Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rusell's Revenge, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Melancholy in the Anti-Ganking channel! After a carebear stopped by to get help with a wardec, Rusell seized control of the conversation. Soon the channel became a platform for Rusell's wistful monologue about Iustitiae, a corp that Rusell founded--and yearned to build into something bigger.

Managing and building a corporation can take a lot of time and energy. Rusell warned his fellow Anti-Gankers not to reinvent the wheel. For example, Rusell's precious Iustitiae was very similar to the Provi Bloc coalition.

Provi Bloc has well over 10,000 members and controls a chunk of southern nullsec along the lowsec border.

Iustitiae's membership fluctuates between one and two members and consists entirely of Rusell's alts. In hindsight, the comparison seems obvious.

Rusell longed to return to a PvE-oriented life. But his commitment to the rebel cause would not allow him to be a man of peace. Not until the mighty CODE. alliance was destroyed.

Even fellow rebel Sarah Flynt was dubious of Rusell's claims--after she looked up the membership size of Iustitiae. Rusell assured her that Iustitiae's inactivity was due to the fact that he'd abandoned it. It was too much work.

Rusell had an impressive résumé. He'd done great things, amazing things. He'd, you know, guided people.

Surveying his achievements over the years, Rusell wondered aloud if maybe it was time for him to retire, to pass to the torch to the younger generation. To let them have their time in the sun.

Can he...

Can he see us?

For people who are so bad at EVE, the Anti-Gankers take the game very seriously. Perhaps they'd enjoy EVE more if they learned how to laugh of the things.

The patriarch of the resistance felt his energy waning. The only thing that drove him onward was the dream of crushing the New Order.

Besides, other forms of entertainment require even more PLEX than EVE does.

If there's one thing Rusell doesn't like doing, it's talking about himself. Rusell urged Sarah to let the matter drop--and then fished for people to beg him to stay.

Enough of this self-indulgence. Rusell reminded himself of the cause he was fighting for. When this day was done, he would have a solid plan to defeat CODE., once and for all.

To be continued...


  1. "Can he...

    Can he see us?"

    A chill ran up my spine...


  2. Well this article will just add more fire to the fire

  3. Russell's delusions and never ending desire for attention could fuel several phd psych research thesis.

  4. "If there's one thing Rusell doesn't like doing, it's talking about himself.".

    Top notch comedy today James.

    Anyone else see Rusell with hand to forhead, half closed eye in an exaggerated theatrical pose as if he's just about to collapse from the mental strain?

    That boy needs a woman.

    And a a "house" of some sorts.

  5. Hahaha russell just became the biggest sperglord in eve. Even more spergier than those that enforce the code outside of the code 😂😂😂

    1. Maybe you have a criminal mind

  6. 'Miner' is a derogatory umbrella term associated with any number of unfavorable character traits. Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples:
    - one who mines
    - one who spends most of his time doing PvE
    - a coward or pacifist
    - one who doesn't participate in PvP
    - one who doesn't embrace the spirit of EVE
    - one who has an expectation of safety in Highsec
    - a solo themeparker who expects to be "left alone"
    - one who is opposed to The Code, The New Order, and/or James 315

    Society under the New Order is divided into three distinct strata: At the top are the valiant Knights and Agents of the Order. Below them are the loyal masses of permit holders and shareholders. At the bottom are the squatters. Upward mobility is always encouraged.

    1. There is poop in your mind

    2. I've never thought of it that way, Lawrence – but we do indeed offer the miner an opportunity to join a slightly better class of citizen. I have always regarded the miner as inhabiting an ‘underworld’ of squalor, decay, and chaos – however every gank is really our way of reaching down to them, from high above.

      I think this could become a theme for my next New Order fine art painting...

    3. Professor, you will be punished for your evil thinking

    4. As a nullsec dweller, I really wish more highsec miners would realise that Goonswarm/TEST/PL space is safer than highsec and move there, because regional defense forces can only respond to so many attacks at once, and the more they have to defend, the easier it will be to kill the miners and ratters they're charged with defending.

    5. The professor is sounding more and more like a Nazi teacher everyday.

  7. Rusell reminds you of the bum at the end of the bar, alternately ranting and muttering, all the while using his trousers as a toilet.

    He'd better be docked up while he does, he doesn't have this agent's permission.

  8. In this episode of the tale, one thing did strike me as convincing; Rusell's weariness. I don't think he was play-acting there. Enervation is difficult to manufacture, and his broken sentences were positively dripping with it.

    I'm not surprised though. It must be very draining to work so hard at attracting the rapt attention of others - and gamers in particular - over a lifetime's keyboard bashing. And then to have to face the New Order and James 315.

    Rusell knows precisely what he's doing; that's why I think his behaviour is unlikely to be confined to EVE. He's had success with this stuff outside the game and finds it even easier when he can hide behind a cardboard cutout persona. He must be in seventh heaven in the ag channel.

  9. "sometimes eve is like rl"


  10. It is so sad and cute.

    Makes me wanna' hug him, saying.. "Hush now. It's going to be all right. Come, gank a miner and sell a permit! Doing good makes you feel -so- much better!"

    I'm such a carebear.

  11. Rusell = Jamey. Too obvious.


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