Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 1

The time has come, I think, to talk a little about Lahnius.

Lahnius was a permit-holder and an Agent-aspirant. But it was not always thus.

Originally, Lahnius was an Anti-Ganker. Through his encounters with Agent Alt 00, Lahnius managed to turn his life around. He renounced the anti-Code rebels and purchased several permits.

But whenever a former rebel attempts to join our ranks, an uncomfortable question hangs in the air: Does he want to join the winning team simply because the other players on the losing team can't tolerate him anymore?

Lahnius praised the Agent who had helped him see the light. As they were both residents of the Hek/Nakugard area, they came into contact often.

Alt 00 wanted the best for Lahnius... But she never forgot where he came from.

Over time, Lahnius kept up a mostly one-sided correspondence with Alt 00.

And, of course, there were the periodic apology EVEmails.

Lahnius couldn't hide the fact that there was a conflict raging within his soul. He made music videos to express this inner turmoil. There was always the possibility that the dark side of Lahnius' personality--the one that had drawn him to the Anti-Gankers in the first place--might reassert itself.

Eventually, Lahnius sought refuge among his newly minted alts. One of these, Vaughn Law, applied to join the mighty CODE. alliance. He hoped to feed his better nature by ganking Ventures.

Meanwhile, Lahnius informed Alt 00 that he was setting up refineries in Nakugard. As a sign of trust, he shared the location of these facilities. But with Lahnius, anything was possible.

...Just four hours later, the rebel-turned-Agent underwent another startling reversal.

Because, you see, it was always Lahnius' destiny to be a Goofus.

To be continued...


  1. Never trust a rat.

  2. wow just wow. antigankers are failing so incredibly hard right now. just non-stop failing continuously ALL the time!!!1

  3. Replies
    1. I hear you made clams about being able to illegally agress in highssec then warp away.

      Do explain, and some proof would be nice. You may want to google 'anecdotal' before you post your "proof".

      Silly miner.

    2. Oh, look, its a worthless normalfag. Hi, normalfag. See, that's the thing about glitches. The game glitched. A very rare set of circumstances lined up and weird things happened, normalfag. I killed somebody and warped off. CONCORD yanked me from warp and then blew up my ship. Been playing for many years, and this has only happened once. So, its a glitch, not an 'exploit', normalfag. Now do be a dear and drink some bleach IRL. Come back and tell the rest of us how it tastes. Or douse yourself with gasoline and light up a smoke, normalfag. Oh, and by the way, normalfag. Nobody cares what a POS coward who hides behind 'anon' has to say. Ever. ?cuts the normalfags throat.

      Silly fascist pig. The oinks and squeals they make.

    3. You're an idiot with no proof. If it can be done, do it. And video it of course.

      And, you say fag a lot, like you think it's a derogatory remark. Project much?

      Made you speg lol!

  4. I saw a lot of tears and awkward explanations and anecdotal bullshit yesterday over some mystery "exploit" where you can warp away after illegal aggression in highsec...

    But what I haven't seen is any dammed proof.

    "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"

    Proof or gtfo, shitters. That's all you ever need to win, friends, but without proof you are just another spergy shitter making wild claims. Much like ag trash.

    1. They can't record it and post it for us to see because it cannot be done with current mechanics. Trust me, if it were as simple and obvious as those shitters say it is they would post a video with proof already.

      But I'm sure alt00 has some bullshit story about how she has done it a hundred times. (I bet she never even done it back in 2010ish when you could warp away with a fast ship, but you could never stop warping without dying and you could not use the gates. And it was still a bannable)

      It's hard to believe that "agents" were so quick to post claims without proof, especially here, but I guess that's NOL stock for ya. Even other CODE. folks think they are shit.

      No, not THE shit. Silly carebears.

    2. If I don't explain it to you, will I wake up tomorrow to a wall of tears?

    3. >>11:15
      samefag detected

    4. Tapestry of Tears.

      Our resident mentally dull summer child is at it again!

    5. All shitters with no proof. Not an Agent among you.

  5. Lol you spoke to some "GM" aboit it. Jeezus what a shitter, you never did google anecdotal did you?

    You really are a highsec miner.
    Do you have a current permit?

  6. Meh seems made up


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