Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Tears of zahara, Part 1

Want to hear something unbelievable? There are still people who autopilot in pods.

zahara Acami chose to go AFK and autopilot her pod through highsec. The incredible sight caught the attention of Agent Katy Melons, whose vigilance was rewarded with a 1.8 billion isk podkill.

Agent Katy notified the carebear of her termination. zahara bristled. She lashed out at our Agent--as though there's nothing wrong with slowboating a pod to a stargate in New Order territory.

Katy refused to back down.

Our Agents are made of strong stuff. No matter what the enemies of the Code dish out, the New Order's finest are always prepared to fight for what's right.

zahara dug in her heels. She denied the teachings of the Code and demanded to know why Katy had ganked her pod instead of ganking a capital ship. Classic deflection--but things only escalated from there.

zahara vowed to get revenge for her lost pod. So far, Katy had only seen zahara piloting module-less vessels. If zahara acquired a ship capable of equipping a weapon, however, she might become more dangerous.

Each time Katy encouraged zahara to read the Code, the carebear grew more agitated. She revealed that she was part of an apocalyptic rebel faction that blames the Code for EVE's declining playerbase.

I had a feeling this MinerBumping post would come in handy.

zahara was confused. On the one hand, she was basically spouting the old myth about ganking driving away new players. On the other hand, she seemed to have respect only for old players. zahara was also confused about my age--I arrived in the EVE galaxy twelve and a half years ago. Best thing that ever happened to the game.

The carebear and the Agent continued to write to one another. By this point, such exchanges usually cease. But zahara was still in the mood for a fight.

zahara couldn't bring herself to accept any responsibility for recklessly losing her pod. Yet she was no closer to persuading Agent Katy.

It looked like a stalemate had developed, with both sides irretrievably entrenched in their own views.

But zahara aimed to break the deadlock with a ruthless new strategy: She would get CCP to ban Katy from the game.

To be continued...


  1. Shitter claims the Code is a joke after losing 1.8bill to CODE..
    Seems the joke's on you, miner.

    lulzy, kinda like that apachreeeee shitter when he gets triggered.

    1. Now don't let him get to you again, miner.

      More importantly, Agent Katy - I must congratulate you for your good efforts!

    2. I wonder if we will ever see the tutorial on agressing illegally in highsec and warping your ship out before CONCORDOKKEN. I hear it's so common that everyone's doing it.

      Meh, what can I expect from an altanon...


    3. You should address Alt 00 respectfully, EdgyAnon. He's right and you're wrong. And lolno I'm not gonna say more because you're a tool. XD

    4. You say altanon is right, but he promised proof and has yet to deliver. Plus, he started this shit so let him speak for himself.

      Shitters of a feather and such.

    5. Lol 'respectfully'. Shitters gotta earn it friend, and that one has yet to make good on her promise to back up her claims. I would have respect if she just followed through with some proof, or at least admitted she was triggered and just making shit up.

      At least she didn't completely lose her shit like that apachreeee sperg. Now there's a real RL turd, he's a natural born hypocrite.

    6. If alt 00 IS truly right, then LL would have no problem proving it. So.... Where's the proof?

      Surely someone who thinks as much of themselves as LL does wouldn't risk looking like a highsec shitter by making wild claims, but without proving it to themselves first?



  2. That Katy Melons looks like an honest, hard working, totally righteous gal. The carebears never stand a chance, she out classes them on every point.

    That's one reason she's TCE and not some NoL vaghunshitteralt like apachreeee and friends. The folks over at CODE. were genius when they started recruiting all the shitters into NoL. All that free content in alliance chat, holy hell! All you need to do is log in and lol!

    Once again it seems the Code wins!


  3. can an agent that also does mining pay his mining fee to him/herself if they don't break the code?

    asking for a freind

    1. Ask salad al losttheplot.

    2. And who is this so-called Agent? Where do they mine? Do they have a killboard? Or share purchases?

      This all sounds rather dubious.

    3. Hey alt 00, have you been hard at work on your highsec agress/warp tutorial vid?

      Can't wait to see it.

    4. im going to start eve, and plan on mining in my spare time, so i was wondering, also wanted to see if any really funny answers apeared

    5. although your right, now that i've said it, it sound really sketchy

    6. I'll tell you what sounds sketchy; some shitters making claims of supposed highsec mechanics where you get to suicide gank a miner and then warp out before you get blapped. I believe one of them even claimed to have first hand knowledge of said mechanics and the ability to do it at will.

      The only problem? Proof.

      And common sense.

  4. Hi,
    What are "illegal implants" ?

    1. Any implant in an afk autopilot pod. Plus any pve implants, because EVE is a "PVP sandbox" mmorpg as per CCP. Mining in highsec, and everything associated with it are illegal under the Code of highsec as decreed by the good good, law abiding citizens when they elected James 315 as the Savior of highsec.

      Praise James! and shoot a miner!

      That's minEr, not minOr, you silly ag shitters with NoL alts. Stop shooting your kids IRL! Jeezus WTF ag?
      Oh well, natural selection working as intended I guess.

      (Like no shit, natural selection always wins!)

    2. Ah, thanks for the reply.

      Now, how about if I had implants for exploring? I dont fly auto, afk, or mine. I focus mainly on exploration and I sometimes I go thru HS to a trade hub with my finds. Am I CODE compliant?

      Thanks again,

    3. It's pretty simple, if you get ganked in highsec, especially podded, you are completely at fault for not being aware of what's going on. A lack of spatial awareness has the appearance of bot-aspirancy, and even the appearance of bot-aspirancy is in violation of the Code. In highsec.

      It's -almost- impossible to get suicide ganked in highsec, especially podded, unless you LET it happen. Period.

    4. Exactly, the only way to get ganked in HS is if you are not paying attention or if you are AFK. Which means you are at fault, the logic is infallible. Explore all you want just know that you are like a minnow to a large mouth bass waiting to strike.

    5. All the implants that improve mining yield are illegal.

    6. What about the implants that let you suicide gank in highsec and then warp your ship out before CONCORDOKKEN? That's got to be how altanon is doing it, if she's not lying about it altogether.

  5. zahara seems to be reading directly from my minerbingo card. James stopped the story too soon though, I was one 'nazzi' away from BINGO! Now I gotta go kill some miners and find one to call me hitler.

    Should be easy enough in highsec, with the super high sperg concentrations there. Highsec is a target rich environment, if your target is whiney shitters.

    The problem is finding one that's not afk.

  6. Meh seems made up


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