Agents--Maverick lacked commitment to his cause. He was ready to abandon the idea as quickly as he'd thought of it.
Maverick Adtur > I bet I bet but you don't know what kind of person I am
Maverick Adtur > I'm a very rude snobby selfish prick to you kind of people
Maverick Adtur > I hate to see that people are suffering from your behavior
Maverick Adtur > I hope you suffer the same fate as all other evil empires
Maverick Adtur > good day to you sir
Maverick was done. He no longer had the willpower to continue fighting a losing battle against Agent Myevil. Sadly, he forfeited a brilliant opportunity to buy a mining permit from our Agent. No matter. Myevil knew there were still other autopiloters in highsec who needed her help. At least some of them would be able to recognize a good thing when they saw it.


  1. Aha the spastic's debating style: flail about trying to hit something, anything, and failing to succeed in even that.

    Carebears should be hospitalized, for their own sake.

    1. "Carebears should be hospitalized, for their own sake. "

      - Classic!! \o/

    2. Often euthanasia is the kindest option, when dealing with carebears.

    3. I vote for ALTs option. Kill all highsec miners. Until they get a permit--different game.

    4. wow, Alt OO, just for you CCP has introduced a white costume with pointy headmask, comes with a free swastika armband. see you at midnight for some burning of crosses. you can even choose a system that will operate as a concentration camp. your surname must be Mengele.
      Heil James.

      P.S. thanks for showing your true colors....

    5. If your beloved pet started uncontrollably attacking rocks and howling with rage, the compassionate response to relieve its suffering would be to have it put to sleep.

      A carebear is no different, and no-one can say that we don’t treat them in a similarly humane way, once they are beyond any realistic hope of treatment.

      More often than not, an Agent of the New Order must appear cruel to be kind.

    6. comparing humans to animals with the mention of death, where did I hear that already?

    7. Carebears, especially the bot aspirant variety, cannot be considered remotely human by informed people. Your virtue signalling is a failure.

  2. "you see I find that your "New Order" is a branch of the Nazi party in Eve and all over the globe where small pockets of neo Nazis lay and wait to avenge Hitler"

    "hahaha its gonna take a lot more than a small group to take over Eve with tens of thousands of players willing to defend their solar systems"

    Oh wow, he's retarded. Like draws a check every month disabled. Should I be laughing so hard? Am I going to hell? With a smile on my face..

    1. looking at some comments here he was right on that Nazi part...

  3. How does one go about securing authorisation for their Corporation, under CODE law?

    1. Message Agent Nitetime Video ingame. I will explain

  4. you see I find that your "New Order" is a branch of the Nazi party in Eve and all over the globe where small pockets of neo Nazis lay and wait to avenge Hitler

    best line ever

  5. Typical lying Carebear. Why must they cloak everything they do in perpetual hypocrisy and deceit?

  6. @Anon1052 Simply contact an Agent like me and ask to purchase a site license. You will declare support for James 315 and the New Order in your corp biography and be provided with permits for each of your members to display.

  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. Confirmed: The New Order of HighSec is the NAZI party of EVE. Someone better call the inglorious bastards. :)

  9. Confirmed: carebears and anti-gankers are the bedwetting liberals of Eve. They infest safespaces like cockroaches, and routinely kidnap, torture and humiliate disabled people. They're literally communists.

    But fear not! The New Order does not whine for "someone else to do their job", they just do the job!


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