Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to Liberate Gamis

The rebels say everyone hates the New Order. But how can they know that? Have they ever taken a poll?

Tellingly, when miners attempt to rally the faithful against one of our Agents, nobody signs up.

To get a clearer picture of the situation in Gamis, let's take a look at the @NewOrderGamis Twitter feed.

For a long time now, carebears have complained about not getting a warning before they're ganked. They've made this complaint for years. Shouldn't the miners be warning each other by now? Perhaps gankers should be the ones complaining when a miner hasn't been warned.

"If only there were no Code," says the bot-aspirant. "Then I would be a powerful warrior in a battleship instead of a lowly miner." In truth, the absence of the Code would only leave miners to further develop their bad habits.

Of course, for everyone miner who says we're single-handedly ruining their game, there's another miner who says we have no impact--even in the immediate aftermath of being ganked.

A dangerous new phenomenon: Some of the most formidable, elite PvP'ers in the game are disguising themselves as highsec miners. They only reveal their true form after being ganked.

When Roseta mallard lost a mining ship, the New Order found itself embroiled in a war with Pandemic Horde Inc. Everyone hurry up and train into a Nyx!

These days, we're under siege from all sides: Kalorned also managed to gank the highsec mining alt of The Mittani himself.

By contrast, Liberty sibthiean's powerful friends in nullsec went unnamed. At this time, we only know that they're a PvP alliance.

Typical miner.

It's rare to see a retweet like this; most carebears don't send tears to our Agents by tweet. But it was an important message: The force of karma would succeed where Goons and Pandemic Horde have failed. It might take several months of sustained fighting, but Kalorned will be driven out of Gamis.

Suppose traditional PvP fails, though. The alternative is to beat our Agents by getting CCP to ban them.

Unfortunately for the carebears, it's not against the EULA to shoot spaceships in a spaceship-shooting game.

What's an anti-Code carebear to do? Wait for CCP to go bankrupt.

If CCP can't help them, the miners have few options left. One is to pray for deliverance.

...And if praying doesn't work, send a petition to the Saviour of Highsec himself. My response? Let the Code blossom across every system in highsec.


  1. lolololol Thank you, Kalorned, for providing great content through various media, and, of course, for keeping the universe, or at least Gamis, safe for law-abiding citizens!


  2. Enforcing the CODE outside of the CODE is the Only Option.

  3. Man, what's with carebears and RL death threats?

    This is why EVE needs a screening process for highsec mining. We should make every highsec miner pass a test to see if they can be trusted to mine responsibly in highsec. We need to weed out the criminals.

    Some of them have already proven that the RL violence is not just words. One of the leaders, and most outspoken, of the "anti-gankers" believes it's ok to harass people in RL over in game pvp. He believes it's ok to violence people in RL.

    And his predecessor kalynn was such a rager he couldn't seperate RL from game and we all know how that shit ended.

    And they're not the only ones. That foxbolt guy, holy shit. I saw his videos before he took all that shit down, that guy was crazy. I mean like rocking in his chair while grasping the seat all while trying to convince the world he was entitled to recieve a monthly stipend of real dollars from his corpies so he could quit his job and run his EVE corp..... Wow

    You should all be afraid of highsec miners. You should be very afraid.

    That's not even the tip.


    1. Using a RL murder/suicide as a soapbox is ill advised.

    2. that's what you say now 401, but wait till one of the crazies comes after you because of some imagined slight in a video game, then you'll want some looney toon nerfs

    3. Separate RL from a game, If you cannot do that you have metal issues.

  4. I'll see that foxbolt, and raise you a Fin Udan. That crazy shitter has stalker written all over him.

  5. "The rebels say everyone hates the New Order. But how can they know that? Have they ever taken a poll?"

    Yes... it was taken in Proxie, and the results confirm. Isn't the way Jim was elected? XDXDXDXD

    1. I elected myself in proxy to save this blog from boredom but moderators keep it from having content.


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