Friday, July 27, 2018

A Fiqment of Your Al-Matanation

If you've been ganked by a member of the mighty CODE. alliance and you want your loss reimbursed, it doesn't hurt to be respectful.

This is not how you do that.

Fiq Al-Mata's 1.2 billion isk Gila was caught and killed by Agent Ralliana. Fiq protested. Apparently ganking someone at a stargate is "bogus".

Ralliana reviewed the situation and determined that the gank she performed was legitimate. Things weren't looking good for Fiq.

Fiq escalated the conflict by accusing CODE. of systematic bullying. You know, I must say, the New Order has a lot of Agents--but there's not one bully among them. I'm very proud of that fact.

I'm not sure which was wrecked harder: Fiq's Gila or his argument.

Though Fiq denied being a miner, it was only a matter of time before he confessed to it. Our Agents are exceptionally skilled at getting to the truth.

The miner confessed.

Fiq conceded defeat and requested that his reimbursement ticket be closed. Another matter successfully resolved by our Agent.


Agent Haukka was contemplating the greatness of my leadership when she created this:

I've always felt that the name of the Catalyst was particularly fitting. There's no greater Catalyst than the Code.

If you're interested in viewing more New Order artwork, feel free to drop by our Links page.


  1. "Harmless miners". Lul

    Useless, gutless, pointless, honorless, educationless. I can think of many things hisec miners are, but harmless seems a bit oblivious. Try telling ag's RL families how harmless those monsters really are. Lol, screw those shardani loving shitters, EVE don't need 'em. They should all biomass, in game of course, although pulling out may do us all a lot of good in the very near future, especially we can stop the retards from breeding.


  2. "I'm not sure which was wrecked harder: Fiq's Gila or his argument."

    Or Ralliana's typing skills! XD Lol! Someone was in a bit of a hurry, but it can be excused, as there are so many shitters to kill in highsec, and so little time.
    Ralliana is having much more fun than any miner could anyway, but those.periods drive me nuts. Do I pause? Did I miss something? What finger is he spacebaring with anyway?

    That agent needs an executive assistant. Nothing like a well trained executive ass.istant.


  3. Pseudo Religious Bullcrap is a bit strong. In-game RP would be more like it, and as someone who has done a lot of RP on many MMOs, I gotta give CODE. at least some credit for playing it to the hilt.

    1. Do you pay your share yet? Real EVE players help support the folks that make the game, RL ghetto shitters are unwilling.

      Do you play a perpetual societal leech in other MMOs also? How very RL of you.

      Omega or gtfo leeches. XD


  4. "Ehnea Mehk June 12, 2017 at 11:36 PM
    But Alt-00, I don't respect the CODE, James 315, or any of the agents.
    You killed me three times, yet I kept mining.
    I was still disrespectful, did not pay a license and did so many other noncompliant things.
    Your ability to enforce the CODE where it comes to me is something I find wanting."

    Only the vigilant are worthy of the Code's grace, those that tolerate the enemy disrespect the Code. Ehniepoo is no different from any other highsec shitter who has a "change of heart", it's all lies and the veneer is easily damaged.

    She will show her true colors eventually, highsec carebears shitters always do.


    And what makes you mad is you know I'm right. Need more reminders of just how bad highsec carebears are? Just scroll back to almost any previous post on this site.

    James gives you all the instruction a faithful Agent needs to eradicate the enemy, and yet some of you will still try to reason with shitters like ehnieepoo, instead of just ganking them until they quit, like shardani. Lol, she doesn't even like New Eden, AND, her family would be much safer. Win/win, especially for EVE, and any remaining family...

    Ahahaah! In game of course!! Carebear shitters need to htfu or gtfo, and stop killing your kids!

    1. You need a mental health assesment friend.

      You are cooked and taking this video game too serious.

      Calm down.

    2. Hey Anon, let me share something with you.

      I've been blown up so many times I'm now formally known as Ehnea Mehk the 205th or something around that. I've lost count of the number of times players from SOV space using shadow alts tried to griefer WARDEC me for ISK yet failed. I've been bumped out of belts too many times to remember.

      Despite all this, I keep coming back each and every time, never changing the way I want to play on EvE. I've been around longer than more than half the membership of the CODE. alliance so I know exactly how to deal with stuff like this. I keep getting back up and trying again and again and again.

      Nothing breaks sheer stubborn will. James can draft and pass all the regs and rules he wants but saying NO is the most powerful weapon a person can have. Nothing is more confusing, demoralizing, and perplexing to an oppressive regime than someone who stubbornly refuses to give up. History backs up that claim bigtime.

    3. 'Anon' isn't a Code Agent, so doesn't speak on our behalf.

      When we first met in Nakugard you loved to boast about how Code had never killed you. After I then killed you eleven times, I forced you to change your story - which now reads as "I have failed repeatedly, but it's OK because my endless failure is powerful weapon that will eventually lead to Code becoming perplexed".

    4. Lol you are ALL shitters. Made you cry!

      I didnt even read ehnepoo's wall of lies, but I'm pretty sure she's still a societal leech alpha shitter.

    5. You didn't force me to change my story. The narrative of facts changed. Before you killed me eleven times, CODE never tried to gank me. That's the facts.

      The eleven times you killed me was in regard to the following line you typed in local:

      [ 2017.06.07 19:59:12 ] Alt 00 > I don’t wish to harm anyone. I would just like you to stop mining

      That's over a year ago. I'm still mining in Nakugard. I still have GSCs floating in the first two belts of Nakugard full of ore for Spacemen of the Deep to pick up instead of them coming into the system and being easy marks for CODE.

      Who's winning again, exactly?

    6. Lol, enhemapoo

  5. Meh seems made up


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