Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-Ganker Lahnius switched sides and joined the mighty CODE. alliance as Vaughn Law, a Venture-ganker. However, when Vaughn's conspiracy theories weren't accepted by alliance leadership, he vowed to turn his guns against CODE. again.
Vaughn Law > i hate this
Vaughn Law > i busted my ass to fiught for code
Vaughn Law > and got shit on for being a part ofd the code
Yabba Dabba Do > for ten days, was it that hard
Vaughn lamented the implosion of his promising career.
Vaughn Law > how stupid this is
Lewak > by unleashing your inner miner upon us
Lewak > should have embraced the code and left ur miner ways
Vaughn Law > Lewak stfu asshole
Vaughn Law > Lewak IO DONT HEAR YOU blocked
The Anti-Ganker turned ganker turned Anti-Ganker was rapidly gaining enemies. No matter. He no longer cared to listen to them.
Vaughn Law > i hated CODE in the beggining ... i hunted code daily ... then i realized i was making a mistake ... so i joined code ... but now i see its the biggest mistaker i ever made ... and thats because of so many asshats in coide\
Vaughn Law > i made a mistale
Vaughn Law > mistake
Vaughn Law > some tell me im wrong
Vaughn Law > please
Vaughn couldn't believe what a mistake(s) he'd made. How could he have misjudged so many people, repeatedly?
Koruma Darrknauv > Come on TS and we can work it out man
Vaughn Law > Koruma Darrknauv i did tas
Trump The King > vaughn
Trump The King > come on comms
Vaughn Law > Trump The King I DID
CODE. leadership wasn't willing to cut the ganker loose so easily. There were still Agents who believed Vaughn could be persuaded to see reason--but only on TeamSpeak.
Lillie Naari > come back on there is no recording
Trump The King > i want to talk to you 1 on 1
Vaughn Law > why so i can be shit on some more?
Vaughn Law > for loving code?
Vaughn Law > you guys are assholes
Unfortunately, Vaughn felt he couldn't trust CODE. leadership anymore--or the security of CODE.'s TeamSpeak server.
Vaughn Law > i set my refineries to private ... only to accept code ... and i get shit on like this?
Vaughn Law > Trump The King I FUCKING TRIED
Yabba Dabba Do > 10 days game time on an alt so you could sperg like this, hardly worth it was it
Vaughn Law > Yabba Dabba Do stfu you haveno idea who i am
Some in CODE. doubted Vaughn's commitment to the alliance. They weren't convinced that he was the tireless, self-sacrificing martyr he portrayed himself to be. I mean, he'd been a member of CODE. for barely more than a week.
Vaughn Law > im done ... im out ... vaughn law stays until he is evicted ... but then my ties with alt 00 in nakugard are gone ... refineries no longer accept code
Vaughn Law > and i pull them down
Vaughn Law > my eve will be all about killing code ... you assholes are not code ... yer just assholes
Lewak > back to square one then
In the past, Vaughn had always trusted Agent Alt 00 above all. But now, after seeing the kind of crowd she ran with, even that relationship was in doubt.
Cautiously Pessimistic > Come on don't resort to violence
Trump The King > we will be civil
Vaughn Law > Trump The King not going to happen ... you shit on me enough
Vaughn Law > NO
Vaughn Law > im done ... my eve is about hunting code
Vaughn Law > you caused this
Vaughn made a vow: From now on, all of his efforts would be directed toward the absolute destruction of the CODE. alliance. There was no turning back (again).
Cautiously Pessimistic > CODE. is full of polite people
Vaughn Law > Cautiously Pessimistic STFU
Vaughn Law > this abouyt me and one
Vaughn Law > he screwd me over
Vaughn Law > im going back to ag
Vaughn Law > this is bullshit
The former Anti-Ganker realized that he never should have left the anti-Code organization. The rebels had it right: Ganking was bad. If only Vaughn had seen it sooner. But would they take him back?
Cautiously Pessimistic > Give peace a chance
Vaughn Law > Cautiously Pessimistic i told you to stfu ... dont any of you losten?
Vaughn Law > Trump The King no, you ruined it ... im going to hunt alt 00 ... he cant control 11 cats ... i will make fun of it ... ask james about Lahnius ... he knows what im capable of ... you will find this out
Vaughn Law > IM DOMNE
Koruma Darrknauv > No ur not, you will keep going
Even former friend Alt 00 would be in Vaughn's crosshairs now. Using the insights he'd gained from his brief time in CODE., he was confident that he could disrupt Alt 00's ganking operations.
Australian Excellence > Vaughn Law come into a private channel on teamspeak with me and another member of code leadership and we'll sort it out
Vaughn Law > waking up yet?
Vaughn Law > Australian Excellence stfu
Vaughn Law > you have no idea who i am
Vaughn Law > or what i am capable of
Australian Excellence > I dont know nobodies, you know who I am tho
It occurred to Vaughn that some CODE. members might not be familiar with his true identity, the rebel Lahnius. Perhaps that was why they had such a cavalier attitude.
Vaughn Law > you guys are fukcin stupid
Australian Excellence > Vaughn Law you can come on and speak with a diplomat or just sit in alliance and sulk
Vaughn Law > im done ... later
After an hour ranting and raving in Alliance chat, Vaughn was completely exhausted. There was no point in continuing. His time in CODE. was done.
Vaughn Law > so did the Vaughn hate stop? come on now, you know, hate on the guy actually suprting CODE?
Ten minutes later, Vaughn returned to Alliance chat and tested the waters. Maybe there was still hope for a reconciliation.

To be continued...


  1. So what's the context with this one? It sounds like he built some industrial facilities and expected to bear for us, then something happened to them? He keeps claiming he was fucked over but this is never explained.

    1. maybe it has something to do with this:

      He put down structures (for CODE use) that marmite destroyed. He sees marmite working with CODE and comes to the conclusion that CODE sold him out to marmite for the structure KMs.

      Its not that long of a stretch when he puts close to 2 billion in structures down for CODE to use only to have them wrecked by Marmite. Then he looks in chat and sees the same people who destroyed his structures getting along with the people who were supposed to be using said structures.

    2. Thank you for adding this.

    3. The plot speculation is so fun to read!

      Think of it as like the start of one of those films with a curious sounding title where you don't quite know what's going on until the story starts to develop. You know who the villain is from the outset, naturally, but just how unhinged they might actually become remains unclear.

      Sit back with an extra large order of salted popcorn, and a glass of cool beer - and enjoy the performance. :-)

    4. Would one of those films be a tutorial on how to agress/warp after ganking in highsec, by chance?

      Asking for a friend.

    5. you're the man karma

    6. Keep the chain tight around the miners neck.

      Treat them like the pieces of digital shit they are.

      Keep ganking rock spiders and ice addicts for a better new eden.

    7. You seem mad "Karma balancer". You should calm down.

  2. "Shut the fuck up, you guys aren't CODE! I don't even want to hear you, you're blocked! I'm leaving! I don't want to talk to any of you!"


    "So, uh, why aren't you guys talking about me anymore? Come on, guys, it's been ten minutes now, please pay attention to me! Please?"

    1. It was very odd. He kept telling people to shut up and blocking them, and then expected them to respond. ag perceive blocking as a win while Agents see it as hiding your head in the sand.

  3. "Anti-Ganker turned ganker turned Anti-Ganker"


  4. So, are you telling me vaghun is NOT alt00's alt? Hold on, it seemed so obvious.

    1. I bet they even have the same IP address. B)

  5. "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    Was your plan to just wait it out, head in the sand, in the hopes we would forget? Don't worry, We never forget a highsec carebear shitter.

    Your NoL heritage is glaringly obvious.

    1. You know, Im normally the last person to defend alt 00 however, what she says is true. I knew loyalanon well and watched him do this exact thing many, many times. The first time I saw it and convo'd him, he was happy to explain what was happening, but not how to do it.

      Now that alt 00 is coming forward claiming to know how to execute this move, im wondering if either loyal gave insight of the move to alt 00 or if alt 00 is just loyalanon, under another name.

      From what I saw of the move, loyalanon was able to pop a pod with a thrasher and then warp to an on grid ping. Upon landing at the ping, he was destroyed by concord. As far as I understand, he was not avoiding concord destruction as that would be an exploit, but was instead merely delaying concord response, for a SHORT period of time. The "know and declared exploits page" found at (https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204873262-Known-Declared-Exploits) clearly states that this is only an exploit when "Committing a criminal act and delaying CONCORD response for an EXTENDED period of time." A short delay is allowed, an extended delay is not.

      Now you get in to some of the infamous CCP double speak when reading the exploit notification found at (https://www.eveonline.com/article/exploit-notification-delaying-concord-response) which states that "We would like to clarify that all methods of delaying Concord's response time are considered an exploit."

      Regardless, I would love to know how my old friend loyal pulled it off

  6. Alt 00, you are embarrassing CODE..

    You left quite the unanswered question hanging when you refused to make good on your claims of knowledge about certain highsec mechanics.

    You did say you were willing to teach us, yes?

    Do we need to remind you daily? You know what 'they' say about dealing with retards: "simple minds, repetitive tasks." Least you forget again. ;)

    p.s. before you cry again about me not being a "Code Agent", show me your proof of agress/warp, I'll show you my Code enforcement proof.

    Otherwise, you gonna learn to live with the anon that knows just a little too much. Like I said, you can't fight your true nature, so I don't even try. Why would I? And end up sounding like vaughn, or making fantastical claims about my ability to gank a shitter then warp out before the cops arrive?

    Lol no thanks, but I'ma guess that's why you get so triggered sometimes too. When you gank, you are fighting your true nature, and when I make fun of some miner trash it hits too close to home for you.

    I smile when I think about you reading this, and how badly it will trigger other carebears. Anonymity only scares shitters who are to stupid to know how to use it correctly. I started using it in these comments when I realized that shitters like pedojedas and kip wanker would use it to act out, but couldn't stand it when others used it to call them out.

    For me it was love at first blood, and they were powerless as I used their own shitter ways against them. But here's the thing, it only works against shitters. If my anonymity triggers you it's a personality defect on your end.



    1. You've spent over an hour crying about me. Let me give you a hug.

    2. PsyopsAnon ought to take the hug.

    3. Yeah sure, why not? Hugs can fix everything! ;)

      Is that all you got? Still no proof of your claims? Still avoiding the issue? Still no tutorial? Can you guess why?

      Why do you even continue with the charade? You're not even a real ganker. You're just like Salad al Tosser, a fake "convert" and a hypocrite, easily triggered by sentimentality for other ag losers. Why else would it trigger you when I called Grand Design a stupid shitter? I know why, even if you don't.

      But why NOT get mad, right? It was insensitive of me to call out a highsec shitter for being retarded, with you standing right there. Shame on me! XD

      But seriously, why do you prostrate yourself here when a carebear is being shit on? Do you feel some familiarity or kinship with people like ehnemapoo or that vaughn idiot?

      You don't belong here if you cannot seperate yourself from your lowly carebear origins. Every time you do or say something stupid, like your friend apachreeeee, you embarrass the rest of us. Highsec ag retards are NOT our friends, and will never be true gankers. Mainly because they can't seperate their RL "morality" from a Role Playing game.

      And just remember friend, you started this. Maybe next time you will keep your carebear mouth shut and not try so hard to look like such a sperg, for all to see, when one of your superiors speaks the truth about some highsec shitter that don't even belong in the game.

      But I doubt it, because we cannot ever truly change who we really are. It's abhorrent to even try. Instead you should embrace your carebear ways and dust off your highsec ice mining skiff fleet. That's the only times you were ever really happy in EVE anyway.

      And don't forget your permits! Preferably issued by a real ganker. Although I'm pretty sure you never actually stopped mining highsec ice. Like I said, you can't fight your own nature, so I don't even try.

      I think nature made me perfect just like I am.

      Lol! ok, that last part may have been a bit much, but I'ma go with it and call it RP! :D

      You should try to laugh more. Also learn to treat highsec criminals like ehnemapoo and pedojedas appropriately. And that means killing them until they quit, like shardani. I bet he's a lot happier since leaving New Eden, I know the remainder of his family is. (This is the part where you either laugh or get triggered, because it's not about you, or your RL sympathies, miner)

      If it makes me laugh and makes you mad, who has the problem.

  7. If James removes the anon posting option I will gladly use whatever credentials he chooses for that.

    Always! ;)

  8. EVE is an RP game and if you can't seperate RL from game then you automatically lose. If anything said in the context of the game makes you mad, then YOU are the problem. Seriously, how stupid you gotta be to get triggered over someone shitting on bot-aspirants in a PVP RP game that punishes stupidity? Rhetorical and all.

    Blows my mind that some folks get mad over a video game, but I don't let it stop me from enjoying messing with them.

    I mean, they can leave at any time. If they insist on being somewhere they don't belong how can I feel sorry for them? Or even, why should I?

    Why can't I sympathize with a highsec shitter? Oh yea, no empathy.

    Well I guess that's my dirty little secret: I am unable feel empathy for miners like johnniepiddles or beers veldspar. Shitters like foxbolt and lahnius and chloe murray make me want to blap them even harder, just to see how loud they can really squeal.

    And when they squeal here, It's my DUTY to harass them until they leave, or shardani. (Did someone just trigger over the mention of an ingame character leaving New Eden? That's because you're an uptight RL hypocrite that can't RP properly in an RP game)

    It's a thankless job, but someone has to put shitters in their place.

    The only thing required of you highsec miners is to obey the Code, and show proper respect to the Savior. Without his benevolence, you would all be living in a lawless highsec, without a trace of civilization, cowering in stations, afraid to undock because people like me want to blap you nonstop, daily, always! Until you go away.

    Without the Code, all you miners are just dogshit under the heel of my jackboots. Hail Victory!


  9. What do you mean 'how did it turn out'? It turned out excellent. It's part 5 and still going. What's more to ask?

    No individual failure, or a so low success rate can diminish the power of The Code! The reformed miner is there!

    Probably staying silent - it's a heritage someone properly reprogrammed would struggle to forget and veil further.

  10. Meh seems made up


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