Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Race, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... apussirius, a member of Dedris Corporation, lost his mining ship. He joined NOL_Public, the channel for New Order Logistics corporation. As our Agents attempted to negotiate a permit sale, Clark Dedris--apussirius' CEO--joined a private convo with one of the gankers. Clark raged against the New Order. Now the race was on: Could our Agents sell apussirius a permit before Clark found out what was happening behind his back?

Clark made his position abundantly clear: There would be no negotiating with the mighty CODE. alliance.

Agent Katy Melons didn't back down. Partly this is because our Agents are invincible and don't take any guff from carebears. But Katy had another motive, too--stalling Clark to give her fellow Agents more time with apussirius.

Luckily for Katy, Clark was the kind of CEO who liked to engage in chest-beating.

Then, suddenly, Clark stopped responding. His attention had been drawn elsewhere.

Before long, apussirius' CEO would join NOL_Public.

Success! Perfect timing as usual.

Clark burst into the channel, ready to shut everything down. He was too late. One of his own corp members was a permit-owning miner.

The CEO raged anew. Since apussirius had purchased a permit, he now had a financial stake in the New Order. He actually advised Clark to change course.

Apparently, buying a permit had stiffened apussirius' spine. It's rare to see a corp member tell their own CEO what to do.

Clark insisted that he had all the money in the world. He wouldn't pay because of "principle".

Ah, there's that word--"never". You know the saying: Our Agents' wallets are filled with the isk of miners who would never pay.

Then again, Clark was pretty adamant. It would take quite a change of heart to get any money out of this carebear.

Apologies to anyone who got whiplash from reading this post.

Incredibly, Clark decided to buy a permit after all. I guess that means the war is off. The result: Another victory for the New Order!


  1. Is he going to buy permits for the rest of his corp?

  2. wow just wow. ANOTHER failure for antiganking

  3. So clark is either a really, really good RPer, or he's a window licking retard. I'ma play the odds and go with 'ignorant shitter'.

    Maybe he could say "mafia" just once more, I was almost there.

  4. "Apologies to anyone who got whiplash from reading this post."

    Jeezus! I thought I had scrolled too far. WTF is wrong with clark?
    It's like flipping a switch on a machine. I think maybe he needs some more enforcement. How could that not be funny?



  5. 21:55:58 "I never pay!"
    22:03:59 "ok now I pay"

    My question is: WTF was going on during that 8 minutes? I gots to learn me some of that Jedi-fu. Katy seems to be some kind of black belt.

    Jeezus clark, bipolar much?

    1. That is proof that the blistering wisdom of James 315 can shed light even into the darkest miner minds.

      By the way.. I think 'apussirius' is the most miner name of all names I have seen carried by miners.



    1. I must say it was lulzy that time little johnnie piddles spent ALL night copypasta-ing tears and vile obscenities into the comments section, only to have it all deleted in a matter of seconds the next day, for decency's sake.

      He's not quite the same shitposter since then.

      Don't get me wrong, he is still a shitter of the worst kind, but now he's been broken. And rightly so, his kind deserve no quarter. He don't belong in EVE and it's only for his own good when we remind him of it, lest he find himself kicking the cat again after a bad day of space PVP.

      I hope his family is safe.


  7. Replies
    1. And yet still the most destructive alliance in the game.

      How can that be i wonder?

    2. This ignorant shitter don't even know the difference between CODE. and The Code.

      It's effortless, the way he makes himself look like a retard. He's just another little johnnie kidpiddler, waiting for that perfect moment to kalynn his family.

      I do hope his family is safe. IRL of course! You silly miners need to realize that "what you do in game determines who you are IRL." So don't be a vile, repugnant carebear shitter, get your permit today and be a better person IRL!


  8. Meh seems made up

    1. Meh, you seem bot-aspirant so your opinion is invalid. Thanks for the daily tears tho, knowing you can do nothing but cry here every day makes me laugh even more.

      The Code always wins! Always!

      Never forget the ag hero shardani.

    2. Please do not feed the bot.

  9. Replies
    1. Oh look, another third world shitter trying to scam people in RL. These types of comments should be removed, make the subhumans work for nothing.


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