Friday, June 23, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #134

Death wishes mixed with concerns about CCP's subscription numbers? Must be time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

We get this question a lot. Perhaps it could be addressed in the official EVE tutorial?

After tens of thousands of ganks, Agent Aaaarrgg finally ganked the wrong guy. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

If you read between the lines, this guy's too cheap to let his son have an omega account. No surprise there--he was also to cheap to buy him a mining permit.

atturra so matter-of-factly recommended that our Agent heat up the Red Pen so its ink would spill. Why would our Agent want the ink to spill, though?

Okay, but writing something in an "added contact" notification isn't the best way to reach me.

You can tell our Agent was able to get through to this guy on some level. Otherwise he wouldn't have felt the need to say he wasn't just a miner.

James 315

So I was actually contemplating trying out Eve to see what it was like. Then I found your website by accident.. You are a terrible person. You made a faction just to grief and gank, just because nobody will stand up to you. You are a fascist AND YOU are a bully and eve should shut you down. As for me, Eve has lost any chance of me paying money to play their game and risk having a run-in with you and your group of fascist griefers. I hope you are happy that your foolishness has run off yet another prospective player. I have also forwarded this to friends of mine who recently mentioned Eve. They also will not play the game because of idiots like you. I also took the liberty to cc this to the Eve admins so they can read this just as you do.

Maybe you will change your ways, but by the extreme fascism you created on your website, i doubt you will. You probably think you are Role playing, but you aren't. You are a griefer, the most annoying type of person in gaming. As a game admin myself, I have banned many trolls like yourself. I hope you get what you deserve.


Do you really value your customer and your income? Or do you value identity politics of trolls like this minerbumping fascist? If you value your customers overall then you will shut this little marxist/neo-fascist troll down before he ruins your game completely. If you value trolls and griefers, then so be it. I will never support your product and I will help my gaming buddies by encouraging them to not support your product either.

Concerned gamer of over a decade in online communities. Admin of 2 game servers, 2 TeamSpeaks, Youtuber and in general a person who has a following of like minded gamers.
I only rarely get tears mailed to my out-of-game email address. I took this email very seriously, as it came from an admin and Youtuber who apparently has quite a following. Unfortunately, he didn't leave his name, so we have no way to fully appreciate how prominent a figure this gentleman must be.

4XTC Erquilenne was behaving like a Goofus, so Agent Lawrence Lawton urged him to adjust his attitude. He did:

Don't be fooled, dear reader. 4XTC was probably just laying the groundwork for a future post-gank message: "I wasn't AFK, I was just visiting my step-daughter..."

You can usually tell when someone is going to buy a mining permit, and when they're not...

Luke Norman returned later to buy a permit. Like I said, you can always tell when someone's going to buy a permit. Because everyone buys a permit eventually.

More and more, the residents of lowsec, nullsec, and wormhole space are beginning to realize that highsec is the home of elite PvP.


  1. It's true what that developer said about James. You have created a community for griefers. Thank you! We are people with rights to grief you know! How rude of him. How dare he infringe on our rights?

    1. Calm down. Don't grief me bro. Why you mad? It's just a game.

    2. He doesn't know that.

    3. 7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

    4. Anon1124 you mean in game right?

      Keep squealing piggie PHag.

    5. This is part of the game.

      7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

  2. In response to this article:
    From: Sindrox Carthix
    "lmfao, you people are a fucking joke. end of that story. I would like to thank you for the attention though. I don't give a fuck if it's only 1% of new players that get ganked in highsec, guess what, those of you that gank people in highsec are the problem not only with this game, but with the world in general. It's hilarious how people try to justify their actions by stating "it's only a game". sadly what 99% of people don't realize is actions speak louder than words. do you remember being taught that lesson in like, 3rd grade? obviously not, or you'd curb your actions to something that resembles a respectable human being. the "it's just a game" attempt at justification is simply a facade to try and mask the fact that you have no consideration or respect for people in general. bottom line is, people that gank new people in ANY game are the scum of the earth. those people that would rather kick someone while they are already low rather than help them up. it's pitiful, shameful and makes me weep for humanity in general. have a nice day now."

    Sounds like another one who would have a better time farming rubies in Meow Meow Star Acres than exploring the dark universe of New Eden.

    1. But we all know that's your game.

    2. Kinda makes you wanna join up...

    3. How CODE. acts:

      A governmental police force aimed at evicting from Highsec all them bums who fail to hail The Saviour James 315, by inflicting misery and preventing them from earning a living. All residents are required to display a permit and contribute 10 million ISK per year of their material wealth to the state. Under the New Order, society consists of three strata: the elite Agents, the loyal masses, and the squatters. The loyal masses are free to run businesses as they see fit, providing that they do so in compliance with The Code. The squatters are free to become loyal or get out of Highsec.

      What CODE. forces miners to pay for:

      A permit, available for the cost of a symbolic fee that anyone can afford. All legal residents of highsec display a permit, including the elite Agents, because society is egalitarian that way. The permit is a statement of support of The Code and The Saviour. Displaying a permit is a solemn promise to abide by His Law.

      How CODE. fights:
      Always Elite, always outnumbered, always winning. A suicide gank is the most elite form of PvP because the outcome is decided within 20 seconds. Targets are surgically removed from space and the gank ships are sacrificed. propaganda is just like:

      Posts released to the public concentrated on certain issues: the greed and entitlement of the carebears; the wisdom and greatness of James 315; the glory of the Agents; the folly of the antigankers, and the squalor of the squatters.

    4. From: Sindrox Carthix
      "and just to prove my point about my time. thank you for wasting the rest of the in-game time I had before I had to go to work. because of you, I now have no time to finish what I had planned on doing. now you see why you get blocked, because my time is FAR more valuable to waste on replying to the likes of you. so again, it would behoove (know what that means? if not google does) you to not send anyone else to my inbox. thanks again for wasting my game time.

      This guy is so sarcastic that he doesn't even know if he's serious anymore.

    5. "A governmental police force" Well we seen that before and it never worked out for the public.

      "aimed at evicting from Highsec all them bums who won't hail James 315" So now he needs attention and worship from everyone. Attention whore perhaps?

      "by inflicting misery and preventing them from earning a living" Like when Nazi Germany forced the Jews into the ghettos.

      "All residents are required to display a permit and contribute 10 million ISK per year of their material wealth to the state." So taxes, but you don't get to vote on them, a revolution was fought about this once.

      "Under the New Order, society consists of three strata: the elite Agents, the loyal masses, and the squatters." Wow a repeat of a Nazi society, a hierarchy born from the idealism of an egalitarian society.

      "The loyal masses are free to run businesses as they see fit, providing that they comply with The Code." Unfortunately its hard to comply to rules that are changing on a daily basis.

      "A permit, available for the cost of a symbolic fee, just like all the other law-abiding capsuleers." A symbolic fee would be more like what Xerxees was asking for, this is actually part of a players earnings and thus not symbolic.

      "Always Elite, always outnumbered, always winning." Depends on who you ask, and certainly not elite here in the comments with the amount of swearing is done even by named agents. Winning would be a relative term, in this instance, where you are profiting but your still not getting the control your demanding.

      "Posts released to the public concentrated on certain issues: the greed of carebears; the greatness of James 315; the way of life of Agents, and how badly the noncompliant miners who squat in Highsec live." Now that does sound very familiar.
      "Films released to the public concentrated on certain issues: the greed of Jews; the greatness of Hitler; the way of life for a true Nazi especially the young and as World war 2 approached, how badly Germans who lived in countries in Eastern Europe were treated." Yup that's why it sounded familiar.

    6. 7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

  3. How CODE acts:

    Government agencies at all levels aimed to exclude Jews from the economic sphere of Germany by preventing them from earning a living. Jews were required to register their domestic and foreign property and assets, a prelude to the gradual expropriation of their material wealth by the state. Likewise, the German authorities intended to "Aryanize" all Jewish businesses, a process involving the dismissal of Jewish workers and managers, as well as the transfer of companies and enterprises to non-Jewish Germans, who bought them at prices officially fixed well below market value. From April 1933 to April 1938, "Aryanization" effectively reduced the number of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany by approximately two-thirds.

    What code forces miners to pay for:

    During the Nazi era, German authorities reintroduced the Jewish badge as a key element in their plan to persecute and eventually to destroy the Jewish population of Europe. They used the badge not only to stigmatize and humiliate Jews but also to segregate them and to watch and control their movements.

    How code fights:
    Blitzkrieg means “lightning war”. It was an innovative military technique first used by the Germans in World War two and was a tactic based on speed and surprise. Blitzkrieg relied on a military force be based around Light tank units supported by planes and infantry (foot soldiers). The tactic was based on Alfred von Schlieffen’s ‘Schlieffen Plan’ – this was a doctrine formed during WWI that focused on quick military victory. It was later developed in Germany by an army officer called Heinz Guderian who looked at new technologies, namely dive bombers and light tanks, to improve the German army’s maneuverability. propaganda is just like:

    Films released to the public concentrated on certain issues: the greed of Jews; the greatness of Hitler; the way of life for a true Nazi especially the young and as World war 2 approached, how badly Germans who lived in countries in Eastern Europe were treated.

  4. Uh-oh; moral diatribes incoming...

    1. Nothing but code BOTulism here

    2. Lol at the rage from 702piggie, he just can't help but squeal.

    3. Someone has been watching too much Deliverance.

  5. Code Nazis proving that they are just hateful.

    Ming Tso February 26, 2016 at 3:04 PM


    My god. I know we always make jokes about anti-gankers being abusive to their wives and children and that we in The New Order are proud to "take the hits so that they don't have to" but this is actual proof that we were right.

    Anti-gankers really are family abusing psychopaths.

    And Kalynn Shardani is dead. RIP

    From the link:

    AnonymousDecember 21, 2016 at 5:10 PM
    Just remember:

    CODE kills miners, ag kills minors.


    D35December 22, 2016 at 5:20 PM
    Why do people use the phrase "passed away" instead of committed suicide? Don't they know what REALLY happened?

    Well whatever it was, I'm glad she didn't kill her children.

    inb4 someone cries how I don't have common decency or whatever, like my words are worse than killing your own children and committing suicide.

    Also, Link please

    And continue to do so:
    AnonymousJune 4, 2017 at 12:34 AM
    Man, what's with carebears and RL death threats?

    This is why EVE needs a screening process for highsec mining. We should make every highsec miner pass a test to see if they can be trusted to mine responsibly in highsec. We need to weed out the criminals.

    Some of them have already proven that the RL violence is not just words. One of the leaders, and most outspoken, of the "anti-gankers" believes it's ok to harass people in RL over in game pvp. He believes it's ok to violence people in RL.

    And his predecessor kalynn was such a rager he couldn't seperate RL from game and we all know how that shit ended.

    And they're not the only ones. That foxbolt guy, holy shit. I saw his videos before he took all that shit down, that guy was crazy. I mean like rocking in his chair while grasping the seat all while trying to convince the world he was entitled to recieve a monthly stipend of real dollars from his corpies so he could quit his job and run his EVE corp..... Wow

    You should all be afraid of highsec miners. You should be very afraid.

    That's not even the tip.


    AnonymousJune 9, 2017 at 2:46 PM
    They are not 'people' friend, they are bots. What are you, some sort of "machine hugger"?

    Grow up. If some anon shitter is so weak they off themselves over comments in a video game blog, they probably did us all a favor. They most certainly helped future generations by weeding out some bad genetics. How stupid are you?

    Wolf SopranoJune 19, 2017 at 7:11 PM
    Haha thats rich coming from thomas who likes to sperg in local now about how hes NOT trying to save a freighter while fail repping it in a basilisk ���� ag still worship shardani too! Disgusting
    AnonymousJune 23, 2017 at 5:29 PM
    You need to leave your friend kalynnpiggie out of it, ehneepiggiepoo. Only agpiggies commit suicide over a game.

    1. Does it hurt to be that stupid piggiepoo?

    2. Links anonymous posters as proof. Hahahahahaha.

      Cries about how bad code is - ignores the fact that an antiganking moderator actually did kill himself and his child.

    3. Annnnnnnnd right on schedule, Anonymous706. God. Predictable.

    4. I see ehnemapiggiesJune 24, 2017 at 2:41 AM

      Couldn't resist could you, ehnemapiggie. Talk about predictable.

      Maybe you won't be scared to answer a question this time.

      Why can't you afford to pay a sub, little ehnemapiggie?

    5. You didn't see the following on my blog, I take it?

      "For the record, I do work. A lot. That’s one of the reasons why I left EVE Online for a bit because of the job. Real Life > EVE Online. Seriously! It’s also why I don’t sub. Why should I sub for something I play fairly casually when work takes up my time? What a waste of money, and oh wait, didn’t EVE Online go F2P recently? This means you don’t have to pay to play! Wow, we are dealing with morons today, aren’t we?"

    6. ehnemapoo are you so desperate for visitors that you feel the need to paste your tears over here too?

      Why can you not afford to pull your own weight ehnemapoo?

      Do you feel it's OK to be a perpetual leech? Why do you feel you have any opinion when you are not a real player?

      Not even a real EVE player.

      When I see someone abusing the system while pretending to be better than others it makes me wonder where their over inflated sense of self worth comes from.

      Why do you even play? You seem to dislike everything about the game except that it's free. No room for poors, friend.

    7. So you shouldn't be playing then.

    8. Even shitter958 agrees, you need another hobby ehnemashitter.

    9. 7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

    10. Anonymous450 you asked a question, I answered it with a quote from my blog. Make up your mind. Do you want an answer or not?

      God, STOP drinking while on EvE...

    11. God, Galaxy Pig needs to get some new material.

    12. No ehnemapoo you only made excuses. Now, are you still too scared to answer the question:

      Why can't you afford to pay an EvE subscription?

      You call others morons, but you are unable to understand a simple


      Is it bacause welfare don't pay for anything but food?

    13. You would know

  6. From:

    James 315


    The New Order is so powerful that we are keeping rebel carebear miners (and their followers) from even joining Eve in the first place.

    Now THAT'S saving highsec right there. Doesn't even cost us a Cat. The ROI is infinite.

    1. Drink some tea

    2. Yup, losing that shitter is definitely good for EvE. And ee get to laugh at his impotent rage.

      It's a win-win!

    3. Hahahaha Now you guys believe that your ganks are chasing away new players. Wow you guys are easy to manipulate. James I see why you have these guys wrapped around your little finger.

    4. Keep crying 427piggiepoo, we know you mad.

      You need to calm down piggie.

    5. Just like you, always squealing.

    6. God shits on james

  7. Thinks about playing eve. Finds random website. Writes long tldr email to the saviour AND ccp hahahahahahahahahahaha. Who does that hahaha

    1. Only the stupidest of carebears thinks anyone, including CCP, gives a crap about some quitter shitter.

      That spergy bitch has got to be some pissed off freighter pilot, there's just too much salt in that email for him not to have been ganked at least a couple times.

      Gotta be some ag shitter, but with a better grasp on english than Rusell.

    2. Hey Wolf. Did Zopiclone give you back the ISK he took back yet? Make sure you get that ISK back bra. It's yours! Don't let him get away with this horrible crime.

    3. Hey Wolf how's the divorce from AG going?

    4. 7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

    5. Wolf, why do you even post here? You are part of the forgotten now

  8. Test of Valour. Prove you are not afraid to die by Coding a valuable ship, and do so in a manner that demonstrates integrity and honesty.

    Test of Wisdom. Correctly answer the almighty Ehnea's questions three. Each question must be answered within 20 seconds. The Questions Three will be different for each miner each day.

    Test of Fortitude. Walk a mile in the almighty Ehnea's shoes by becoming a miner. You must continue to mine for an indefinite period of time.

    1. Test of piggieshitter: don't sub, don't Learn to play, cry like a bitch about "nazzies" and "1%". Wallow in destitution. Plagiarize the Code because you are unable to create original content.

    2. 7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

    3. Test of fortitude was actually taken from Celtic traditions so you may want to look to James to make original tests and not culturally appropriating ones from real life.

      Test of Wisdom was taken from the bible, its mention is of the test of Solomon so yeah James took that one too.

      Test of Valour actually came from WoW, so again ask James why he took those tests.

      A bonus the "questions three" line was stolen from Monty Python.

      Originality check please. Yeah James failed.

    4. You got any proof piggiepie120?

      That's what I thought.

    5. Hi Anon 120. I think you could be a little less po-faced about it. I'm not familiar with your sources, so I do accept there may be similarities there. But, if anything, the idea accords more closely (in its effect) with the 12 (originally 10) Labours of Hercules, betraying the Saviour's firm grounding in the Classics.

      The Monty Python reference, is granted. Judging by some of the posting in C&P, lines from the shows and films are still fondly regurgitated, mainly by Americans. I think we Brits have largely let bygones be bygones.

      Just my two penn'orth.

    6. Your two penn'orth is by far much better than anon 505.

  9. I admire John Young gallantry. His attitude is the closest thing to what "winning Eve" can be.

    1. There is no winning only surviving.

    2. No, no one survives, the only thing that remains is the number of people you killed and your attitude toward your own death. Survival is for animals, real men fight and die.

    3. Ok you do that.

    4. says CODE. meat popsicle

    5. Fifth Element does not have code in it.

    6. All the good guys in Fith Element were CODE..

      All the shitters were ag carebears.

      Just like in every good story ever, good/CODE destroys evil/carebears. Every good story has to have conflict, and we always root for the good guys/gankers.

      I mean really, who's evil here. The ganker shooting spaceships in a spaceship shooting game, or the RL criminals who threaten RL death and destruction when they cause their own deaths.

      Fuck kalynn and all his friends in ag. He was a criminal and a horrible person. He acted the same way in game and he has friends who still play and who were capable of the same atrocities. Every player that supoorted him and his campaign of evil deserve to be banned from the game.

      If CCP would remove all concord then the real players could remove the worst shitters. EVE would have millions of subs if people knew they could come pvp without having RL death hanging over their heads.

      Fucking carebears, determined to shit up everything.


    7. Uh no they weren't code, it was a movie that had nothing to do with this game or this group, your dreams of grandeur are a delusion.

  10. 7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.

  11. Hey James I haven't bought a permit.


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