Monday, February 13, 2017

The Search for Anti-Ganking, Part 1

Some highsec miners can be friendly enough--until they get the slightest hint that maybe they need to part with a little bit of their money.

Agent Alt 00 recently began a fact-finding mission in the highsec asteroid belts and ice anomalies. She was interested in investigating the so-called "Anti-Ganking" phenomenon.

On occasion, a miner will switch into a combat ship, such as an ECM Falcon. If they intend to interfere with ganks, they get ganked themselves.

Albrecht Patrouette was quite the prickly fellow. From the moment he heard the word "permit", he became unapproachable. Obviously he wasn't having any fun in EVE.

The Falcon pilot was an anomaly as far as rebels go; he was a miner but ready to re-ship into a jammer at a moment's notice. A month later, Alt 00's interest in studying the Anti-Gankers was renewed, following the destruction of a fail-fit Mackinaw.

As it turned out, the Mackinaw was only the tip of the iceberg. Our Agent was surprised to find a nest of Retrievers nearby. Rather than docking up when a CODE. member entered local, they kept on mining--even after the Mackinaw was ganked!

Aha! Alt 00 determined that the Retrievers must've felt safe in the presence of an Anti-Ganker named Kira Norr. Earlier, Kira used a Gila to attack Alt 00's Catalyst mid-gank. Of course, Kira had failed to actually stop Alt 00 from destroying the Mackinaw. Still, Kira was undoubtedly an Anti-Ganker.

Our Agent took swift action. The Anti-Ganker's Gila couldn't defend those miners; it couldn't even defend itself!

The triumphant sound of Alt 00's victory blared across the system. Alt 00 took satisfaction in the fact that she'd been able to locate an actual Anti-Ganker doing Anti-Ganking things (or trying to, anyway).

As expected, the Anti-Ganker was powerless to stop the New Order. Still, Alt 00 hoped that she might be able to force more interactions with the elusive Anti-Gankers and learn what makes them tick.

In the wake of her tremendous victory, Alt 00 did an impromptu "meet and greet" with the locals. However, the Anti-Ganker she'd killed remained silent.

Why would an Agent of the New Order take any interest in the Anti-Gankers, you ask? Because they're EVE players who reside in highsec. In Alt 00's eyes, that made them worth saving.

A few rascals voiced anti-Code sentiments in local, but there was no further Anti-Ganking activity. Nevertheless, our Agent was determined to get an audience with a bona fide Anti-Ganker and see if she could persuade him to switch sides.

To be continued...


  1. Meh... seems made up. Really don't think those are real characters, just your alts. Nice try!

    1. Any proof to back up those claims Anon 7:53?

    2. He has about as much proof as ag does that they dont fail daily.
      So yea, he has jack. And an unhealthy obsession with leaving tears here.

      He seems mad, but in a passive way. Like a coward.

  2. Antigankers have bee failing for years now XD XD and still get so salty when they lose a single ship. XD XD

    1. Unlike the Kusions?

      [ 2017.02.12 06:12:51 ] Jason Kusion > you look -5 from here
      [ 2017.02.12 06:12:59 ] Jason Kusion > keep cycling those alts until you get banned
      [ 2017.02.12 06:13:05 ] Jean-Paul Marat Justice > You look -10 from here.
      [ 2017.02.12 06:13:10 ] Jean-Paul Marat Justice > Your point?

    2. kusions are killing stuff. antiganking are failing to stop him. keep crying XD XD

    3. Looks like ag needs another class on what "salt" is. The above reference from the Kusions is what normal people call "smack-talk". Please see the article above for examples of "salt" and "rage".

    4. That john-paul marat justice guy is an Rl trans man. Chat him in game for free preop pics.

  3. So where was ag? They were all at faildo raines having a circle jerk. pedojedus was the pivot man XD

    Hey faildo, get a permit or get rekt, miner.

  4. But where oh where is Ming?

  5. That AG initiative doesn't look like the most profitable endeavour out there.

    1. And it's no so much an initiative as it is a couple butthurt little tyrants trying to impose upon others their morally bankrupt ideas of how the game should be played. ag is wrong btw, as evedienced by the Code always winning! Everyone, including CCP, says ganking is good. Everyone but a few willfully ignorant whiners.

      It's a 'Might is Right' thing, and lawfully so.

  6. So many anonymous ganker tears. You guys all get real butthurt when AG is involved. It's cute. This whole comment section is very cute.

  7. Wow is all I can really say to this website... I fully support ganking. You can say its justified and not harassment but it is. I mean if you polish a turd its still a turd right? Like just because you stick your finger in your belly button and brown shit comes out it dont make it your asshole not matter what you say. What "code" does to me is part of the game and completely okay. What shocks me is how fucking lame you guys are. You talk like dude is Jesus Christ and he talks like he is Jesus Christ. When I read this website I pictured the fat fuck from the south park episode "make love not warcraft". You are a complete tool and not because of ganking miners. You are a tool for how you act. Your online persona is that of someone who was picked on his whole life then finally found a place where he could repay that to others. Sitting behind his computer in his mothers basement. Using the tears of ganked miners to masturbate to pictures of his mother undoubtedly. I feel like you are a virgin, like its okay to pay for it if you have to guy. Try it you might like it more than blogging about how much of a fag you can be. Also to see the tools that actually follow this shit and say things like "james 315 and all his wisdom" just makes me laugh. What queers some people can be. You can operate code without being the biggest dork on Earth. There is no need for that stupid faggy role play shit. Then to say people cant swear, guess what fuck your mother i shit in her corn flakes and she asked for more the dumb cunt she is. Fucking faggots and I repeat its not because of how you gank people its because you like dick in your booty. Code is by far gayer than two boys fucking in the woods.


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