Friday, July 20, 2018

Over One Trillion Six Hundred Billion in Shares Sold

With all of the bots and bot-aspirants out there, it's nice to see players aspiring to something greater, higher--more magnificent.

...Speaking of which.

Now let's get down to it.

Skeeter Mcgee purchased 1,900 shares of New Order stock, taking us past the the 1,599 billion isk mark and, more notably, the 1,600 billion isk mark--that is, the 1.6 trillion isk mark. Think about that for a moment. Breathe it in.

While you're doing that, a Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ gets sent Skeeter's way.


How badly can you fit your Retriever for less than fifty mill?

Bloody Thought of the inauspiciously named The Musky Tears corp lost his cargo-fit Retriever. I guess nobody told this guy that CCP gave the whiners an ore bay years ago.

He also lost a 765 million isk pod, which specialized in Poteque 'Prospector' implants--whatever that trash is.

Bloody Thought lived up to his character name and his corp name. He raged at Agent Ernst Steinitz. Ernst had merely manifested the Code's will by ganking him, like any normal person would.

We've seen plenty of threats like this before, of course, but this time was different.

Normally, this would be the point where the miner disappears forever, failing to make good on his threats. However, Bloody Thought planned to return in just a few minutes. And so he did.

...With a few additional tears sent via EVEmail. It's a good thing our Agent was looking over his shoulder.


  1. Lol that's a lot of death and destruction. Good thing the Code always wins!


  2. Hey apache you whiney bitch, your tears were acknowledged in the previous post.

    They were delectable, with a strong bite of rage and loss of self control. Why stop now?

    1. I bet he's too scared, or embarrassed, to revisit them. He is a highsec ag sperg after all. Did you notice how fast he resorted to calls for RL suicide and the repeated use of that so very adolescent word "fag"? He's the very example of a highsec shitter.

      apache > "It happened to meeeeee! REeeeefag Reeefag reeeeeeeeeee!!!"

      Talk about a squealer. apache? More like apack of bacon. ahahahaahahah

      I hope he cries to B4reps, b4 he shardanis. (Im' fukin killin it, in the comments of course, you silly miners should never shardani!)

  3. So it seems that "well docmunented exploit" is now a rarely seen glitch, if ever.

    And that one teary apacheshitter went full retard with the "fag" and "kill yourself IRL". Holy shit, was that an "Agent"?

    No fukin way that's an Agent of the Code. Lol! Too much salt. ;)
    You silly shitters were trying to mess with me, or is he NOL? Oh that may explain it. You know what they say about NOL right?

    And by 'they' I mean real Agents of CODE., who always win.


    1. Lol I got apaches tears screenshotted. He rages about anons but wont post as his in game character.

      Not only is he a hypocrite, he's ag material through and through.

    2. It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre. Be sure however not to bite the hand that feeds. :-)

    3. Promises promises. Words are worthless here. Show proof please. If it is so common that I should have known about it then it should be easy to reproduce.

      Proof is easy, if the story is true.

      Talk about space lawyering, (stalling) when you gonna just post the video?

      If you gonna teach someone something, maybe teach apacheanon something about self control, and how to identify the hypocrisy in his tears. Is he a friend of yours?

    4. At least karma balancer was smart enough to realize that what may have happened to him in the past, with old mechanics on one or two rare occasions, was not something as special as the NOL shitters were trying to make it. And not something that can be done with current mechanics reliability enough to be called anything other than a rumor.
      Notice he didn't spill a bucket of tears trying to convince us he could warp at will using hope and rainbows and unicorn kisses. That's because he's a nullsec pilot who visits highsec just to gank, and not a permant highsec shitter like the others.

  4. He'll be baaaak!
    With a strongly worded tearmail.

    Carebears are useless. They should all go back to wow.

  5. He's not even Code. Just another hanger-on.

    I too have tried to recreate the magical warp away. As soon as my ship is aligned and it enters the warp tick I lose target lock, or I agress and lose warp. Yes, there is a 2 second tick, but my game client knows this and compensates on my end, kicking me out if warp before I can get away. The magical 2 second tick they are crying about is negated on my client side. Should be on everyone's.

    Maybe it's just their clients doing something weird, but it's not something that can be reproduced with enough accuracy to be anything more than a freak occurance, or the shitters would have videos of them doing it posted here. Instead, all I see is lies and assumptions.

    Definately not the well known and easily performed trick that alt00 was trying to convince us was the basis for her original tears:
    "Alt 00July 19, 2018 at 12:12 AM
    You are mistaken - it is possible to gank a target in highsec and then warp off in the same ship. Whilst the anti-ganker's understanding of EVE mechanics is marginally superior to your own, he is wrong in his assumption that this is an exploit."

    Looks like she was triggered and trying to belittle an anon she hates (lol hating an anon), and failed miserably. Where is the proof to back up her claim? Still nothing after 3 days. Same with that apachreeeee shitter, he sure changed his tune, quick fast and in a hurry. Reeeeeefag! reeeeeefag!

    Oh yea, they is still stalling because they have no proof. Because they cannot reproduce the events altanonshitter00 (lol double zero, that's prophetic) claims are oh so obvious.

    She is a reactive shitter that triggers and cries over anon comments about her friends dracvlad and grand shitter. That was what caused her to post lies in the first place, some anon was making fun of some ag shitter and she triggered. Then her friend and fellow shitter, apachreeeeee the anon, decided to chime in with his anecdotal "evidence" like someone flipped the switch on a teary parrot.

    Where is apachreeeee now? I imagine him feverishly hunched over his basement computer, logged into some backwater system for days now, trying to agress/warp repeatedly until he finally realizes he's an idiot with a big mouth and no proof.

    Altanon00 mentioned that the anon "didn't like her", and yet she's the one who overreacted and posted lies with no proof in her desire to cry at that anon. Now that's projection friends. You don't have to look back too far in the comments to find her doing it with almost predictable repetition. There's something that's easy to reproduce, making her cry requires absolutely zero effort or lag manipulation, AND there's already soooo much proof littered throughout the comments of this blog.

  6. Oh you poor thing. At least you can say you tried.

  7. ^^ Best comment around

  8. Meh seems made up


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