Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good Player vs. Bad Player, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... jay lacey lost a shuttle and an empty pod. He planned to have Pandemic Legion redeploy to highsec to hunt down his killer, but he soon found himself in a debate with Agent Sherri Rozei about the nature of PvP.

You can always tell when an EVE player is losing an argument: They resort to Code violations.

jay was tired of dealing with an Agent of the New Order. He wanted to speak to the man in charge.

Some people say that I don't exist. That's nonsense, of course; you can tell I exist by reading the Code I wrote. But even if for whatever reason you don't have access to a copy of the Code, you can see evidence of my existence by observing all the good things that happen in highsec these days.

jay lacey demanded to speak with me--not unlike a hostage taker who demands to speak with the President of the United States. That demand is rarely met.

It's nice to see that CCP still has a fan.

jay changed the subject again. Clearly he'd lost the debate about the nature of highsec's Saviour, so he went back to arguing about "PvP".

The miner didn't care about reimbursement anymore. He wanted the satisfaction of getting Agent Sherri to admit that ganks don't count as PvP.

Miners can be stubborn. Our Agents have a lot of patience--even compared to other EVE players.

Sherri calmly explained what PvP is. jay didn't absorb this information the last few times it was presented, so Sherri could only hope for the best.

People accuse our Agents of being "griefers", but it is the carebears who are the masters of the first two stages of grief--denial and anger.

Sherri was willing to help the miner, but she could see that jay still had a lot of growing up to do.

The New Order isn't a bunch of politicians. We enforce the Code because it's right, not because it's popular. In any event, when people who violate the Code quit EVE, the Code's popularity increases.

Sherri wasn't optimistic about selling a permit, but she wanted jay to know how much they cost. That way, jay could start saving up in case he changed his mind later.

The mere suggestion that jay might have to part some with of his isk was enough to get him boiling with rage.

It was time for Sherri to help her next customer, so she prepared to leave. But jay still needed closure.

Alas, it was not to be. Not on that day, anyway. Miners, the only way to get closure is to get compliant.


  1. "i dont need no f** permit to fly through hi sec"
    Seems like an odd thing to say after he was defeated. Miners!

    1. Yet he is correct. No permit is required to mine or travel through New Eden. I've proven that for years.

      I'm also educating players about the CODE

    2. 9 times out of 10, it's just some LADAR jammers and you get off scott free.

      Even the Skiff can watched CODE Cats go poof with a few LADAR ECM I's on there. And LADAR is way cheaper than a permit, and you get to loot a wreck. Win-Win ;)

    3. Heresy! Sending mixed messages to the miners will only confuse them. A confused miner is a dead miner. Join our cause! You are well-spoken and thoughtful enough to become an Agent, you just need to break out of your old way of thinking.

    4. It's ok Prof,

      I'm just not as magnanimous as agents are to help bring miners out of the cold. I'm more of a "hunt the more dangerous game" kind of player. It's more fun for me to watch a ganker try and explode than to cull simple sheep from a herd.

      Besides, I like to think I'm helping Agents get better, a sharper Agent is even more Elite PvP for everyone else right?

    5. If carebears don't need permits why do so many uncompliant miners die in highsec, daily?

      Nonperson alpha leeches should learn the Code, and get a subscription.

    6. Professor, we know you want to help everyone, but alpha's are nonpersons. They don't think EvE is worth supporting.

      They don't contribute, all they do is leech off our civilization, even coming here try and drum up traffic to their fail blog while mocking the Code.

      The proper way to educate alphas is to sell them permits.

      Alpha shitters always fail! Always! ;)

    7. I have alpha alts that i will be plexing up and turning into proper ganker alts, as soon as i start actually having time to make worth a plex

    8. Anon 1:28 are you trying to say that using LADAR ECM I can't shut down a Ganking Cat?

      I don't think I'm sharing any trade secrets that aren't readily available out there. I also think I'm being very polite, after all, if you're good, you don't need to go low brow. In fact, swearing and hostility is usually the sign of a miner or AG.

      Calm Down Miner, it'll be ok. It's just a game after all.

    9. Anon1237 and anon331.

      What I am saying is you brag about using ECM on gankers, that means you would be on the CONCORD killmail, but you post as an anon with zero proof. That makes you a liar until you post some kills.

      Go back to wow if you cannot grasp the simple concept that braggarts in EVE are shit until they have proof.

      Just link your zkill please. That will prove your claims.

    10. Anon @8:21PM

      Maybe try knowing the proper ECM module for jamming Cats before coming here pretending you do anything about CODE.

  2. woah antigankers really failed hard.

  3. Ghetto alpha leeches need a permit, and a subscription, before they can have an opinion. Go back to whatever free2play theme park you came from.

  4. Did someone lose their ISK or just a ship or pod here? Its nothing to be butthurt about. Its not like he just gave away ALL of the corps ISK to ZopiHitler.

    1. Do what? I can't even... Huh?


    2. Comparisons to RL are not becoming of good agents. Remember this is a game.

  5. has increased content by 85%!

    1. Please show actual math supporting this.

  6. Excellent work Agent Sherri Rozei!

  7. That Jay Lacey character needs a permit, and an adjustment to his attitude.

    Shitters like that need to be ganked daily!


  8. Shitters, profane language, assessment: not a good agent.


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