Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Looking for Code, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Aaaarrgg's faith in the Code made him an unstoppable force wherever he went in highsec. Aaaarrgg's elite PvP prowess was undeniable, but some were jealous of him.

Agent Aaaarrgg traveled from system to system and had one good fight after another. Unfortunately, one of the PvP'ers he beat had to spoil the mood.

Vlad Hawler suffered from an acute case of cognitive dissonance. On one level, he knew that he'd been ganked. But on another level, he still felt somehow superior to the player who had ganked him.

Vlad entertained fantasies of becoming the pilot of a powerful spaceship and using it to destroy his enemies. Hey, he should check out EVE Online one of these days. He might like it.

Instead of rallying to the miner's defense, the other residents of Bahromab advised him, in effect, to calm down.

Shedding more tears, Vlad sought the pity of other carebears in the system. He not-so-subtly suggested he wouldn't be opposed to accepting a handout.

Much has changed since the early days of the New Order. Vlad didn't get any sympathy or isk from the onlookers. On the other hand, he did get some very good advice from our Agent, who offered to sell him a mining permit. The miner had no interest in productive solutions, so Aaaarrgg moved on.

Agents of the New Order have many talents. One of Aaaarrgg's skills is the ability to get miners to ask him about the Code.

Getting a miner to understand the Code is much more challenging, however. Ruro DeepThunder glanced at the 2,000+ words of the Code and summarized it as "no reason".

Ruro considered himself someone who couldn't fight back. A lot of miners feel this way. Is that in the tutorial now? Are EVE players being taught that they're powerless?

The miner had no respect for himself, so he had none to give the Code, either. (I've noticed that there's a very strong correlation between one's self-respect and one's respect for the Code. Interesting.)

Aaaarrgg wasn't just making a bunch of claims with nothing to back them up. He pointed to the kill statistics of the mighty CODE. alliance. We have over 200,000 kills to our name. Or, as Ruro would put it, "some kills".

Ruro seemed too lazy to learn anything. No wonder he was a highsec miner. Could Aaaarrgg break through Ruro's uncaring exterior and teach him to love the Code?

To be continued...


  1. So carebear gets pew'd because he's a shitter that can't be bothered to learn the game he's playing, then he announces to the world that the person who bested him in pewpew is not good at pewpew? There's a clinical term for this maybe?

    Said carebear then resorts to insults and vulgarities because his enraged mind cannot admit that his current situation is 100℅ his own failure. Zero self control.

    Lastly the carebear says "you cannot own hisec" because he is too ignorant to know that the 'authority' James has over hisec is derived like any other authority anywhere, he has the ability to send men with guns to enforce his laws. That gives James as much authority over carebears as any government can claim over their citizens.

    The only way you carebear shitters will ever NOT live under James' authority is if you leave hisec, or form your own government to overthrow his.

    And while I would absolutely LOVE to see the carebears stand up and start a real war over hisec, I'm sure the most carebears will ever do is curl up and cry to CCP like always. Completely useless.

    Our EVE actually doesn't need those types of players, not even as targets. Removing hisec would improve both the game and the overall quality of our community, and allow all those overworked Agents a chance to return home to their family and friends.

    I would like to know what it would take to get James hired by CCP, like as president, or CEO.

    Can you imagine the tears that would flow if Birgir Már Ragnarss stepped down as CCP Chairman and Hilmar announced that James was fill that seat because he had shown such dedication to preserving EVE in it's original concept, as a PVP sandbox. Wouldn't want to live on the coast then.

    1. What an insightful dissertation. James 315 for CCP CEO!

    2. What an insightful dissertation. James 315 for CCP CEO!

  2. It's a scam they're just trying to weasel ISK out of you,

    I don't believe anyone in EvE. It's safer that way.

  3. woah antigankers are failing hard to stop the new order super soldier aarrrrghhhh \0\ /0/ \0/

  4. "a reflecting device" hahahhahahahahaha

  5. So much carebear fail.

    Where was the hisalt failitia? Oh that's right, they don't care about stopping ganks, only whoring on CONCORD killmails. Your "heros" are dead, ag.

  6. Everyday I violate code laws and you can't do anything about it. GIT GUD SCRUBS!

  7. Q-ships? Ha! I used to love making those for canflipping. You could bag carebears and pirates alike with a surprise-pvp miner/indy ship.

    Then of course, CCP decided to "improve" the game at the behest of the carebears. Do carebears even realize how much they've restricted themselves over the years?


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