Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Miner He Saved, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Damien Oxytocin embarked on a thrilling mission to enforce the Code and rescue wayward miners.

Damien was well aware that bad miners are attracted to the many temptations of 0.5 security systems. In Balle, Damien met Episque Athonille. Our hero acted quickly to remove the miner's disgusting Retriever from highsec.
Episque Athonille > funny cunts hey
Damien Oxytocin > This is not a way to talk to a Knight of the New Order
Damien Oxytocin > Especially when you are in the wrong, mining without a permit.
Episque Athonille > you mine any where you want fucktard
Damien Oxytocin > You do, but if you do without a permit, this ends up happening Kill: Episque Athonille (Retriever)
Damien's first impression of Episque proved to be spot on. When the miner returned to his keyboard, he was in a grumpy mood. Maybe he was surprised that his warp core stabilizer hadn't kept him safe.
Episque Athonille > drop back here cock smith and we will see
Damien Oxytocin > I currently have a criminal timer and cannot enter any vessel,
Episque Athonille > oh wow you commited a crime dumb
Episque Athonille > I am waiting drop in with your cata and see it go pop fucker
Not long after Episque lost his Retriever, he began making threats and inviting Damien to return to the asteroid belt. Damien's super-secret scout alt scanned Episque's new ship, a Megathron:

Damien was appalled to see such fittings forced upon a battleship. He didn't hide his displeasure with Episque's design.
Damien Oxytocin > Also, I suggest you don't shield AND armor tank your Megathron
Episque Athonille > FUCK OFF WANKER
Episque Athonille > what you did was ratting plain and simples bud
Damien Oxytocin > What kind of person fits a ship that way?
Damien Oxytocin > It is truely a sight to see.
Episque Athonille > fuck off turd
Episque Athonille > you just earned a KOS order
Episque had a thin skin; he didn't accept the criticism of his Megathron very graciously.
Episque Athonille > hah lol you are truly an utter wanker you committed a crime that is why the police blew your ships up
Damien Oxytocin > Yes, this was on purpose, if you did not already understand how we opperate.
Episque Athonille > for what 1 mil isk in ore dumb ass shit if you ask me
Damien Oxytocin > I suicide my ship in order to blow your ship.
Episque Athonille > you suicided 2 ships for one miner HAHAHAHAHAHHA
Damien Oxytocin > And I would do it again
It was evident that Episque was unfamiliar with the New Order and its Code. At this point in highsec's transformation process, only a bot-aspirant could be so ignorant.
Episque Athonille > oh please do I have better ships to take you on than my mega buddy
Damien Oxytocin > I hope their fit isn't as horrendous as that mega,
Damien Oxytocin > Warp core stabs, shield buffer and armor repairer, a thing of a beauty
Episque Athonille > that mega is fitted so you don't warp or move fool
Episque Athonille > one shot kill for your catalysts I am happy with that
Damien Oxytocin > Unfortunately, it won't
Though he tried to defend his Megathron fit, Episque hedged by saying he had better ships--though naturally he wouldn't elaborate on the subject.
Damien Oxytocin > the catalysts will simply kill your lowly, unlawful, mining ships
Damien Oxytocin > I hope that you read the link I gave you, and that you follow the law, it would be unfortunate for you to lose more vessel and pride over this.
Episque Athonille > I don't read shit, you cannot claim this territory I am not required to buy a permit and fuck off
Damien Oxytocin > I may try to get you an audio version of that law book if you'd like, so that you don't strain your eyes on reading too many words.
Unsurprisingly, Episque was not a big reader. Our Agent tried to accommodate him. One way or another, the Code must be absorbed.
Episque Athonille > look bud I will keep mining with free ventures if you like and i will not be losing anything but you will
Damien Oxytocin > Very well, we will meet again then.
Episque Athonille > is rushdie one of yours
Episque Athonille > cause you could have just left me be but no you had to go there I will torp and destroy you on site
Episque Athonille > if you have any mining barges in sector I will not be bothering you I am hunting the 2 wankers who attacked without warning then say it is their right to do so
Damien let Episque go for the moment, but he kept a scout alt in the system to log local chat.
Episque Athonille > you generally open a dialogue first before attacking
Episque Athonille > especially if you don't say you are pirates
Sinister Bear > Probably affliated with Code.
Sinister Bear > It'd be a good idea to learn up on it.
Episque Athonille > you don't drop in on people when the is no notification except cargo containers which I don't touch I am guessing that is what they are using for billboars
Once Damien exited the system, other miners began to speak up and give Episque advice.
Rushdie Vance > *facepalm*
Episque Athonille > give me more targets I want the whole bloody lot of them
Episque Athonille > where are you rushdie
Rushdie Vance > Trying to avoid pirates and a crazy son of a bitch who thinks I'm a pirate.
Episque Athonille > well you are aren't you pirates commit criminal acts dont they
Rushdie Vance > Yes, with my 0.1 status.
Rushdie Vance > Goddamn.
Episque Athonille > like attacking non combatants like miners for there shit
The system's local chat soon resembled the Anti-Ganking channel. The atmosphere became toxic, marked by paranoia and infighting.
Charlotte LaRoche > The pirates are gone, you can see it in local, they have a flashing red skull.
Episque Athonille > charlotte i seen you out there in the feild after what had happened yes
Charlotte LaRoche > Yes, I tried to kill them
Charlotte LaRoche > but they died too fast, losers
Rushdie Vance > They got me a few days ago.
One local resident outed herself as an Anti-Ganker. By her own admission, she'd failed to stop any ganks.
Episque Athonille > I should have podded the pair of you
Charlotte LaRoche > They're gone dude
Charlotte LaRoche > They're not here anymore
Rushdie Vance > Let it goooo, let it go...
Episque Athonille > man all i wanted was a few isk one load I would have been happy
The miner mourned the loss of his Retriever and its cargo. Yet he showed no remorse for his violations against the Code.
Charlotte LaRoche > You're free to mine again now that they're gone
Episque Athonille > yeah he was with code
Rushdie Vance > Dumb question, when you pay, they blow you up anyway, right?
Charlotte LaRoche > No, not if you follow the law
Episque Athonille > well I didn't have 10 000 000 isk handy right then
Interestingly, the aspiring Anti-Ganker conceded that miners aren't killed if they obey the Code. Episque responded by making up a lame excuse for not buying a permit. He would've had plenty of cash if he'd sold that outrageous Megathron!

As for Damien, his journey continued. He would not rest until he found a miner he could liberate from bot-aspirancy.

To be continued...


  1. "Karma balancer February 3, 2017 at 5:14 PM
    More dribble and no action again from bioipchecker. I would love for you to back up your words. Everytime i gank a miner in hagekan i get no resistance." From this site a couple days ago. Another fail troll!

    At the karma player. I would suggest you seperate yourself form this issue. I have delt with others like you and most give me props for how fast I can outsmart them. It would be sad if I had to make you look bad in public.

    The Sasha character tried to stick his nose in it recently, but he is a no show also. You kids feel free to try and take me down, if you manage to get my FREE citadel it wont make me mad! Lol! It was free from some people that are much more powerful than idiot CODE gankers.

    Our shadow group is close to 100 man strong, maybe you CODE/TNT alts should consider this before you make silly threats that you will ragret. I didn't start this issue with CODE, but I wont stop until I finish it. You wont know we are coming for you until its already over!

    This will be the last warning you idiots get about the cyberbullying on my evewho site. Only a complete idiot would post illegal cyberbullying crap and not hide their IPs LOL! All it takes is one good detective to find out wich one of you idiots are after me!

    Lol idiots your attacks are to basic to worry me. Only a scared kid that cant fist fight would post that crap and try to make it look like me lol! Pussys lol!

    We will crush you if you try your bullying/ganking on our turf. Dont be a bunch of idiots played by one of your own lol! If you were all smart you would go after the nolife fail that started this hole mess.

    Contact the real Codex Biovector in game if you want all the details and alts on Zevnentse and the Leerooy fail ganking crew. Lol we make fun of them on my stream all day lol. Everyone there can see just how stupid and fail they really are! They cant hack it in low or null so they resort to killing noobs in high security systems and then try to justifie it as recuirting LOL! They are such fail assholes. Try harder TNT LOL!

    Be smart CODE, and dont let fail TNT alts make you look bad. Why would you want to be friends with those loosers? Lol, every miner/indy player in eve is laugh at you.

    Only idiots would attack a player that was only trying to help Eve and new players. All I have ever done in game is try to help new players understand how hard eve is. I help them out by offering mining boosts and a safe citadel to dock in lol!
    Gankers are killing eve and trying to bully everyone that wants to see eve great again. This game used to be the best sandbox on the market, and now its just a bullyfest for nolife losers that have no life outside game lol!

    You idiots keep calling me mad lol! Just shows you are ttoo stupid to see just how hard you are being trolled LOL! I am never mad over a game, but I am concerned for the mental state of the fail trolley people that keep trying to bully.
    Its cute the way he uses my name and wants to be me. I think he wants me lol!

    Fly safe and never underestimate the "Biovector"! :D


    1. So wait, is Biovector a member of Code or something? Is this some sort of internal power struggle? What is happening here? Should I calm down?

    2. I'm rather curious why a TNT Systems high guard is using codex name on a fake account? Its rather interesting. Not sure why they would go so far to trick their own community into fighting someone else. Even me (codex) Is laughing that they would go this far to troll. :)

      And Even for me, That to much text for a comment section.

    3. I am wondering why Kotex is trying to frame TNT for something. Are you that desperate for viewers on that stream no one watches?

      Can you at least tell us who the person is? How do you know it's TNt?
      They dont seem to be messing with you, why are you harassing them?
      That's not very mature, Kotex.

    4. ahahaha tell 'em about that gank you "stopped".
      Oh wait.... You were just lying again? No fair!

      Codex you so cute. You may be basic, but you're my kind of crazy! That Evewho is delectable, the vastness of your ocean of tears shocks even a veteran player like me. There seems to be no limit to your anger.

      Tell us again about your 11% body fat and how you are the !STRONKest! fist fighter on your block! Backstreet blackbelt? Do explain! Tell us about how mad you are not, and how hard you are laughing!

      Do you maybe have PBA?

      Ooh ooh ooh how 'bout the way you can find anyone with just their IP and a bit of insanity. Do you feel well friend?

      Don't forget, Codex, you can get a permit or you can get rekt, miner.

      You should "calm down miner"! Gankers are here to help you! Don't be so ungrateful, you seem mad when you should be overjoyed that someone is here for you. XD

      Your hangup with TNT is unhealthy, miner. A great way to offset all that agnst and negativity is to get right with the Code.

      Where is your permit? Without one you have no voice in high sec politics. Your opinion is invalid until you are a properly permitted and compliant high sec citizen.

      Don't delay, get right today!

      Oh man I almost forgot about that rebel alliance you are heading up. Tell us again how your group loves to sit on your stream while you "crack epic jokes" all night about your phantom protagonists, on that stream no one watches.

      I will wait for you to google all the big words.

  2. Poor depressed Zopi. Couldnt happen to a more deserving gal! :)

  3. My wife, Phyllis, and I were enjoying a bit of 'together-time' (reading the Miner Bumping blog), when my eyes lighted upon that scanned Megathron fit.

    'Unfit' more like it.

    Thank James for the New Order of Highsec! We help the weak by stoking opprobrium for their nasty little ways.

  4. Rushdie Vance has our sympathy, we in TNT know what it feels like to be wrongfully accused by some crazy, mad, foaming-at-the-mouth, carebear shitter.
    Maybe Episque will 'calm down miner' and not go completely over the edge like the madman that has been trying to sully our reputation for the last few weeks.

    We are with you in spirit Rushdie.

    Be warned that with this type of crazy carebear, you will probably never be able to convince him otherwise. Facts are not important to someone who has allowed himself to go full retard.

    Don't let the bastards get you down!


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