Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rusell's Revenge, Part 1

In an era of a slumbering nullsec, nothing excites EVE more than the brave deeds of the New Order of Highsec. The mighty CODE. alliance's relevance is at an all-time high.

Even a single gank can send shock waves across New Eden. When Anti-Ganking patriarch Rusell lost an 8.8 billion isk freighter, it shook the rebels' faith to their core. As recounted in MinerBumping's Fallen Idol series, the Anti-Gankers turned against Rusell.
cynoalt x vonalt > russell still here? Just wanted to let him now he's one special retard
ReallyProud Cyno Character > wanna hear the full story how he got caught?
Aleff Knoll > I read about him earlier on you-know-where. As soon as I saw his name I knew I was in for a facepalm.
Aleff Knoll > That ranting earlier was made ridiculous because he refused to do what I did: look at what went wrong, try to find a way to mitigate the risk in the future. I hang out in this channel for that precise purpose.
In the face of such a reversal of fortune, most Anti-Gankers would give up. In fact, most of them surrender by instinct immediately upon logging in.

For a time, Rusell hid in shame. But then, one day, he bounded into the Anti-Ganking channel with a shout.

Rusell roared, delivering a fire-and-Veldspar sermon, just as in the days of yore.

The Anti-Ganker declared his refusal to give up. He wouldn't allow the recent humiliations to drive him out of the game. He would see things through to the end. The speech was enough to warm the heart of a cynical, defeatist AG channel moderator.

When he saw that no immediate push-back was forthcoming, Rusell resumed his career of needlessly injecting himself and his cheerleading into every conversation.

Rusell settled back into his role. It was as if nothing had changed. Random carebear Tickles TheClown joined the channel, seeking information about some groups that had wardecced him and his fellow industrialists. Rusell saw such things as a distraction.

Though a carebear himself, Rusell didn't view wardeccers as the main threat to highsec. Wardeccers use a valid game mechanic. Gankers, on the other hand...

Tickles didn't agree. He felt wardecs were little better than an exploit, a means of introducing spaceship combat into a game about mining.

Rusell had no love for the wardeccers, but still--at least they weren't literally cheaters. All the gankers should be banned.

Nevertheless, Rusell took pity on the carebear. He gave Tickles the best military advice the Anti-Gankers had at their disposal: Drop corp.

Rusell then redirected the discussion of Tickles' problem into another speech about himself:

Rusell longed for the days when he might be free to indulge in the kind of peaceful pursuits he enjoyed, such as exploring unknown space. One day, yes, he would retire to his home and till the fields in sweet solitude. But not until the war was over. Not until CODE. was dead.

Resident heretic Alexander Kaan interrupted Rusell's soliloquy by popping in to suggest the possibility of engaging in spaceship combat. Was Rusell's newly restored position of authority about to be threatened?

To be continued...


  1. "Players who do not PVP" are not entitled to safety. They are entitled to being farmed. If they don't like it they can fix themselves or play Meow Meow Star Acres instead.

    1. Fancy its a game you know well.

    2. Professor maybe you coded that game app, nice work!

    3. Professor, please explain how driving people away from the game will benefit the game with a reduced player base?
      Also please provide reasoning behind why people are so mad at one player for not subscribing to the game despite the fact that you do not accept her play style and as you say should play other games.

    4. So you accept that anyone without a firearm or defense is just a victim and needs killing. Has this always been your philosophy?

    5. Anon 1:40

      Anyone without a firearm or a defense is a victim, and they are more at risk of being harmed or killed because they lack the ability and/or desire to protect themselves.

      Fortunately EVE has given everyone the chance to defend themselves and it doesn't even require a NICS background check (or a waiting period). CCP made your clone but Hyasyoda Corporation made all clones equal. (well Caldari clones at least).

      'Only the paranoid survive.'

  2. Code Nazis garbage to resume in

  3. Even untanked, taking out a freighter in a .8 is kinda impressive

    1. ag seems to think it's so easy that anyone can do it with zero effort.

      Then again, ag was also home to kalynn and company, so....they obviously aren't known for their ability to make the right call.

      ag supports rl violence to gankers, and defends their friend kalynn at every opportunity. Sad to say, but Rusell may quite possibly be the smartest in the bunch.

    2. @miner404: We have an ag sympathizer trying to brush off what happened as though it isn't a symptom of a larger problem.

      The kind of person who joins a PvP sandbox MMO game and then spends his time trying to stop PvP, despite the PvP having the full support of the devs, and despite failing nonstop daily for years, has something wrong with him IRL.

      I will quote from The Golden Rules:

      You consent to PvP when you click "undock".

      You are not safe in 1.0 security space.

      Scamming and unethical behavior some would consider griefing is not only allowed, it is encouraged and rewarded by the game mechanics.

      There is no such thing as "a fair fight" or "an unfair fight". There's only a fight. Circumstances are irrelevant.

      Just because you can fly something doesn't mean you should.

  4. 'Mining permits' are a scam, don't bother purchasing one other than for giggles. Because that's all it will give to the ganker that pops your ship and pod.

    1. I poped some reds, does that count?

    2. Nonsense, miner647. Here is some education for you:

      "The New Order Permit is a simple way to pledge opposition to bot-aspirancy: thus separating those who recognize the danger of bot-aspirancy to the game, from those who support such wretched and destructive behaviors." --Why Should I Support the Code?

    3. bot-aspirancy IS code

    4. Education for you, read all these past articles and explain why permit holders are still ganked even though there is no listing for illegal fittings or laws on how to fit the ship to your standards.

      The permits are a lie.

    5. Mining is part of the game, PVE is part of the game, stop trying to re-write the rules. None of my space is yours to own or claim.

    6. Lawrence is actually Professor Eugen Fischer.

    7. I prefer Troll647 I don't like people calling me another name for Jew.

    8. Why do you call everyone you disagree with a "miner" have you associated that word to be derogatory and meant to make others feel less than human? Inferior? Defunct?
      If so then why do you call the code an equal society?

    9. 'Miner' is a derogatory umbrella term associated with any number of unfavorable character traits. Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples:
      - one who mines
      - one who spends most of his time doing PvE
      - a coward or pacifist
      - one who doesn't participate in PvP
      - one who doesn't embrace the spirit of EVE
      - one who has an expectation of safety in Highsec
      - a solo themeparker who expects to be "left alone"
      - one who is opposed to The Code, The New Order, and/or James 315

      Society under the New Order is divided into three distinct strata: At the top are the valiant Knights and Agents of the Order. Below them are the loyal masses of permit holders and shareholders. At the bottom are the squatters. Upward mobility is always encouraged.

    10. There you go you have defined it and it falls into hate speech, therefor you are hate mongers.

      You also served up proof that your code is not an equal society as previously claimed thereby proving you yourself a liar.

    11. Yeah Knights and Agents more like sheeps who follow there dog :)
      I hope some day someone commits sucide in RL and you have to live with that that is what I wish to every member of Code and the devs who supports this behavior. Why am I a "Miner" when I do not like PvP and just want to play the game my way? I pay for that experience. I know that High Sec is not a safe place and it should not be (I am wormholing and like the thrill). But whats the fun of ruining other peoples experience when they just want to play there sandbox game the way they like. Should every Runner, Trader, Hauler, Miner quit the game is that what is your greater goal? Thats kinda cancer

  5. Ehnea Mehk, why do you refuse to get subbed and help support the game?

    You obviously want to play EVE, and you seem incapable of NOT posting here, so whats the deal?

    Why won't you suscribe and do your part? That welfare mentality is no bueno.

    1. Ehnea is an EVE veteran who mines in a venture and resorts to mining in a corvette when that gets blown up too much. The Code has already won here. The only thing this miner still possesses is a disproportionately big mouth.

    2. Noooooo. I won because I stood up to someone who asked me to stop mining and I refused.

      [ 2017.06.07 19:59:12 ] Alt 00 > I don’t wish to harm anyone. I would just like you to stop mining

      I kept mining, even after getting blown up and podded three times. No one tells me what to do, I won't listen.

      If you knew anything about omega and alpha accounts, alpha accounts CANNOT use Exhumers, or did you not know that? I'm wagering you did not.

    3. Ehnea is not an EVE player, she's not one of the community. She has a part timer's play history, but she wants to tell everyone that she knows everything.

      She started off as a "ganking is bulying" whiner, and let's face it; if someone had to convince her that was wrong, if if she couldn't make that connection herself, she will never be a true beliver in the sandbox.

      Oh she may spout a line or two about not wanting to remove ganking to look "better" than her ag friends, but if she had the chance to cast a vote you better believe she would nerf the hell outa highsec pvp. She claims every gank a win on her part because the gankers lose more ISK than she does. That's a grade A carebear friends. She's taken it to the next level, even saving RL dollars by playing alpha only.

      She don't even care enough pay a subscription.

      Attention whores we have enough of already, non-contributing ones need not apply.

    4. Who said anything about exhumers, Ehnea?

      Please elaborate, or were you just trying to change the subject?

    5. Ehnea Mehk Is a hero of high sec, standing up to dictators makes her a winner.

    6. Let's change the subject to science!!

    7. Why pay for a game that allows harassment and people to post my game character here and tell me I am like a murderer and need to commit suicide by being AN HERO, or getting sterilized because my gameplay denotes a genetic defect in humanity. Seriously why pay for that?

    8. Ehnea, always dodging the hard questions.

    9. AnonymousJune 14, 2017 at 1:23 AM:

      The professor said that I always mine in a Venture. He's not aware that alpha accounts cannot fly exhumers. He would not have made that remark if he was aware of this.

    10. Ehneaminer, did you misread LL's post then try to belittle him with your failure at reading comprehension?

      He said 'corvette' not 'covetor'. A real EVE player would know that noobships were recently patched into their own hull class and are no longer listed as frigates.

      Or did you not know that? I'm wagering you did not.

      If you were a real player and not part-time alpha shitter you would know that.

    11. If it is free why not?

      But she is playing.

      She probably does not want to subscribe till she is certain she can pursue her desires with better peace of mind.

      The welfare mentality is one who refuses to work and expects to be taken care of. Yet she is mining away with small ships having to work many times harder to acquire the needed money to purchase things. Also she must do so with you people destroying her things increasing her work load. Therefor, not welfare rather underpaid.

      A mouth as big as any agents as I can see.

      If she is not a player then how does she play?

      "She started out as a 'ganking is bullying' whiner." And know you are whining about her. Hmmm Mirror image.

      "true believer in the sandbox." Yet you restrict gameplay in a sandbox which is counterintuitive to sandbox play.

      Nerfing, the thing that happened here, something code did to their own blog.

      Why would anyone pay who cant play what they desire without harassment?

      Attention whores: All the code agents in this blog who want to continue to stroke their egos because they can kill something without weapons quickly.

    12. Pleas stop falling for (and feeding) the alt00/ehnea troll.

      How is it not obvious to rvryone that ehnea is just another of MANY Code alts.

      Come on AG, surely we are smarter than that, to fall for yet another Kansas City Shuffle.

    13. Here we have yet another code fail due to bitching.

  6. I do enjoy some spergy reading in AG chat.

    They truly are idiots However alexander kaan im liking more and more.

    Im amazed he hasn't been accused of being a code spy and booted yet for disagreeing with other people XD XD

    Anyway they still fail etc XD XD

  7. Calm down ganker! and curb the cursing

    1. They don't know how to follow their own rules.

  8. "History teaches us that the difference in conduct between the police force of a caring king and that of a despotic tyrant is most commonly defined by two qualities: consistency and procedural transparency. Thus, it has become exceedingly necessary to further emphasize these concepts both to those enforcing the law and those subject to it."

    So why is the law so inconsistent? Why the constant changes to the code allowing agents to destroy ship? Well the code provided the answer. Since the code is not consistent then it is the law of a despotic tyrant.

    There you go code you work for a tyrant, proved by his own words too.

    1. The Code has not changed since James first 'put pen to paper' almost 5 yearz ago.
      And the New Order is completely transparent.

      You're not too bright huh? Just mad as hell and grasping at straws.

    2. History teaches there's only way one to get rid of a tyrant, it requires violence.

      Or you could wait for someone else to do it I suppose.

    3. And here we have two code agents one not reading the posting so well and ignoring the part about articles showing agents making differing rules as well as rules that are not written. Reading comprehension is taught in many grade schools around the world so here we see the education system has failed this member.

      The second is advocating for more violence which is like many of the other agents in code who do advocate for fighting, killing, suicide, and sterilization. This one is a perfect representative specimen of what a code agents thought processes are like.

    4. We all just playing the game CCP continues to modify

    5. Calm down Anon 4:11

      As the second poster, I'm not actually an Agent, more of a Merc that gets paid to kill people. Be it that the paying corp doesn't have a good military wing themselves, or they want to augment their own forces with greater forces. But things get hashed out much faster when you start killing the offending side than just talking.

      "Naked force has resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion, that violence doesn't solve anything, is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always die." --- Jean Rasczak

    6. James 315 is a benevolent leader. There is a reason he's known as the Supreme Protector and Saviour of Highsec.

      "There's no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization. As Saviour of Highsec, I am the leader of the civilizing forces. Highsec miners may say they come for the ice and ore, but I give them what they really need: Purpose, dignity, structure, order, guidance, leadership. They ask what I am "saving" them from. I save the miners from themselves." --The Code

    7. Which makes you a zealot praising a false leader and dictator.

  9. some fantastic wordsmithing in this article. very entertaining!


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